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  1. Cities are STRESS so how about purchase a 20FT narrow boat and become a continuous cruiser with NO neighbours and less stress. The closest homes to me are three miles.
  2. https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/complaints The same to the Head of Nottinghamshire Police.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/contact/complaints We should all complain to the BBC.
  4. Tactical Support Group. Excessive force as these people are used to deal with terrorists.
  5. I hope this is in the correct forum section but here are some pictures of the new EU Green Health Vaccine Certificate/Passport which is being voted on. Contact MEP’s should you wish to travel abroad from England. Noticed it mentions people must not be discriminated with this so unsure if that means refusing to have one. (How do people without mobiles travel as needs a electronic code it seems)
  6. Cash machines being removed/closed also. Update soon!
  7. I am needing a simple document/picture to send to friends/contacts/public about the genuine reasons to avoid the untested/unapproved JAB’s. I know several people who are borderline on this and need to act fast as once done then too late and substances impossible to remove. I know Public Health England and the NHS have various documents to persuade the public to take the so called vaccines so we need real facts to challenge this. (Might be able to use as pole posters in public areas in future. Distressed now as some close relatives I care about have now taken JAB and some are unwell. One is a social worker and one a nurse so been brainwashed and worried to lose occupation if refused. Until this all started I had a reasonable open mind and had not heard of David Icke and various theories but now life is so obvious being controlled for the worse a child could see that. The house arrest of the public is causing much mental stress and people are thinking vaccines will allow them to travel........ Someone from Holland told me as soon as most people taken the medicine then back to normal. Pigs FLY. Ignorance is bliss and much less stress.
  8. I am looking into who owns/controls the bank then will respond. I was told sensible now to use several bank accounts to avoid possible Bail In’s (this is where banks seize accounts to save a bank as in future no Bail Out’s from governments)
  9. Iceland is somewhere I have wanted to visit.
  10. I visited a small town with a branch of the bank I use and was told from TODAY no more cash available and have to use card/electronic method instead. (This also includes cash payments into the bank. So I told them will be looking into a different firm and then closing the account. Meantime withdrew as much cash as possible as the www can be unreliable and might need food/fuel/bills. Old fashioned bartering then?
  11. Hello all. I think the UK GOV intend before this weekend to vote on extending the Lockdown Legislation and introduction of Protest Regulations. Unsure if this is Parliament / House of Lords? Links to this welcome ASAP as several people I told said need real evidence. I also understand new fine of FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS to those who wish to travel abroad on HOLIDAYS. WTH!! Lunatics.
  12. I noticed this morning he has more than 200.000 subscribers so if each one donated 1 Pound then that is a lot of funds to fight state corruption and like in Australia with Rebel News and Fight the Fines a fund could be started to help those in times of need?
  13. Please forward and video this before removed as he is being threatened without legal reason it seems from the BBC and Police.
  14. Hello. Some advice and tactics on this from personal experience. I have been to London with someone on a personal protest at Trafalgar Square (sometime in the future I might post full details) and whilst there and the world media around were approached from two officials that looked like Traffic Wardens/Salvation Armies and told cannot do this here as illegal so I asked them to show us the rules/regulations so a small book was looked into and then told cannot find this protest in so we continued then same people came back with high official and showed me a map (but was for Parliament Square (idiots) so we again continued with the silent protest and holding a petition with QR Code. However to avoid much conflict a deal was struck that we could protest outside the National Art Gallery as this was not council land but CITY OF LONDON. When we walked up the steps several Police appeared and we assumed been lied to and would be arrested but the police pushed back the crowd and we had a space about 20FT x 10FT to walk in. A Policeman said when are you going once the media had started to leave and I said 8pm as I can smell rain. (At 8pm it started to rain hard) So make sure officials keep the so called social distance when talking to you as there is a deadly disease and tell them to remove face muzzles as cannot understand the words. The officials in charge often have White and Orange hats/badges compared to normal Blue so refuse to talk to the low ranks. If arrested then relax the complete bodies (like a drunk) then will need at least 4 people to move your instead of willing walking to a van cell. Alternative is to sit down and link arms. PEACEFUL is the method then no excuses to call this a riot and send in the Riot Police. Good Luck. Keep Safe. I think marches next month in every shire in the UK would be good idea as then people like me can travel.
