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  1. The last post I had to Copy/Paste as www had knocked me off the forum again. Learning fast.
  2. A long time ago whilst working in Macclesfield Forest a dark Blue Ford Transit van with smoked windows arrived on the track at high speed. Several large blokes came out in Police clothing and wanted to know did we live in the forest. (Persistent with this information!!) we told them no unless working late and then before leaving noticed high powered rifles and special tools inside the van. About 30 mins on the logging horses spooked with no obvious reasons. Turns out talking to the Forest man that a lost Rambler stumbled across a log cabin in the woods (this was the time the IRA had bombed Warrington and had hidden various in this forest) and so the Police thinking more serious issues had arrived and fired warning shots at the cabin and a panicking homeless man came out to be arrested. He had over several years made this basic structure without people knowing. (This then explained the Clydesdale horses reactions as could listen to sounds humans couldn’t.)
  3. I have seen the large Black Cats (Panthers) twice and close to in the Peak District (I am not going to disclose where so can live in peace without human interference) I have also seen numerous times the Rock Wallabies (escaped/released from the private zoo) in their natural habitat on the Gritstone areas. (There is a public house in that area and some people leaving think had too much to drink when see them at dusk)
  4. Hope this works:- A mate who worked in the legal trade in Buxton Derbyshire and lived in an isolated house was going down into the cellars one weekend evening to collect some homemade wine to share with visitors and said place went extreme cold and dark he then heard marching sounds and a few seconds on about 8 Roman soldiers walked through the stone wall and across the cellars and out the back wall. (He said odd as could no see faces as misted) On his return his wife and visitors said all OK as looked pale and was shaking. (He told his wife later on) Dog refused to visit cellars again and would bristle up when the doors opened. Some research and digging was done and turns out the original Roman road was underneath his house and not where the current A515 is now. He has never seen this again and now lives elsewhere having retired.
  5. OK. Thanks. I will see if can write all again and hope don’t post twice as the www here is a little slow at times.
  6. I wrote a long post and it’s vanished. Hmm. Is there a time limit before making a post? Thanks.
  7. Hello all. I came across this Website and Forum whilst doing some research on the current worldwide situation. Unsure how wise to be public posting on “Social Media” which I am sure officials are watching but having seen the terrible attitude from the Police (who are civil servants and to protect and serve the public) towards a woman in OZ because of posting on Facebook I decided time to do so. I have spent more than 30 Years in professional organic Agriculture/Forestry/Horticulture looking after the world we all live on. Life has been hard at times working in all weather conditions and I have seen/had some VERY interesting and unusual sights in the woods. Without being too specific (to protect the innocent)I have contacts/friends in several levels of the NHS and these people tell me the sickness around the world is a Blood Virus NOT Flu. I have shown them some medical videos and paperwork (that claims is a fake disease) from respected health officials and been told to be careful in public places and should be wearing disposable gloves and a medical mask as this disease is real and people with no know health problems are dying! I was also told that David Icke cannot be trusted with correct facts. Since 2006 I (and some of those close to me) have had without good reason threats from officials (including council and the police). I have been shown information (in a bizarre covert public house meeting) which proves some of these control freaks are Free Masons and in which Lodges/Halls. (Threatened with arrest for BOP because asked for several FOI’s to confirm the facts) and these officers arrived at night and with badges removed so could not report them. (I have since found the faces/names of the local website) When I complained to the head of that station the man said he knew all about this and when I asked how he said because I drove him there. CORRUPTION! Various pressures now from different officials across Europe so had vanished into woods but someone that had been in same situation (with officials using pressure tactics) suggested be more public (make a website with facts and pictures) as much less trouble when exposed. I asked the local BBC and was told (hands are tied about this) Hope no Trolls on here (should be in the Scandinavian mountains) and there are some decent discussions!
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