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  1. Well I’m seeing a lot of the Instagram “truthers” telling people that common law is going to save us from the cabals futures plans. I personally think that is aload of shite . But I think it’s strange so many people are pushing this theory ? It seems like another thing to make us follow the wrong path a lot like the protest groups .
  2. Hi there , just a question for anyone who wishes to give their thoughts on this matter . basically the whole Common Law thing has grown very big during this whole Plandemic . It seems alot of people think that this is what will save us ? Some people are saying we should de register our birth contracts and give oath to the Barons ? We have the likes of Aron Walton amongst others pushing these ideas . I am not against Common Law but I am not following it either as I don’t know enough about it. Is it another way to give us false hope ? Is it a government plan to make us give oath to the barons etc ? Let me know your thoughts positive or negative
  3. Yeah and kings X has a British Transport Police police station inside so already it seems a bad idea to hold a rally next to a police station. Second off the square outside isn’t very big , easy to be kettled . Anyone arriving into kings X via train will be pulled. The streets running around kings X don’t seem ideal either . But maybe I’m wrong let’s see how it goes !
  4. Does anyone else think that Kings X isn’t the best location to choose ?
  5. What would he people suggest to do with money? I have savings in the bank, but I’m worried it’ll disappear. I know physical cash is pointless now ...
  6. We need religious groups to stand up . They can have a lot of influence on their followers .
  7. What are people’s thoughts on what the vaccine will be used for - to cause illness leading to death to depopulate? - implant a micro chip for control ? - to make us weaker humans ? - to attack the pineal glad to make us more easily controlled - change our dna , which would lead to ... - make us ill slowly over time I.e increasing likelyhood of cancer / other diseases Later in life ?
  8. I was in Madrid 3 weeks ago , very sad to see how programmed the people are over there, I allways thought the Spanish had a bit of rebellion in them . I didn’t see a single person without a mask . I actually had a croissant thrown at my head in the street for not wearing a mask ! Disgusted looks and afew near arguments but they soon ended as I don’t speak Spanish haha. Anyway back to the point , after tonight’s million mask march we really need to come up with ideas on how to carry on protesting because tonight the police just started attacking and arresting from the get go and I can see all anti lockdown protests been the same .
  9. But the thing is , I have attended most of the London protests aswell so it could be possible that if you had photos of me at them all you could presume I am an infiltrator? the guy does look wierd but hasn’t “conspiracies” allways attracted strange people ? The ear piece I don’t believe he is listening livetime to some agent telling him what to do. It could be a hearing aid ? I’m not saying I know for a fact that he is legit because of course i could be wrong . He is also very close with the rest of the stand up X and I know some of them through friends of friends and I know they are genuine good people who would have realised this guy is an agent by now .
  10. My message here is we have to be vigilant with who we trust and what we believe but let’s not be so sceptical that we end up conflicting with fellow truthers .
  11. The guy in the denim top with blood coming from his eye brown area i personally witnessed him getting hit by the police , he wasn’t getting violent he was just refusing to move . He was also more upset the fact he lost his phone rather than the injury. He was very shaken up by it all . He’s also part of various demonstrations from the start and from what I’ve spoken to him he seems like a decent guy . the man in the Adidas top I think could be linked to far right organisations from what I can remember of him at the demo , I think he isn’t an actor however he was there to hijack the event for personal reasons I.e kicking off with the police as many football events aren’t happening so the hooligans have nothing to do without trying to sound narrow minded.
  12. I’m sure some of you have seen this already but this is an edition of the Economist published in 2019 predicting many things that are happening now in 2020 . I’ve highlighted all the ones I have spotted Bond = James Bond = Sean Connery dying. At the bottom we can see “nightingale” in very small writing . War Russia. I can also see Beethoven vision but not sure what that means ... let me know what others I have missed.
  13. This guy made multiple videos “exposing” icke as a mason / shill . And there is one video on his page where he confronted DI in London . Not saying I agree with this guy but I would say he is the only guy who goes into depth about Icke been a Shill.
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