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  1. I see so much current stress and trouble with lockdowns in cities so think possible people can avoid the rules should one become classed as an essential (Workers) such as Agricultural/Horticultural/Arboricultural/Permaculture/Equestrian/Allotments and travel without restrictions and contribute towards local communities (growing food/meeting people/exercise) Alternative form a registered charity such as a food bank/helping homeless people.
  2. Interesting to see (assuming correct facts) that the Labour Health Minister is wanting new EMERGENCY measures/laws to prevent open discussion about vaccines so those who have Medical Health Insurance should check if made ill/disabled from a vaccine there would be a compensation package available as numerous governments have removed liabilities from those producing the new virus vaccine. I did mention elsewhere on here if there is someone who has medical knowledge that could find out the contents of the vaccine so the public are aware of the real facts.
  3. Good to see some more public Freedom Marches taking place in cities across the U.K. at the moment. Shame the Police still feel the need to arrest some of those there with no obvious reasons.
  4. I think you have misunderstood the comments I made so will see if can explain in simple English. There are thousands of businesses across the world and UK that are being closed due to nonsense regulations, people losing homes and much unneeded stress to children. Yes societies should have basic rules and regulations to enable stable countries but the current situation is worse than humans can remember and cannot continue so I think a Freedom flag is a method of promoting some sense back into human life and a peaceful method of protest. Your comments that all
  5. One of the hidden scandals of Scandinavia is hundreds of Mink and Fox farms to make nice coats for the rich in China. In Norway when there was too much Sheep meat in cold storage warehouses 1000 tons was sold to the Mink farms instead of going to countries where people are starving. The bones from the Mink are crushed and placed into commercial concrete to build roads and bridges. I think Sweden/Finland/Denmark are all doing the same.
  6. Most countries and organisations have a flag/logo so how about this one I made to take to marches and outside homes? Yes it has Rainbow colours (like with the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior) I am from the old school where Rainbows were to represent peace not a sexual choice like modern times hence seven colours. (I have found a small business in Derbyshire England who produce flags and custom designs at reasonable prices)
  7. Unbelievable that a peaceful Scottish Bagpiper is assaulted (pushed onto the ground) by a little Policeman in the UK and then arrested and charged with what? I noticed both Mercedes and Volkswagen are supplying the vehicles used to transport those morons harassing the public with no legal cause.
  8. I am in to have some lunch and a break from moving barrow loads of horse manure from the fields and following last nights protests in London and previous demonstrations in the London Park had a couple of ideas. 1. All the public wearing (Anonymous) type masks so faces cannot be filmed from officials. 2. All the public wearing EU standard Yellow waistcoats with reflective strips so blend in with the officials and make it much more difficult for them to capture certain people and arrest individuals. At the same time to wear Red/White caps (such as those officials in char
  9. I once spoke to a man who said he was with (a sound mind). I laughed and asked him how he knew this and he showed me a medical release certificate from a Mental Home signed from a doctor stating he was sane and with a sound mind.
  10. I think it’s now on the news section of David Icke Website? I should add that last time I heard this I contacted some people I know who work high up in the NHS and was told this would not be allowed as consent has to be given from the person who is of sound mind and the UN regulations also state this must happen before a vaccine is given. (So I will check with them again) This might mean plans are to force vaccines on those who disagree with the policies and claim have mental health issues.
  11. Shocking that assuming the PDF information is correct the UK Government is looking at using the Mental Health Act to force vaccines onto the population with those who are refusing and regardless of possible medical issues from this. Time to complain to the MP’s and some serious action to stop this nonsense.
  12. Scandinavia seems almost old normal with no muzzles and reasonable sociable contact (with hand washing) but I think Denmark voted to have forced vaccines and OZ is still on International boundaries lockdown leaving more then 40.000 Australians unable to return home. UK banned population to make leisure flights (so could escape current lockdown nonsense) I hope Eastern Europe is more sensible?
  13. Microsoft Man should stick to making good PC’s and leave the natural world alone and to be helped from those who understand nature. He must be bored to suggest such a lunatic scheme.
  14. Fresh oxygen in a breeze from nature and sleep with window open at night. Good sustainable food. Dirt on the hands to help the immune resistance to bugs. I visited OZ some time ago and on crowded planes and when there most people seemed to have the flu (sneezing/coughing/running noses) but I had a fresh clove of crushed Garlic with Olive oil each morning and had no flu at all even being close to those ill people. I cannot remember the last time was ill with flu/cold.
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