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  1. There should have been other civilizations - but I don't think they ever fly to Earth or even to Solar System, there are no reasons for the to do it.
  2. Well, we have to accept the fact that space is not American only. I heard that Donald Trump had plans to colonize the Moon and make it to be an American colony and now NASA is looking for partners to participate in the Moon mission. And except NASA there are other companies responsible for space exploration. The UK is famous for satellites producing, launch vehicles and third stage. They have also rebuilt cosmodrome.
  3. Do you really believe if there would be aliens landed on the Earth the first thing they would do is to kidnap people and destroy all humanity? Is this the first thing you would do if the research finds life on Mars, for example? Why do you guys believe in such fiction films about the aliens coming but refuse to believe in fairy tales? Life could be softer if you'd believe in good heroes, not in destroying. I am looking forward to land on the other planets one day and shake the hand (or whatever they could have instead) of a person from another civilization. We have already reached huge progress in rocket manufacturing and I am sure the day when we land on Moon again and reach the Venus is coming soon and when this happens we will have to explain to them why there are lots of movies describing them in such a way.
  4. The space race is one of the best things that leads to space exploration and technology development. Everyone heard about the apple and android race - if not the competition we would never be able to enjoy such a convenient opportunity and take advantage of the phone use. I mean, that in the future, if continue with the same speed our society will definitely colonize Mars, Moon, and maybe could reach other galaxies. Today, we have lots of comercial companies - for example, Crew Dragon visits orbit with people on it, Cygnus delivers goods to the International Space Station, Skyrora XL rocket is intended for placing payloads into Sun-Synchronous Orbit. Nine of the same hydrogen peroxide–kerosene engines used on Skylark L will power the first stage of the vehicle, and one engine each on the second and third stages. A payload capacity of 315 kg to a 500 km orbit is expected. As of May 2020, the maiden flight is planned to take place in 2023. Til 2028 a woman with a man is applying space mission. I suggest that the program will bring humanity closer to the creation of a permanently inhabited settlement on the Moon and will serve as an impetus for the exploration of Mars. There are lots of other space missions that the 21th century brings up.
  5. I didn't agree with that fact that the missins to the Moon are expensive.The flight to the Moon costs cheaper than produce the film. E.g. the upcoming Indian mission Chandrayaan-2 is cheaper than Hollywood's 2014 movie Interstellar..
  6. The landing on the Moon was the first big victory of the Americans, who were far behind the Soviet Union in the space race: Soviet scientists and engineers had time to put the first man first into Earth's orbit (Yuri Gagarin), and then into open space (Alexei Leonov). Since then, a total of 12 American astronauts have been on Earth's natural satellite, not Russian cosmonauts. This fact gave rise to one of the most famous theory: supposedly, in fact, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin never landed on the Moon, and all the photos and videos of their landing were directed by the US government with the support of NASA and Hollywood to announce the victory in space war. An important argument for the supporters of this theory was the death in 1967 of three astronauts who were preparing for the first manned flight to the Moon - but burned to death during ground tests a month before the scheduled start. They allegedly intended to tell the world the truth about the impending falsification, for which they were killed by the American authorities. There are a lot of circumstances prove that they never landed on the Moon and the same amount proves that the landing is true and it is up to you whether believe it or not. No one actually will blame you for that.
  7. As for me, it's just a hole between stone and sand. It doesn't look like a goddess. According to the theory that Inanna traveled around space in her own little spacecraft, why there are no facts prove her flights before but only this small silhouette?
  8. I did notice nothing that proves NASA Rover and HiRISE images to be fraudulent. Why do you think these images are unreal and for what purpose NASA might forge them?
  9. Recently research showed that an anomalous "hole" in the magnetic field of Earth is gradually growing and moving. The fact is that the magnetosphere surrounding the Earth is a real trap for protons and neutrons and, which does not allow streams of cosmic particles to approach the Earth. As the magnetic field is perhaps the main reason that life is generally possible on our planet, what will happen if the hole destroys the magnet field? Is it actually possible?
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