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  1. Why actually .... Yes I do! I have never in my life been asked if I 'like' Rachel Stevens (even though I had to look her up before posting) Is this a political party? .... I have never voted but for Rachel (who doesn't care about me as she didn't ask me if I liked her) I may determine my allegiance if she is running?
  2. I would like to know who is asking you all? But I could take a guess .... Rachel Stevens joined under another name and thinks your all rather sexy? Now that is a rather unlikely conspiracy theory knowing you guys! umMSLRJ.mp4
  3. Back in March 23rd 2020 the FL Group said that Covid was three different viruses! While I don't agree with everything they post .... your post @Macnamara made me recall their post: It was posted on the forum in the past.
  4. Thanks for the video, shame that it is only partial but I didn't have that one .... so stolen and saved
  5. You only have to look at the real research done back then .... such as this thread which you were part of .... All linked and documented .... Now the posts are nothing but wants for likes or to promote a self .... or a great deal are My God is the best .... when all those believed books are written by men. Daft thing is that I know that there is vastly greater than me .... It is just not within books written by other men!
  6. That people on alternative media will lie about you .... and others will believe them (so they did no research or individual thought) That the removal of 5.8 million posts (over ten years of research) means nothing to people .... they just don't wish to think about it That I have never seen anyone change their mind on an alternative forum .... so again no actual thought That people build walls around themselves and only want to be right in this alternative media That there is not much difference between alternative media and main stream .... all about 'likes' That there are so very many paranoid people who join alternative forums .... which limits any actual effect they could have in this realm That many in the alternative are gay or bi etc .... vastly a greater percentage than should be That throughout near all alternative forums there are only .... maybe .... 100 people who actually post anything and most of them are utterly stuck in the indoctrination they have accepted That there are a shed load of arseholes who infect the alternative media .... and come back and back and back .... That .... on the whole no one wants an actual in-depth conversation about anything (too difficult as it may well destroy their point of indoctrination) That over the last 20 years the level of intelligence on alternative forums has decreased That ALL alternative media is used and allowed in order to gather information That I find most of you now repetitive and there is nothing posted (mainly .... some few interesting bits) which has any research done. You research seemingly nothing, just post for 'likes' Could go on but fuck it I don't really care anymore about alternative media .... WHAT have YOU done to change anything? Posted on a very unused forum .... Preaching to the already converted? Your posts reach near no one new .... and these days your posts are bullshit or half arsed research. I read this forum .... I wonder why I bother now .... just shit posts which are copies of other information or just ego shit! What did I learn from alternative media .... the people are as stupid as those who only look at main stream media .... controlled and uncaring!
  7. Official Center of the World in Felicity, CA Strange twat vid I just saw and a search here brings back no hits for the place Felicity? Some strange shit here .... but most of this place is sodding strange these days! The guy made a book called : Coe the Good Dragon at the Center of the World (a book for children supposedly) Lots is weird about this I think .... You know the old 500 ton granite blocks with carved text on them!! In this you have the "Center of the World" .... : Looks like a look of shit going on maybe?? Might be nothing .... lol .... but in this place it all seems to mean some shit?? Maybe worth a look into?
  8. If you put this online then please make sure that your code is secure. That no injection etc can take place. I think that you would get a huge amount of interaction on the site and thus you will (most likely) 'need a bigger boat'! I comprehend the no adverts etc but atleast put up a 'buy me a coffee' to help you with the server costs?? Either way .... great work and I really like folk who can create shit :)
  9. Thank you .... I watched this and it was interesting. I know nothing (although I have now learn't the basic rules) about GO as a game .... but to see the 'shock' that new and limited AI could and did beat the best humans was fascinating while also being very saddening! Now there is AlphaGo Zero which came after 'Master' (next version of AlphaGo which played online against the highest ranked humans and won 60 out of 60 games and then retired) which only plays itself and is thought to be well above the 9th dan highest pro ranking. It all needs to be 'turned' off as far as I consider .... that includes the internet and mobiles! Else 'Mankind' is gone.
  10. It does look good and would be of use to many (although they do have the current sites available, but I don't know if you can upload your own image to them). I am not sure what else you would add to 'finish' it (you wrote it in html, javascript and php I recall) .... or do you mean finish it by making it available online? Really, it comes down to what you wish to do with it?? But again looks good and nicely made
  11. Interesting interactive map with all the supposed data right down to individual postcodes it would seem (just scroll in on the map) .... lots of different information covered! https://www.ons.gov.uk/census/maps/choropleth Lets just say that you can find a great deal of information about an area if you were considering moving there!
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