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  1. It's on london real. I tried it on both google chrome and firefox with with downloaderhelper both with and without the companion app.
  2. When i try this i just get a list of very small files. I don't get the option of resolution. Could it be because im using windows 7 ?
  3. The articles ive looked at go over my head. I told this guy the virus hasn't been isolated and he sent loads of links something to do with genome sequencing claiming it has been isolated. I just wanted to know why david icke believes covid19 has not been isolated.
  4. I've seen articles saying covid19 has been isolated. Can someone tell me why david icke believes it has not been isolated. Is it because it's just genetic material that has been collected but the virus itself has not been isolated from that.
  5. I've tried using tubeoffline but can't get it to work.
  6. I just wondered that if it's inevitable that people find out the virus is not as deadly as first thought will they say that they virus has weakened so no longer deadly. Boris said at one point it was 50/50 whether he would live or die from covid19 so how would he explain that.
  7. Rather than what david icke said i would more likely think that they thought donald trump didn't have a cats chance in hell of winning, easy win for clinton. I wonder if it was the same with ronald regan. He was an actor, anti establishment and intervention. I think he only started to play ball after getting gunned down by an uzi.
  8. I think people need that moment of realisation. Mine was after 9/11 and i couldn't believe that bush's answer was to start a war with iraq. Then farenheit 9/11 was a really eye opener and then found infowars and david icke. Once you go down the rabbit hole you can never come back.
  9. I downloaded the first Icke Rose video when it came on pirate bay. When i looked for the rest recently there was nothing there and the original one i had downloaded had gone too. Does anyone one no why this could have happened. There is one video still there but it's pre-covid1984.
  10. i wouldn't say he's the second coming in a biblical sense but he could change the world.
  11. Joe Rogan recently moved his podcast, which i think may have been the most popular on youtube from youtube to spotify. I think for more creative control, choosing guests and subjects. Is this a platform the likes of david icke and infowars could moved to. I've no idea who owns spotify.
  12. Nice to see Alex Jones is trying to control himself from interrupting people all the time.
  13. I wonder if this comes from that video made with david icke where the people claim that when david talks about the lizard people he actually means the jews.
  14. In 1991 on the Terry Wogan Show David Icke claimed he was the God, although I did read somewhere he has said everyone is a son of God. But could David Icke be a second coming of sorts who can save all humanity.
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