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  1. Think the problem is the limited 'reactions' mate .... I could like 50 fucking posts a day but can't! To be on topic:
  2. This meme from the 31st Jan hit the nail on the head
  3. From the members posting history .... I would say yes. (easy way to get the forum shut down)
  4. get nothing but the document .... adblock stops 2 items and ghostery blocks 3.
  5. laugh my fucking arse off .... yer old twat lol
  6. Only meant to be a bit of fun .... no insult intended! Which forum member does this bring to mind? 3Lateral’s Osiris Black Performed by Andy Serkis Project Spotlight Unreal Engine.mp4
  7. What this one below .... lol Had to squish it a bit to get it on the forum as an attachment but now if you wished to, you could right click and save it?? (if you wanted to share it and things) The-Covid-Cult-Thomas-E-Woods.mp4
  8. This isn't funny but I thought it good (nicked it off a video placeholder)
  9. lake

    Off Topic Stuff

    and just because .... why not (all three posts should be one) A song for this year! Parasite-Eve2.mp4
  10. lake

    Off Topic Stuff

    The Grey Ones (audio) The-Grey-Ones.mp4
  11. lake

    Off Topic Stuff

    jb priestley .... the grey ones. Written 1953 I think and I liked to listen to an audio of it. I never saved it as it was on archive . org you know, it was saved, no need to worry. Well this year, of course, we have seen (or not seen again) much be deleted online but I didn't think this would go. I have even read now that it is anti semitic? Anyway .... I went to the link I have at archive and was told: This item is no longer available. Items may be taken down for various reasons, including by decision of the uploader or due to a vio
  12. Nice : ) A quick flick through .... like the way you have built that together.
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