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  1. Ha ha yeah guys, the "FREEEEEEEDOM" shout from Dave was a cracker, I was expecting 1000000 Braveheart memes the next day to be honest, but I haven't seen one yet, saying that, I'm not on any of the so called 'social' media platforms aside from Youtube, I'm guessing they're out there though? I had planed to do an edit version this week of Dave singing "Freedom" by either Wham or George Michael using that London clip but got a 2 week suspension by the Youtube Stasi today, hence why I've joined the forum now, I've had enough of Youtube's 'community guidelines' to last me a lifetime, b
  2. Yeah, thanks but I'm not sure about Bitchute though, I was looking for something that caters more for what people on the forum here talk about, mainly geared towards 'alternative' without all the other fluff like pro sports & celebrity crap, plus, Bitchute hasn't even got a search function, I don't rate it to be honest, unless they give it a major upgrade
  3. Howdy all, hope you're all managing to stay sane amidst all the insanity I've decided to join the forum cos I've just about had enough now of the censorship on Youtube, I don't know if anyone here is familiar with my work or not, but over the 12 years I've been on Youtube, I've had about 5/6 different accounts shut down, and in total, probably well over 1000 videos deleted by the Youtube (or as I prefer to call them now WHOTUBE) Stasi censors, covering everything from false flags, hoaxes, paedophiles, 9/11, Flat Earth, and most recently the scamdemic I've tried everything to n
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