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  1. Horses are such kind and forgiving animals compared to humans attitudes. I trained and worked a Clydesdale in the woodlands of central England over 20 Years and Odin provided an basic income. When he retired I promised would never send to the knackers and he was buried in the fields he died in. We could work him with voice commands alone which was so special.
  2. Conflicts continue because people hate religions and races and there is much obvious hatred/racism and swearing in some of the posts here which is not helping to calm down the situation. Administrators/Moderators please take note:- Thanks.
  3. I will see if can find all the links and post on here. I also send some horrific pictures of the medical injuries and told friends will never be able to visit the house and was nice to have known them such a long time but would not attend a funeral. Harsh words but this is a race to stop them.
  4. A friend who is an organic sheep farmer told me this evening had taken first JAB (despite sending various information to them) she said don’t think the government would lie to the public. A friend in Manchester area said he taken both pricks as have his parents and he feels terrible and don’t wish to be alive (had also sent various information from different sources) A business contact in Cheshire talking about taking the JAB. I am coming to the decision to stop wasting time on fools and concentrate on the future in a world with less people and more sick people dropping dead. Stressed as was told as a child to care about people and treat them well but seems impossible to stop the brainwashing from those with TV’s.
  5. World Doctors Alliance now said those in the 30’s that have taken the vaccines will die within 3 - 10 years depending on health condition. I have managed to persuade at least 8 people to not take this and 3 who have taken the first one to refuse the second. Most watch normal media and have no idea at all on the narrative being spun.
  6. Relatives in OZ said a friend of them took a Jab and had three heart attacks and additional serious issues and is on life support in hospital. Needless to state those around that person have decide to avoid the substances being offered.
  7. Jack121. I like Facts not Fiction. The terrible abuse (providing drugs and booze) of underaged English girls from council estates in central/northern England towns from Pakistani men (often Muslims) has continued much too long whilst the Councils and Police seem to avoid dealing with this incase people claim the racism card. (There are no cases of White males abusing Asian women in the same areas and think of the protests that would happen if this did) I still think those proven to have done this should have full castrated and compensate the victims. Interesting the Indians (often Hindu and Sikhs) don’t do this abuse. To then see that young Muslim men are driving around London with Palestinian flags making threats to rape women because these innocent people happen to be born Jewish is outrageous and in law incitement to hatred. These people need mental health advice and care. I mentioned elsewhere on the forum I have friends that are Jews and Arabs (I also have friends that are Ibans/Malays and additional races) and both sides are tired of the violence both in Israel and Gaza and wish those in charge would make a real genuine peace for the sake of the civilians including thousands of precious children. The UN is useless but at least Jordan has made much to help the peace and taken more than all it’s neighbours have of refugees until unable to cope. I am not going to continue with the Jew/Arab warmongering nonsense on here as it would derail the original posters comments. Like I said above women/females are treated bad in modern times and men should have much more respect towards them regardless of religion and race. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. I’ll stick to fixing machines and driving Clydesdales.
  9. I don’t have a Twitter account but have been told the Norwegian Health Service (FHI) have been censored and marked as fake news due to a Tweet that states the AZ vaccine is much more dangerous that the risk of catching CV. Someone able to find this and post on here?
  10. I was having a think last night and this lunchtime about all this nonsense and those rushing to take the unknown substances recommended from the NHS so as a small business one has to do Risk Assessments and follow the HSE Act to avoid being charged with breaches. So I have done one to do with this health situation and decided to protect the public who won’t conform to the narrative and will now ban all those who have been foolish to take the JABS until after the clinical trial finishes in 2023 to see the results and the current legal court cases across Europe and in England. Same with the face muzzles these will be banned as could be thieves hiding face from CCTV, deaf people cannot lip read and in some circumstances it’s dangerous not to be able to communicate like normal. Time to fight back for FREEDOM.
  11. So are Wolves and Lynx. (Some around here with the Moose)
  12. I would use fresh needles and from an area cats and dogs cannot wee on.
  13. I should be more clear on vaccines definition (I mean those who are taking the current unapproved/untested/unknown substances) not those who might have taken usual childhood immunisation injections and some recommended to travel abroad in the past. (Before normal leisure travel was made impossible) That reminds me I might be due a Tetanus.