  15. So in England there are new Protest Regulations/Laws due and in Holland much violence from the Police to peaceful protests about Curfews/Lockdowns and now I am informed from contacts that the Freedom March in Oslo this Saturday has been cancelled with threats to arrest the public and huge fines to those ignoring this advice. Ironic when the English and all the European friends fought and died to keep Norway free from the Nazi’s. Time to produce hoodies with FREEDOM NOT NAZI’s (FRIHET IKKE NAZI’S) on and walk around having a legal health exercise within the rules?
  16. https://www.government.nl/ministries/ministry-of-justice-and-security
  17. https://www.government.nl/contact/contact-form
  18. I am shocked and disgusted about the deliberate violence from Dutch police officers towards innocent men a and women in a recent Curfew/Lockdown march in a public park. Horses charging with no regards to hurting people including women and children. A man BEATEN/KICKED/PUNCHED/BITTEN FROM POLICE DOG. (I am sure will be in hospital and might have died) This is assault and I hope those involved are sacked and charged in the courts and JAILED. Holland used to have a reputation on being laid back (I have friends there) and tolerant of different views. (The Minister of Justice has the word FREEDOM on the main page) So please all write a polite complaint to the Dutch Government and the EU about this excessive violence and criminal action from civil servants. (I can place the link here)
  19. I have know several MP’s/MEP’s and most were useless so I was thinking with all this WEF/WHO/IMF Blah Blah about saving funds and reducing costs and useless occupations that most of the current MP’s/Lord’s are costing the public much and doing so little in this serious crisis. So how about a campaign to reduce them from 650 MP’s and 801 Lord’s to a total of 100? Suggestions welcome!
  20. I was not aware of this until last night when someone shared some interesting information about the PM. It seems his dad has since the late 1960’s been writing numerous books and giving talks about population problems and reductions including he thinks the maximum amount of people in the UK should be between 10 and 15 million. (Think about that for a minute) The PM has also done speeches about the same issues so no surprise he is now the head of the lockdowns and so called vaccines which are causing deaths and disease. (MHRA/NHS/NHE still refuse to release details) It’s possible that leaving the EU and all the conflicts this caused in friends/families/business stress was a trial run to TAKE BACK CONTROL. So ironic we all have to have numerous tests and illegal house arrests but the so called refugees that come across the channel have exemptions from masks and testing process (on UKGOV website) The PM has had numerous children (refuses to confirm but some think around 11) All those bike routes around London are useful to ride on drunk without risk to driving licence whilst visiting numerous women. HYPOCRITE.
  21. I hope the UK/EU is not planning to use the new Chinese Test Method. It states all International visitors will now have to take Anal Swab Tests!!! (Alternative is to provide a poo sample) Ridiculous nonsense and who knows should there some toxic substances on the cotton bud which might cause disease when inserted.
  22. I was watching UK Column and seen Dolly Parton mentioned and she had now taken a so called Moderna vaccination but then called the public COWARDS that don’t take this. How offensive and a surprise from some who has done good humanitarian work and a respected musician. That’s nonsense as is as offensive as some stating she is all breasts and no brains. Those with social media accounts such as Twitter.... should message Ms Parton about this and edit the Wikipedia page where it mentions she had a vaccine (Large sums paid into Moderna research so this is a conflict of commercial interest?) I would be interested to see the medical substances the rich are being injected with and if the same as the public peasants. The claim is no change in human DNA so I suggest a blood test before vaccines and then several tests over 24 months to see if a difference.
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