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  1. Hello, I am Paul from the USA. An easy approach to addressing the issue of people being "asleep" or being "sheeple" would be to shame them. I might want to use this tactic because we need to respond quickly and decisively in response to the evil people who have been silently encroaching on our right for years. However, I have the sense that shaming sheeple will only make them more resistant to what we are saying. People seem very attached to their views of the world even though these views give them an false sense of comfort. When we say things to positively change these view of life, they may see our words as an attack on their sense of security and of who they are as people. People do not like to learn that they have been fooled by their governments and the mass media and that society is not what they had thought it is. With all this in mind, I though an effective way to at least TRY to wake up people would be to avoid shaming people. Rather than calling them very ignorant and foolish, I suggest explaining their lack of knowledge and willingness to easily believe governments and the news media is something natural given the society has been formed. People are strongly encouraged (by family, friends and co-workers) to trust their governments and the news media. Furthermore, people are often too busy with just meeting the demands of life to make the effort to learn what is occurring outside of the narrow scope of their lives. Yes, it would be better it people expanded their lives by learning about life beyond where they live, but "it is what it is." And Yes, it would be better that people questioned what they heard from their governments and the news media. However, people want to be liked by their family members and their peers from all walks of life. This need for validation creates a great deal of conformity in society. Governments and the news media know all of these facts (and more) and use this knowledge to create citizens who are asleep. This is why I say that it is "natural" that many people are asleep. Given such a naturalistic pitch, people might be willing to detach from their generally mistaken views of life which are leading them to blindly follow dishonest people. PLEASE NOTE: I am interested in receiving constructive responses about what I have written. What I have written is just the beginning of a conversation and upon which I am willing to alter and expand with someone else's constructive input. I look for Constructive Responses. I certainly have not said enough and I do not know everything. I write all of this because I have had many experiences on forums on which people use as an opportunity to attack others. I prefer to have interactions which people try politely to learn about what has been written and to build up what is useful and politely decline what is not useful. Anything less than such a constructive interaction is a waste of time and an irritation.
  2. Hello Everyone! I am finally among sane people! Last February 2020, I thought that I was returning to a sane world. For the previous ten years I lived in a VERY brainwashed and thus sick society in Asia. However, the nonsense of this Covid hoax erupted and it revealed to me that the brainwashing in the West was greater than I had thought. I hope that people will wake up enough to at least make enough of a push back to tell these globalist bullies that we are coming for them!
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