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  1. Apparently Belgium's entire health care system is only a week away from collapse. Will anybody help them out? Germany maybe? Dunno. Bruge is a beautiful city. Either way, it's gonna take a fuck load more than reruns of Tin Tin on the telly & chocolate dildos to get the public interested. I can see them being the first European country to accept a total 25 year lockdown. The Joseph Fritzel treatment.
  2. What a thread, Matcha. It has absolutely everything. I was squealing like a Japanese tourist all the way through. Reminds me of my 2nd favourite movie, The Never Ending Story. Well done.
  3. Just like Kabul earlier today. Maybe they've even flown the same crisis actors over to Vienna, eh? Double bubble.
  4. Caught him at Gorilla in Manchester a few years ago.
  5. Ano. And Jim was the best thing about em.
  6. Say YES to everything and you will see what I mean, Jack. In the words of Enya. Sail away, sail away, sail away. Saying NO in my experience leads to vulnerability. And occasionally even a Whitney Houston, Brittany Murphy type moment.
  7. Always take up the offer. Saying NO in a dream can often lead to some sinister situations. Always go with the flo, Jack. Always.
  8. I think old people in care homes should be the first to receive top quality VR, providing they can handle it, of course. Simulated memories of the things they loved most, like making love to Vera Lynn at Normandy, or devouring bread and dripping on a Sunday. Christ knows. But anything has to be better than staring at the wall all day and worrying about which resident has stolen your walking stick/pension book.
  9. Currently working in retail, in the countries latest Covid hotspot, Manchester. Having to ask for T&T details and for people to wear masks on the premises daily is a ball ache but so far I have met absolutely zero resistance. I'm at the point of wanting someone to tell me to fuck off. So either the majority of the public are completely complaint about all of this. Or a huge amount of people talk a good game about rising up, but completely crumble when challenged.
  10. Music is a big part of my life, and I often dream about the artists I find attractive. I once dreamt that I got off with the lead singer of Skunk Anansie in a greasy spoon, and that I made love to everyone in The Corrs on a canal boat. Both wonderful dreams that I treasure. Does anyone else ever make love to singers or actors in their dreams?
  11. Cracking read. A tale of tenderness and valour. One of triumph over brutality and ignorance. And from the way you sell it, you definitely handled Adolf and the fog much better than you handled your weekend in India. If we can learn anything from this tale. It's that age pampers us.
  12. If Covid had emerged pre 2015 then I would have been going berserk but I'm much more of a calm person these days, and much of that is down to the wonderful Chief Fortuity. I struck up a rather beautiful friendship with the Chief in the warm spring of 2015 after crossing paths with him in one of the more sinister corners of 4chan. Initially we clashed after he posted a very offensive, photoshopped picture of Cliff Richard, a table leg smoothed in peanut butter, and a Tory MP, but we soon put that behind us and embarked on one of the most brillaint relationships I’ve ever been part of. Through the teachings of the Chief, a general calming has descending upon me in recent years, helping me to become a rather more benevolent, forgiving person. I can even forgive you for confusing He-Man with Thundercat in that last post of yours, whereas 5 years ago I would have felt the urge to remove your shoes so I could beat you about the face and neck with them.
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