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  1. OK. Please suggest some reliable independent resources to check then? UK Column? 21 Century Wire? NHS? The PM (That is a JOKE)
  2. Seems the people running this University have suspended and made threats to a female student who claimed in a talk that women are born with a Vagina and Men with a Penis. WTH? Total morons. This current trend of some humans wishing to be Homosexuals and Lesbians is becoming a big problem and affecting children future. I was born a man and had children with a woman and these are sons and daughters. What will it be next Stallions cannot be called Satllions and Mares not Mares? A male goat called a Buck and a females called nannies? Time for some common sense. The same University is I am told on the FB page claiming the CV vaccine has no problems.
  3. Not bothered. Just asking if that person was serious. Thanks.
  4. Good to see people think this is hilarious when such a serious problem. I DON’T read mainstream media at all have NO TV and NO MOBILE. One of the research sources was Alex Jones from Info Wars. (I can name some more) It’s also claimed that the US Health man was funding coronavirus research at the facilities despite this being illegal.
  5. This is a long thread and don’t have time to read all but there is much nonsense around the world about this terrible situation as well as good facts. It seems from the information I have read from trusted independent sources that some sort of human made virus was released in China from those working in medical facilities that would kill those who are old and sick but not the main population and then enable WHO to claim a fake pandemic and start lockdowns (which harms and kill more people) and then start untested/unapproved vaccines into the population who had been freaked out from constant lies in the media which do the real damage. I know several people (of all ages) who have have what I would call bad influenza and all survived (one is a relative nurse who took a JAB before recovered and is now long term ill. She was forced to keep occupation) Meantime people wish to travel across Europe and as I asked before in a post here need a safe non intrusive test method to do this. (What is available such as blood/salvia?) Otherwise need a test 24hrs before leave UK then one on arrival in the EU and isolate 10 days then a test and travel to next place and 10 more days isolation……. So 40 DAYS to travel to destination. No surprise some are falling for the take a vaccines and travel without tests and isolation nonsense. Those fighting this nonsense such as World Freedom Alliance/World Doctors Alliance often state there is a virus but not as bad as governments are claiming so how come no one has a reliable test to prove existence/non existence. I once had real influenza and had severe headaches, blocked nose, (so no smell abilities) sore throat (so no taste) and survived on Apple Juice and Vanilla Ice Cream whilst running a farm for Welsh relatives that had taken a sailing holiday in the Norfolk Broads. I have talked to those who claimed had CV and most of the signs seemed the same which is interesting.
  6. I was informed about this website from people at World Freedom Alliance. https://policeforfreedom.org/
  7. Hello all. The snow is melting, grass is growing green again, birds are singing, Badgers and Foxes around looking for worms and mice, the lake is high and the Eagles are fishing Brown Trout and the stallion is producing next seasons foals with the mares. Some pictures of the area and animals to follow this weekend in between the rain due.
  8. So some European countries are opening again but it’s still ILLEGAL to leave England on HOLIDAYS according to the UK Government website. (Not a reasonable excuse) Now at the moment should one leave (with a reasonable excuse from the list) a virus test has to be done 24hrs before and then again upon arrival and then much isolation even when negative. (Noses will be like a pin cushion) Is there a non invasive test method that is safe and reliable? How about blood tests? Scandinavians and Dutch officials refuse NHS tests as evidence of no virus. (I think because this would mean it’s citizens would be stuck at the ports with a fake positive and have to isolate 10 days in UK) I did read should one be able to prove had the virus and had recovered then no need for tests and isolation.
  9. I am a novice when it comes to these interesting modern electronic financial transactions but seems to me this is all vulnerable to being hacked/stolen/cannot purchase food with/officials blocking use/internet down so cannot trade. So which are the best value and most secure with least risks. Who decides on the electronic monies and how these are sold/traded? How about being taxed on earnings? Looks like more of this in future instead of good old cash but unlike Gold is not a physical item. Thanks
  10. Is the NHS selling organs removed in hospitals to private patients and the amounts? The information above about keeping people alive to remove organs sounds horrific. I had an old relative that planned to donate his body to medical science (as he had specialist heart operations) until told from a doctor friend what is often done with medical students training so declined.
  11. I have friends that are both Jews and Arabs and wish all this nonsense would STOP and real peace come to the region instead of using religious views to kill innocent civilians. Religion and Politics cause more harm and stress to humans than all diseases. The officials on both side are idiots.
  12. Hello. I am told from people who use Apple Mobiles that Apples is deleting Telegram from devices WITHOUT permission and below is the method used to prevent this. I would whilst on this like to know of alternatives PC’s to Apple and Microsoft if available. Thanks.
  13. TetraG:- Still no response from the Admins on E-Mail following several website contact forms. I appreciate these people have much to deal with but have some info which could help with stopping the lockdowns/virus claims. (Don’t wish to state more in public) I was thinking about UK Column instead? Thanks.
  14. That’s a rude and negative attitude. How about some helpful suggestions to help stop this nonsense? (I have not even made a petition description) I took on a government with a previous petition (with the help of the public and succeeded)
  15. https://www.bitchute.com/video/KA8sX9lHwYmH/ Western Australian Government state Vaccine is a POISON from documents in 2016. Someone please confirm this is correct. Thanks.
  16. I think it’s time for an international petition to stop Microsoft Nerd / WEF ruining the world with lunatic schemes (Real intention to reduce human population) All this current blah blah about needing a GREEN change to the world from those who have been causing huge damage and pollution is such nonsense. I reckon MN has never even planted a potato and had his hands in the soil. Off out now to move manure from the fields into the veggies area.
  17. So much on the world warming. It’s been the coldest wintertime in more than 20 years. (Still snow on the fields and in the forest and the lake is frozen in places). Snowing last night and more due next week. Last week was 20C in the sunshine with fire warnings and now back to single temperatures. Birds are singing and the oxygen levels are high.
  18. https://www.wa.gov.au/government/publications/public-health-act-2016-wa-instrument-of-authorisation-authorisation-supply-or-administer-poison-sars-cov-2-covid-19-vaccine-australian-defence-force-no2-2021 The PDF link on this is not working at moment. This might be linked to the PHE knowing about SARS-C0V2 and COVID-19 YEARS AGO.
  19. OK. Thanks. I would like to find a paper version to confirm. FOI?
  20. OK. Thanks on the help and links. Several different versions is VERY interesting. I would like to see the original version from 2013 and all the paper versions which will prove the dates as am sure it was on the list in 2015. (I have experience of clandestine actions from officials which is enough to make a film) It would also be interesting to see if additional diseases were added without mention like with CV-19.
  21. Thanks on that archive link from somewhere. That is VERY odd it’s not on that. This original webpage and pictures were witnessed from a close friend and I sent to someone who works in the NHS and asked them to confirm if this was correct and was silence. In between farming I have tried to contact some of the people interested in stopping all this nonsense and no responses (I think due to volume of E-mails) I cannot explain how the information we viewed on the PHE website said COVID-19 and the link now does not mention this. There must be paper copies somewhere to view. It did mention some changes also made in April 2015.
  22. Evidence now loaded elsewhere on the forum for all to view. A legal firm needs to take this onboard.
  23. So PHE claimed in 2015 that COVID -19 was a notifiable disease. I was researching online about the whole situation as some of the nonsense from the UK/GOV was too obvious and stumbled across the above. So this might mean the virus was human produced and the JABS were in stock to cause damage to the public when the panic ensured from the media.
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