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  1. Think the problem is the limited 'reactions' mate .... I could like 50 fucking posts a day but can't! To be on topic:
  2. This meme from the 31st Jan hit the nail on the head
  3. laugh my fucking arse off .... yer old twat lol
  4. Only meant to be a bit of fun .... no insult intended! Which forum member does this bring to mind? 3Lateral’s Osiris Black Performed by Andy Serkis Project Spotlight Unreal Engine.mp4
  5. This isn't funny but I thought it good (nicked it off a video placeholder)
  6. lake

    Off Topic Stuff

    and just because .... why not (all three posts should be one) A song for this year! Parasite-Eve2.mp4
  7. lake

    Off Topic Stuff

    The Grey Ones (audio) The-Grey-Ones.mp4
  8. lake

    Off Topic Stuff

    jb priestley .... the grey ones. Written 1953 I think and I liked to listen to an audio of it. I never saved it as it was on archive . org you know, it was saved, no need to worry. Well this year, of course, we have seen (or not seen again) much be deleted online but I didn't think this would go. I have even read now that it is anti semitic? Anyway .... I went to the link I have at archive and was told: This item is no longer available. Items may be taken down for various reasons, including by decision of the uploader or due to a vio
  9. Nice : ) A quick flick through .... like the way you have built that together.
  10. I guess that you mean the ytube channel Video Advice (which needs no promotion as it has over 2.5 million subscribers anyway!) and videos such as this: The audio is taken from one of David Ickes shows/lectures (and one video clip of said show). The images/video clips are snipped from many different videos on many subjects. It is done with video editing software (some are free and some can be expensive .... depends on what you wish to create) such as: https://www.openshot.org/ or many others. (I don't create videos, s
  11. Yes mate, it is not a very good poll is it! Are you happy with the corporate state introducing the new technocracy via a redefining of the fucking flu or would you prefer the old usury model?
  12. Hi Do me a favor please and post on your site that you have joined here as your username. Then I will interact with your poll. Thanks.
  13. I am a simple man mate .... I bought some new underwear today. Sounds stupid to type but it states what I am. My mother told me that from the age of 7 , if ever she gave me a new shirt, shoes or anything .... I would have a little tantrum .... I would say that I already had a shirt and didn't need another. If you were to see the 'rags' that I wore as underwear .... you would know that I do not care in the least for this materialistic realm. Also too many personal experiences. I shouldn't care but I do! It has always made me laugh about an alien invas
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