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  1. Apologies for being so late to this party but i am looking for a video from the 'insurrection' (!!). It was a group of 'protestors' that were in an office inside the capitol building before the building was even 'breached'. A woman who obviously had knowledge of the layout of the building was shouting instructions to them through the window.


    I would really appreciate a link if this video is still online.



  2. I am another one with no answers but lots of questions..


    One of the things that made me wonder about the planes and passengers was the lack of concerned/grieving friends and family at LAX wondering what happened to their loved ones.

    Destination airports are always swamped when planes go missing/crash but i don't remember seeing any of the usual news footage from any airports. It was a long time ago though and maybe i missed it.

    I am new to the forum, this has been covered?




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