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  1. TetraG:- Still no response from the Admins on E-Mail following several website contact forms. I appreciate these people have much to deal with but have some info which could help with stopping the lockdowns/virus claims. (Don’t wish to state more in public) I was thinking about UK Column instead? Thanks.
  2. That’s a rude and negative attitude. How about some helpful suggestions to help stop this nonsense? (I have not even made a petition description) I took on a government with a previous petition (with the help of the public and succeeded)
  3. https://www.bitchute.com/video/KA8sX9lHwYmH/ Western Australian Government state Vaccine is a POISON from documents in 2016. Someone please confirm this is correct. Thanks.
  4. I think it’s time for an international petition to stop Microsoft Nerd / WEF ruining the world with lunatic schemes (Real intention to reduce human population) All this current blah blah about needing a GREEN change to the world from those who have been causing huge damage and pollution is such nonsense. I reckon MN has never even planted a potato and had his hands in the soil. Off out now to move manure from the fields into the veggies area.
  5. So much on the world warming. It’s been the coldest wintertime in more than 20 years. (Still snow on the fields and in the forest and the lake is frozen in places). Snowing last night and more due next week. Last week was 20C in the sunshine with fire warnings and now back to single temperatures. Birds are singing and the oxygen levels are high.
  6. https://www.wa.gov.au/government/publications/public-health-act-2016-wa-instrument-of-authorisation-authorisation-supply-or-administer-poison-sars-cov-2-covid-19-vaccine-australian-defence-force-no2-2021 The PDF link on this is not working at moment. This might be linked to the PHE knowing about SARS-C0V2 and COVID-19 YEARS AGO.
  7. OK. Thanks. I would like to find a paper version to confirm. FOI?
  8. OK. Thanks on the help and links. Several different versions is VERY interesting. I would like to see the original version from 2013 and all the paper versions which will prove the dates as am sure it was on the list in 2015. (I have experience of clandestine actions from officials which is enough to make a film) It would also be interesting to see if additional diseases were added without mention like with CV-19.
  9. Thanks on that archive link from somewhere. That is VERY odd it’s not on that. This original webpage and pictures were witnessed from a close friend and I sent to someone who works in the NHS and asked them to confirm if this was correct and was silence. In between farming I have tried to contact some of the people interested in stopping all this nonsense and no responses (I think due to volume of E-mails) I cannot explain how the information we viewed on the PHE website said COVID-19 and the link now does not mention this. There must be paper copies somewhere to view. It did mention some chan
  10. Evidence now loaded elsewhere on the forum for all to view. A legal firm needs to take this onboard.
  11. So PHE claimed in 2015 that COVID -19 was a notifiable disease. I was researching online about the whole situation as some of the nonsense from the UK/GOV was too obvious and stumbled across the above. So this might mean the virus was human produced and the JABS were in stock to cause damage to the public when the panic ensured from the media.
  12. OK. On the 2nd Picture down is the evidence of the dates and the 4th Picture down is the mention of COVID -19 (SARS COv-2) I have edited the pictures with black at the bottom to remove thumbnails. (PC novice) The date at the middle of page is when I took the pictures and the date at the left side is when I sent to a friend who work in Health and said look at this!!!!
  13. Trying to load again. The original document is not visible online now and replaced with this one.
  14. I have some evidence and wanted to pass on discrete but now too much time passed so tried to do a post and load the pictures but a problem so can you send me a secure E-Mail. (I have filled in the contact form again!) Thanks.
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