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  1. I've just been looking at the ONS death statistics where covid-19 was 'mentioned' on the death certificate (along with other morbidities in many of the cases I would presume) for England and Wales. Of the 52,514 deaths from the start of the year (01/01/20) 49,049 were from people aged 60+. This leaves 3,465 deaths for the age groups <1-59. Now I read that the CDC had released information that only 6% of covid deaths were caused by covid alone and 94% had an average of 2.6 other morbidities but I'm guessing this is only applied to US data? Does anyone know where I can find this
  2. Hey guys, I'm wanting to do some research into Big Pharma and media companies in the UK and try find the individual ties etc but I'm having such a hard time finding who funds these companies, is there a directory or an easy way of doing this? Responses much appreciated
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