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  1. That would be because it is an X .com link .... if you change the 'X' to "twitter" .... then it will auto embed
  2. UK MP Andrew Bridgen at the freedom event in London today gave a short 4 min chat to GB Resistance .... he said a GREAT deal .... good man :)
  3. METAL SHOWS REPLACING DRAG SHOWS .... to educate kids!
  4. In the past they were and you needed one for many things but I am talking about the PAST .... although with the current state of this place .... well you know lol Read this uk gov page about such things .... https://www.gov.uk/buying-carrying-knives Now I am quite sure that my "National Costume" looks like this: No problem then :)
  5. My whole sodding driveway is gravel! What, am I not allowed to own that now? Decent size for a catapult .... or a compressed air, funnel feed, three quarter inch steel pipe Edit: Oh .... I get it now (and the narrative in this 'place' is nothing but synchronising!) lol
  6. Nice .... I did wonder if any member would actually read their posts! I mean .... every post shouts "I am not here" Just take one .... which states in a child abuse thread .... .... in a child abuse thread!! In a TI thread they posted that they "liked this Aircraft thread" .... or some such shit lol All of their it's posts were/are weird to read .... disconnected! And that is why I posted the "robot" meme in reply to it before!
  7. I apologise .... I didn't consider that I 'missed' it .... I thought that I actually gave a "short form" answer to it! But maybe I did not. May I ask why you would think and state such?
  8. Sorry I missed this! I don't really look at the forum anymore .... well I do but not to the extent that I did when I was a mod, so I missed reading this or replying to it anyway! It is a "LARGE" question isn't it! How did GOD become???? So this is only my consideration, taken from this 'life' of mine .... and NO I cannot prove any of it <<<< You would have to BE ME and live MY current life in a future 'life' of yours .... which I wouldn't recommend (2 out of 5 .... pretty colours, although limited, nice plants and animals but base nature really satanic and let me tell you >>>> very bad management .... would not visit again .... try a different reality) So short form .... GOD came from potential. Capable of being but not yet in existence; latent or undeveloped. There was nothing .... or more correctly .... No Thing. No sound No time No particles No space No light No dark etc There was only potential. There wasn't even Aether. Just potential for ALL things. The way that I consider it is like an ocean but with no surface or bottom .... there was no up nor down .... no left or right .... nothing. But in that potential was the 'potential' for a 1st self awareness .... an individual mind! That 'mind' saw all the potential and ordered it by placing it into chaos .... there is underlying order in chaos .... It put it into "broken lines" and from those lines TIME became. That 1st self awareness is not a GOD and would not ever wish to be such a thing .... YOU have self awareness .... Are YOU a GOD? Or are you just exploring potential the same way that the first of us did? Edit to add: Sorry forgot that many will thus ask .... " Well then where did 'potential' come from?" Little bit of a silly question if they think about it!
  9. Well .... yes America .... YOU ARE DONE! (if this is correct) Welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah! This is your law enforcement .... the UK will follow sadly!
  10. Frank Sinatra singing Gangsta's Paradise .... yes it is AI .... lol
  11. I am thinking that it is all bollocks and used to promote narratives! A quick look .... And I don't actually believe what the images I have posted state! Everything is to promote the wanted current shit!
  12. oh god .... really? So then South Africa must be fucking freezing according to your images or they are all covered in snow or under water as cold as the poles! Why do you believe and so promote this shit?
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