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  1. 17 minutes ago, Jojojo said:

    I agree, I have followed conspiracy things for years and years, entertainment really. I have such a feeling now of dread.  Not so entertaining anymore :(

    Yes.  Not amused at all.  But there is probably a couple or few more years left that people can pretend that everything will be ok, if we just organize etc.  All I can say is that I'm so glad to be old now... and don't have any grandchildren.  I don't have a dog in this fight.  

  2. As the previous poster said >The big picture is so much bigger than our little dramas on this little planet.<

    The covid scamdemic has NOTHING to do with this any longer.  That was a convenient fig leaf for crashing the economy and scaring the population to go lock-step over a cliff.  There is no point in running around trying to 'wake people up' about a pretending disease.  Our handlers have already grabbed the reins of power and are moving forward. This is the most scary situation I've seen in my 70 years.  Icke has been pointing to this for decades but I always fooled myself into thinking 'not yet'.  

    13 minutes ago, Jojojo said:



  3. Talk about being drained and frustrated ... I first saw a David Icke presentation in 1996.  We were thrilled he would come and speak to us in a dinky little town in the middle of nowhere. I had been involved in alternate philosophy for many years before that but he was the first man that could explain the control system.  Ever since then I've been beating the drum to anyone who will listen. Damn the funny looks and insults.


    I greatly admire David Icke's tenacity and sheer doggedness in the face of adversity.  He is an amazing guy.

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  4. 43 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    Do you have any links for this please?

    These kinds of allegations have been floating around for years.  Years.  Mostly on discussion boards and in questionable press - much like the allegations of his being a raging anti-semite.

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  5. 8 hours ago, 2020member said:

    @Bohica you are so right. It was a huge spike of positive energy, then for whatever reason they’ve totally turned the screw and everyone I know in the alternative community have been wrecked this week.


    After seeing what happened in Melbourne - it's like they are trying to break our spirit. And it appears to be working.  Quite disheartening for those of us who held out some hope that people are beginning to see through the global scam.

  6. 5 hours ago, 2020member said:

    I feel fucked


    Appreciate the honesty, and totally agree.


    I figured it out today as I was driving down the freeway.  The Archons love feeding off our negativity - all the confusion, anger, frustration and fear.  They are dining at a huge smorgasbord at the moment and seem to be insatiable.  They are speeding down their own freeway with a heavy foot on the gas pedal and no intention of slowing down.


    The best I can do is avoid feeding the archons.  Stay strong, stay true to the soul and be mindful of the controllers.



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  7. I was wondering about that myself.  I have to take a ferry to visit friends, and vice versa.  My friend came to visit last week and she just told them that she's medically exempt. Had to stand her ground with an enforcer but was left alone after that.  I can't imagine that Icke would cave and actually wear a muzzle.


    And it has been a very weird week after last Saturday.  Felt so uplifted - then all week long it was back to the same bullshyte.  It was like the global protests never even happened.

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  8. Perhaps the full moon having its way with me because I feel totally scrambled.  Perhaps I'm following too many economic/investor sites, and those guys have become genuinely rattled about the implosion of the money system turning into digital dollars run by central banks (i.e. debt slavery bondage).  Perhaps it's the jack-boot tactics of police.  Or maybe it's finding out about quantum dot injections and even the ingredients of the regular jab that will be implemented, like or not.  Must have a health passport eh?


    We are running out of time.  David Icke said something to the effect that things are going too fast, we need to slow it down.  Don't know if we can make that happen. Meanwhile I am dazed and confused, just swinging in the wind. It's hard to deal with consensus reality right now.


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  9. This has been bothering me lately.  I'm beginning to think it's already too late.  The news out of Australia today really sealed the deal for me.  A pregnant woman arrested in her pajamas, handcuffed in front of her children and husband for a post on facebook. That coupled with the fact the Federal Reserve is crashing the world economy leads me to believe this is not going to end well for us.  Of course, we can refuse to comply - there are billions of us and few of them - but there aren't enough of us to make a difference any longer.  I fear the cabal's agenda has already taken us so far down the sink-hole that we won't be able to dig our way out anymore.  


    We are tied to an insane, dystopian socio-economic order. Even if we could just stop the lock-down and go back to the way we were, it would still be an insane,dystopian world. It would be wonderful if people could have a miraculous global awakening but the numbers just aren't there. The programming and social engineering of humanity has gone on too long and runs too deep. I despair for my species and the once beautiful blue planet that is being trashed by psychopathic technocrats.

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