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  1. Such nonsense from scientists but I think people will believe this. Solution is to move somewhere where it feels like on permanent HOLIDAYS miles from the crowds.
  2. This is an interesting and at times a concerning original post about JFK which I will research more. I have worked more than 30 Years practicing true sustainable business and preserving the world and rare animal breeds/species for future generations whilst often so called Climate Activists talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. (I once had some Animal Rights people tell me it was cruel to use Clydesdale horses to maintain SSSI woodlands and produce local organic food) Too much current hysterical information about how to be GREEN from those who have no clue. I am planning to start Horse Courses again for those interested in Freedom Cells.
  3. There is now mentioned in various places (including on here) a prize of 226.000 Euro to someone who proves (medical/scientific) the virus exists and is total independent to governments and outside influence. (read interference and funded from Microsoft Nerd) Not a single person has come forward with evidence to date. I have polite challenged some people I know who work in the NHS about real evidence and silence in return.
  4. It’s been a long wintertime (2 Metres of snow and down to -34C). Now tropical at +6C and snow is melting in the springtime sunshine. (More pictures to follow in next 48hrs) Much horse manure to pick and use for the vegetables.
  5. Hello all. Well until this all started I had led a reasonable hard working NORMAL life but since some suspicions were raised from nonsense official information I have watched videos on alternative websites and read posts on this forum but the one fact which still puzzles me is all these respected specialist doctors/nurses/scientists/virologists/immunologists from around the world who claim this is all a Scam and Fake have never proved the virus doesn’t exist. WHY? This should be simple to do from blood/urine/salvia samples? I am sure it’s a different form of Influenza and whilst might have been an epidemic in some countries was never a pandemic which was deliberate claimed to wreck small businesses and enable house arrest of the public and create panic so people take some INJECTIONS. So to prevent the public’s continued rush to be vaccinated with non approved substances and stop the intended direction with humans from those who think are in charge an INDEPENDENT MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL needs to prove the FACTS and show the officials are telling lies. Friends/Relatives are thinking I am ................. and don’t believe me when tell them the real intention with humans and future whic is not hidden now and open knowledge. (Latest is UKGOV have said public must purchase a Virus Test Package around 200 POUNDS to allow return to England and in addition to various testing before leaving to travel abroad)
  6. I was looking at the current UKGOV website on rules and regulations and also the trades/legal excuses/reasons the public can use to avoid lockdowns. Makes extreme interesting reading!! So how about starting a disabled persons exercise club/ This could be driving horses with carts in the countryside and boating on canals. So how about starting a so called religious organisation so allowed to have public meetings (with 2M spacing) and claim to believe in trolls in the forest. Soup kitchens for the homeless are allowed. 200.000 people now lost homes due to unable to fund mortgages and 400.000 small business treading water at moment. The list continues including bus /coach and truck drivers/air crew and these are exempt from isolation and even testing process. Strange but Picketing is also allowed so this could be outside the Home Office/Parliament/Shops forcing people to wear Yellow badges. (like the Nazi’s did with Jews and Yellow Stars in WW2) Millionaires have few travel restrictions are looked upon as vital business people. (Who has ever seen Microsoft Nerd wearing a face muzzle?)
  7. Look on various European Sea Ferries websites and I think the well known Irish discount airline and the Australian airline have mentioned this on homepage. (I will update more when available)
  8. I am concerned that a large number of friends/relatives/contacts and old people I know have taken the so called vaccine. Several different brands to date and unsure about adverse reactions but most of the old people had been told could not travel outside home on bus/train to friends/shops unless vaccinated. That is disgusting lies and should this be from NHS people then action will be taken. The pressure from the Radio and TV and Newspapers must be constant and a form of brainwashing with the addition of being under house arrest with lockdowns. Time will tell on health problems and no doubt there will be nonsense that there are now mutations so more INJECTIONS of unknown substances needed so arms will look like a pin cushion. Microsoft Nerd said the population needs to be reduced but he has three children.
  9. So the UK/GB plan to have vaccinated all adults before autumn 2021. There was talk about mixing the different brands (then no possible change of legal action and no idea which one caused the sickness/death) This is not a medical trial but seems like deliberate culling of the old and sick. The word United should be removed from Kingdom as total chaos between England/Ireland/Wales/Scotland and the word Great should be replaced with Little Britain as there is so much narrow mindedness and most of the MP’s useless waste of time and funds. I will never take a fake vaccine and the person who tried to do this would be in serious trouble.
  10. Nobel Peace Prize? Terrible to see him so freaked out with the struggle to help save humans. The people working in the MHRA/NHS should be ashamed in lack of care to the public and being involved in this vaccine disease nonsense.
