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  1. OK. On the 2nd Picture down is the evidence of the dates and the 4th Picture down is the mention of COVID -19 (SARS COv-2) I have edited the pictures with black at the bottom to remove thumbnails. (PC novice) The date at the middle of page is when I took the pictures and the date at the left side is when I sent to a friend who work in Health and said look at this!!!!
  2. Trying to load again. The original document is not visible online now and replaced with this one.
  3. I have some evidence and wanted to pass on discrete but now too much time passed so tried to do a post and load the pictures but a problem so can you send me a secure E-Mail. (I have filled in the contact form again!) Thanks.
  4. Apologies but I was struggling to load the pictures I took without thumbnails at the bottom of each picture. I am 100% certain that when I took the pictures on 6th January 2021 the date was March 2015 and then was changed to seem like was added in 2020 which is a total lie.
  5. Hello. I show in the attached pictures that UK GOV PHE/NHS lied to the public that COVID-19 started in 2019. Public Health England wrote in a 2015 document to the prison service that SARS-COv2 (COVID-19) is a notifiable disease and to be reported should prisoners test positive. I took pictures of these pages from the UK/GOV website on 6th JANUARY 2021. In the latest update PHE claims that the CV-19 disease was added on 10th MARCH 2020. LIES!!!! The current PM / Health Minister should be forced to explain in public. (I believe all official departments have to keep paper copies of documents so a search back to 2013 when the original document was produced will prove this) This also might explain reasons that a David Rothschild patented a CV-19 test in Holland in 2015 and I think some countries like Australia purchased testing kits well before the so called pandemic started.
  6. Two firms own and contro the whole world. Highly informative viewing. Think should take copies as will soon be removed from YT I am sure.
  7. Woodsman


  8. The UK is still in a state of panic and there are now random roadside vaccine buses stopping to provide the JABS to the public like in Nottingham. (www.hugotalks.com) Where is the legal patient information leaflet to enable informed consent? Why have all those scientists/doctors who are warning the public never taken some of the substances and had them checked to see the real contents? People are so foolish taking untested/unapproved drugs.
  9. Easter Holidays now finished so could someone make contact as it’s been some time and no E-Mail/PM back. Thanks.
  10. There is much weirdness going on it seems and a man I think called Brian Harvey has much in common with threats from officials and has named some people involved in abuse.
  11. https://www.bitchute.com/video/eJkPngbCTte9/ I came across this which is a little dated but don’t understand the reason the vaccines have not been stopped in view of the video content.
  12. Interesting video on David Icke Website about this (hope was OK to post here) https://davidicke.com/2021/04/07/who-killed-george-floyd/
  13. https://www.marinetraffic.com https://www.flightradar24.com Thousands of Ships and Planes around the world.
  14. I have much experience sailing round the world on all sizes and types of vessels and this could be a combination of natural wind/mechanical problems/suction in the canal/bad captain/insurance fraud/scam. On RoPax ferries that were unable to dock in harbours due to side winds and waves/had lost engines and drifted hours in the North Sea before fixed/force 10 gales and when it sounded like someone throwing gravel on the 8th deck windows all night in the middle of the ship and could here the lifeboats loosing...... I have viewed several route tracking’s on that vessel which don’t make sense and it could be due to a attempting to resolve a mechanical problem before entering the canal not some nonsense about making a small P***S shape.
  15. Hello. Someone I know sent me this podcast and it’s shocking but seems to explain much that is going on at moment. I don’t understand how the JABS are continuing but suppose it’s like a chess match between Evil people and the public. I would like some genuine confirmation this is true and happening. https://www.bitchute.com/video/eJkPngbCTte9/
  16. I have friends for all walks of life and all occupations and last week was talking online to an old childhood friend about the virus/lockdowns/health/future..... he said I was a Conspiracy Theorist (4th time in a month someone has said this to me) and he also said that people from less well off areas are the ones spreading rumours (such as his plumber that came to fix a leak in a pipe he had driven a nail into whilst fixing a painting on the wall) and he had now taken a vaccine. So this had me thinking and without seeming rude are most of the people of working age that are talking vaccines with those good exams results and several degrees but a lack of practical common sense? This seems to be the case with all the friends and relatives I have. Some are now worried the about substances taken since seen the UK GOV change in policies and the legal action started in various places across the world including England.
  17. The information was also from UK Column. I tried to contact the Law Society to confirm but the website was down.
  18. https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/misconduct-public-office The www.law society.org.uk plan to remove the offence of Misconduct in Public Office. More important than ever to retain this so please E-Mail and make polite comments and to the current Home Secretary.
  19. Same sort of words on all passports. Freedom of movement and protection from the government.
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