  14. Yes. Fine line between Euthanasia and Suicide.
  15. Total chaos in Scotland at the moment with children told to snitch on parents discussing alternative narrative to CV at home. Ironic when the current woman running the Parliament seems to have a bad reputation about honest facts and bad memories like the US President.
  16. I see the UK GOV has repealed the 1968 Genocide Act and various countries including England are talking about making it legal to euthanise people. So there is a mass expected population reduction on the horizon. I have decide to refuse those who are vaccinated on the work site here (most of those who are will be more than happy to boast about this) and will be offering new nonsense free tourism cabins to the awake. (Waiting for the planning permission at moment)
  17. Well I have acres of Pine, Spruce and Birch trees here so can make Pine Tea to help with viruses, Spruce Beer to chill out with and Bread (like in WW2) and Birch Juice to improve bone structure.
  18. I think most on here think the virus is fake but some also think the so called shedding is also fake. I have read and watched several videos from those medical professionals fighting the narrative around the world and most of them have said this is a possible chance as it is unknown the substances being forced into humans. I also read one of the vaccine firms legal patient information which seems to also mention this could happen. So until we know one should be cautious and avoid those taken the Jabs and I think would be foolish not to do that. Microsoft Nerd and his wife did some terrible sniggers in a video and mentioned the next virus will have much attention. (This could mean in autumn when normal influenza returns and mixes inside humans an auto immune overload will start killing those people). When one consumes garlic the smell comes out the lungs and skin pores including the feet so bugs could breed inside and also exit people. (The old saying:- Better to be safe than Sorry) I had a herd of Iron Age pigs when the terrible Foot and Mouth raged across the U.K. and much was lies and being hidden from the public including the fires were spreading the disease on the wind and the huge holes where animals were buried caused water pollution (The cautious and logical approach we took allowed all the nice piggies to survive even when locals said we were talking nonsense. It’s odd since the Jabs started that in some areas people have been dropping like flies with influenza illness when fine and in good health before. Thousands are now blind, deaf, paralysed, disabled and the public still keep lining up to take this. Now starting on the next generation of 20-30’s. Keep Safe.
  19. OK. There is a possible site in England but at the moment but more like will be in Scandinavia/Eastern Europe region.
  20. Several people have mentioned this to me and I have noticed also that those who have taken the Jabs seem to have the following (conditions) Croaky voices. Bad tempered. Not making sense. Complaining of headaches/earaches. Tired. I do avoid if possible those who are Jabbed and due to possible mentioned medical risks would not let them into the house.
  21. I am in the process of starting a Freedom Cell/Sustainable Rural Community and looking for 6 more people. (Various skills needed and certain criteria) I will be doing a post on the forum once worked out some more basics and how safe to publish information in a public domain.
  22. The highest town in England in the bleak district and in the direction of the Cat and Fiddle.
  23. Well an old relative (who still should have more life and liked fishing on the canals) has died last night a while after having a CV JAB. He was in a care and the home said it would send his sister a consent form as his mind was failing but none arrived so the doctors took it upon themselves to coerce him to sign despite not understanding. Soon afterwards he fainted and was discovered with a broken wrist, taken to hospital where he deteriorated and the nurses told us had pulled out his vital tubes more than 30 times and had to wear special mitts (I think he was also strapped to the bed) to prevent this. Within a couple of weeks he has now died. The home and the doctors are going to have a written complaint as he was fine before the CV JAB. This is happening across the UK I am sure. Like the French man who worked in a previous French presidents office said in the 1980’s we wish to rid the world of the Sick Old Stupid (SOS) so the over 65’s, those with medical conditions needing repeated treatment and the idiots and these will take the vaccines which kill them. (I cannot remember his name but he is ironic now in his 70’s and worked for the European Bank)
  24. I do view World Freedom Alliance and Children’s Health Defence and there is someone called Tucker Carlson who investigates some of the issues I think?. I am told that a certain news channel in OZ (which also has one in the UK) is much different in the attitude towards the virus and lockdowns. I have contacts in the NHS but these are frightened to talk about that in public. (I have tried to see if would whistleblow but won’t)
  25. No problem. English Jokes. I do understand vital to keep focused on facts and info.
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