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  1. Last month it was Dutch Police assaulting an innocent man now it’s the Belgium Police assaulting an innocent woman. (Mounted Police including female officers) This is disgusting footage and must be stopped. I am considering starting a European Petition to prevent the use of horses in public control situations as it’s cruel to the horses (I have 30 Years of working with Clydesdales) and is causing deliberate harm to unarmed humans. I hope the person who did this is charged and goes to prison. File too large so will reduce to upload.
  2. EU said vaccines are NOT MANDATORY and to force them onto people would be illegal even in the Green Vaccine Certificate.
  3. Alex Belfield has mentioned this on his You Tube but no link to the article/interview.
  4. Someone has told me that UK GOV Medical/Science Officers have made a media statement this afternoon that no more lockdowns as don’t work and CV-19 is now classed as a seasonal flu and not a pandemic. Is this correct? (I don’t watch the Blah Blah Corporation) The people who think are in control must be worried about personal liabilities in legal cases. Alternative is JABBED enough of the population to cause serious deaths/illness and hope people still rush off to the nurses and have more Jabs. I would like to know the substances in these vaccines. Seems Public were lied to about a Pandemic.
  5. OK. Apologies I did not realise there was a thread elsewhere.
  6. Hope this link works. (PC Novice) Shocking comments. https://cdn.lbryplayer.xyz/content/claims/Yeadon/67a8e1b464fac02cba7a119f1b5696c79263f1fb/stream?download=1
  7. The horses have an area to roam/exercise and poo in during wintertime. Soon a big task (using the horses and tools) to remove the manure into the storage place to then use for next seasons planting of organic veggies. 14.7C in the sunshine and -4C in the shade with a nice breeze. Manes and Tails and backs due to be brushed and provide soft materials for nesting birds.
  8. Soaking up the springtime sunshine.
  9. I came across this nonsense when searching on European travel routes. I could not see a contact method otherwise was going to write and see what is classed as FAKE news and RELIABLE sources.
  10. The UK Health service has shared some information on the virus and vaccines (unsure this applies to all the brands) and it states should someone become ill within 48HRS of taking the vaccine and have high temperatures more than 48hrs then to isolate and book a test. This implies then one of the brands could be causing the public to come down with a real and transmittable virus. Hmm.
  11. It’s two different banks at the moment and checking on more leads. Cryptic Clue:- there is still snow in the area.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC95m7aBYo7wgNCoHb1ojQYw Interesting Scandinavian Views on life, virus, lockdowns and Freedom.
  13. It’s in International law and the same on all PP’s but with slight different wording and each government is obligated to provide protection and freedom of movement without hinderance. We all still use Airports/Seaports/Rail Stations which are legal exit/entry points if have Customs/Border Controls. Therefore airlines/ferries cannot refuse onward travel unless wanted for a criminal offence. (I don’t know about legitimate refugees) Legal action has started now in several countries which includes this issue as it’s discrimination.
  14. OK. I am chilling and appreciate must be hectic running the forum. Thanks.
  15. Tried again. Simple and to the point. I need to do this ASAP.
  16. No response. I would appreciate a response. Thanks.
  17. Hello. How do I make PRIVATE contact with Forum Admins/Gareth Icke about some evidence the Pandemic was/is a deliberate FAKE. It needs to be a secure method and not open until legal people can take this forward. Thanks.
  18. https://greatreject.org/norway-nuremberg-tribunal/ I received this from a friend this afternoon. The public revolt is starting across the world to finish lockdowns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Hello. I have to assume in these times that various officials can read posts (might make some of them realise the obvious medical nonsense and the public are now much aware from Media Channels like Alex Belfield and Hugo Talks) but I am posting a link to the New Lockdowns Regulations which make England an open prison in Europe. (Remember VOTE LEAVE EU AND TAKE BACK CONTROL) The are exceptions to the rules so the rich can travel and provided someone starts up a Registered Charities Organisation (FREEDOM would be ideal name) then it’s allowed to have Private and Public gatherings/protests/picketing and travel abroad within certain boundaries. The document is long and full with numerous legal words but there are defined methods to avoid the rules. The Police should also follow the law and KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCE from the public otherwise also at risk of being arrested and fined because still classed as in a Pandemic. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2021/364/contents/made
  20. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/buy-your-boat-licence/continuous-cruising https://www.bargee-traveller.org.uk/ https://www.rboa.org.uk/ Hope this links help.
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