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  1. Why ask that .... when you know I don't!
  2. What was the video? I was still 'collecting' information inc videos at the time you made this thread so I very well may have it on an old ssd! Was it this?
  3. Interesting little picture .... This image was taken by Mast Camera (Mastcam) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 3466 (2022-05-07 07:58:16 UTC). Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS https://mars.nasa.gov/raw_images/1064629/ Wonder if any 'Hobbits' will emerge?
  4. This is the image on Kens screen which he refers to (click image for larger pic) ....
  5. This is not Todays News .... moved to General .... and I ask you to please select a correct forum section for future threads!
  6. This 'place' is narrative because: This is not a physical 'place', there is an underlying written 'story' which projects it's nature on to and into all who perceive this supposed 'life'. This 'pre-written narrative' can be individually changed but doing so comes with many mistakes and thus sadness as the limited perception/interaction here is not enough to have 'good' actions from, without greater 'time' and time is not given via history from either individual or written knowledge/interaction. Because your thoughts are not just of your making and you are never 'alone' in this realm, you will doubt your own experiences (as others have not had them) but you need to 'walk your own path' and become an individual, self created being and by doing so, be truly 'born' (sod all to do with any man made god)!
  7. Oh you better believe it .... fuking stupid people and yours (if you need to virtue signal ya daftness) for £9.39!
  8. KEN WHEELER APRIL 25TH 2022 - FIELDS UNIFIED! AETHER UNIFICATION Bitchute backup https://www.bitchute.com/video/ofGVuz13eY37/
  9. Welcome to the forum .... Sorry but personal details are not allowed to be posted on the open forum. The details have been removed.
  10. The claim .... yes that is a problem. Are they or are they not? What I do have a problem with is the imprisoning of people because they do not believe in a taught 'history' .... and I know of no other part of history which will get you caged!
  11. May I ask you what your view is on this book .... I don't think the link to the book is valid .... so an archive link .... https://archive.org/details/the-forbidden-religion
  12. Can't give a new list .... but this post links to a list from 2020
  13. Mod Note: Fair enough but this is not really 'Today's News' so moved to 'General Chat'
  14. New member .... the 'hand' lasts for 30 days
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