  11. I am told from a reliable source that the Airlines/Ferries intend to force the public to have a so called vaccine and a medical passport to prove this before allowing boarding/onward travel. This is ILLEGAL and DISCRIMINATION and an ABUSE OF HUMAN RIGHTS and the firms involved should be SUED/make a claim on public liabilities insurance! Same with checking on the reason a person is not wearing a face muzzle. (People do not have to inform the reason according to the UKGOV Website) The current so called vaccines are still in a trial stage until 2023 and so NOT APPROVED AND TESTED to normal medical standards. (A vaccine is a substance that is injected into animals/humans under pressure and to enable antibodies/immune response to PROTECT that living creature) A standard PASSPORT is a legal document which allows the person named to travel UNHINDERED and without problems from port to port and with protection of the governments and the firms doing the transportation. There have not been medical passports on the numerous contagious conditions that humans can have and NEVER with normal Influenza. This total nonsense needs to STOP NOW. I would like all on here to make polite contact with all airlines/Ferries about this and the local MP/Transport Minister in England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland. Thanks.
  12. Distressing times to all. The close relative that is a nurse and still has Influenza tiredness but has been made to return to work and in spite of medical advice warning people to avoid vaccines until well has now taken the CV-19 INJECTION. This is terrible news. A second relative has conned his old mum into the INJECTION claiming she would be arrested when out at the shops unless had been vaccinated. He SMS’s and said mum has been microchipped which is sick attitude (now said never talking to him again as such an idiot) The person that works high in the NHS has still refused to confirm where we can find the real amounts of deaths/severe reactions from the vaccines as the MHRA are still being cowards and hiding the truth from the public. (This it seems is to enable mass vaccinations of non tested/approved substances to be forced into humans) The relative that lives in a shared house has now seen the facts I hope and said will not be taking a vaccine! Good News. I know at least 8 people in the UK that have now had/plan to have an INJECTION (not a Vaccine as numerous medical people around the world are warning but it’s being ignored). I don’t often stress but am going to make an official complaint to the EU about proposed health travel passports (and hope all on this forum do the same) and the fact this abuses basic human rights and those making nonsense rules will be held liable in law. Microsoft Nerd (he doesn’t deserve to be called a man) and his German mate from WEF (should be called World Extermination Federation) now claim this nonsense will continue until at least 2022 and the next virus will be certain to have people’s attention whilst smiling like lunatics. (Does this mean the current vaccines on various so called viruses are going to cause immune storms inside humans when taken like the Russian Scientist warned would happen?) Time to relax as it’s the weekend. Darn cold here -26.4C!
  13. Time to use a motorcycle helmet with heat scarf then no hassle. Alternative is a Darth Vader hood and final one is a Nicab then no hassle from officials and those idiots checking the public in shops. This is starting to become .......................
  14. I assume Denmark and Iceland to follow soon.
  15. There needs to be much more organised direct positive peaceful action in local areas to stop all the official nonsense and I think the idea of the public again clapping and bashing pans on street sides a pointless exercise and how about those who work nights. (Farmers are up at 4am and in for breakfast at 6am)
  16. WHO now said pointless in wearing masks in certain situations. Talk about going around in circles.
  17. Norwegian borders are closing to non nationals/residents until at least 16th FEB to avoid new variants and spreading. More ruin to the tourism businesses.
  18. https://www.fhi.no/en/ https://www.sst.dk/en/english/corona-eng https://www.government.is/ministries/ministry-of-health/
  19. This man has some interesting facts and comments! The public should be more aware of this.
  20. In Iceland, Norway and Denmark mass vaccinations of the population is starting (No idea on Finland and Sweden) which is optional at the moment but talk about health certificates to allow plane travel. (So ridiculous as this doesn’t happen with the seasonal flu viruses) I think the old people are at huge risk from an untested and new type of injection. New travel restrictions and social contacts also happening which seem pointless as Sweden said herd immunities is best direction and was a less paranoid method of disease control. Schools now being closed and online education until 19 JAN 2021 so the same narrative as in Europe. How is China doing now? Lockdowns? I see in some countries the health workers are having allergic reactions/deaths from the vaccines so this is serious.
  21. Hello I am having this image now sometimes when on both the forum and the DavidIcke.Com page. Unsure on the issue and should the Moderators be aware. Thanks.
  22. This is from the UKGOV website and shows the total nonsense about Face Masks/Muzzles. To start with there is no LEGAL rule to force the public to use them. You DON’T have to tell officials the reason NOT wearing a mask. You can print from the website badges and exemption information to show officials. EU/CE standard medical and chemical spraying masks do have reasonable protection with bugs but a piece of homemade cloth is a waste of time and could be dangerous to health. Reading this all the public could claim that stress is a mental medical condition so don’t have to wear a muzzle. When talking with officials I would insist these people remove their masks as cannot understand them and make them all keep at least 6FT back and see the reaction! The MP’s don’t wear muzzles in House of Commons (Interesting name) and I am sure when in the numerous bars boozing are not antisocial distancing. Now there are claims of a new mutation but no INDEPENDENT medical evidence to prove this and more house arrest lockdowns (where are the legal challenges?) until springtime. The MP’s should be locked down in Parliament and not allowed out to exercise and be there until April 2021 then might have some real concern and understanding of the public. More ruined small business and more homelessness.
  23. New Year 2021 and the horses are having special breakfast. -10C but nice and fresh with the sunshine and it’s stopped snowing.
  24. SEASONS GREETINGS to all. Serious times but hope these pictures I took at lunchtime refresh the souls of all. FREEDOM in 2021.
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