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  1. I was looking at the current UKGOV website on rules and regulations and also the trades/legal excuses/reasons the public can use to avoid lockdowns. Makes extreme interesting reading!! So how about starting a disabled persons exercise club/ This could be driving horses with carts in the countryside and boating on canals. So how about starting a so called religious organisation so allowed to have public meetings (with 2M spacing) and claim to believe in trolls in the forest. Soup kitchens for the homeless are allowed. 200.000 people now lost homes due to unab
  2. Look on various European Sea Ferries websites and I think the well known Irish discount airline and the Australian airline have mentioned this on homepage. (I will update more when available)
  3. I am concerned that a large number of friends/relatives/contacts and old people I know have taken the so called vaccine. Several different brands to date and unsure about adverse reactions but most of the old people had been told could not travel outside home on bus/train to friends/shops unless vaccinated. That is disgusting lies and should this be from NHS people then action will be taken. The pressure from the Radio and TV and Newspapers must be constant and a form of brainwashing with the addition of being under house arrest with lockdowns. Time will tell on health problems and n
  4. So the UK/GB plan to have vaccinated all adults before autumn 2021. There was talk about mixing the different brands (then no possible change of legal action and no idea which one caused the sickness/death) This is not a medical trial but seems like deliberate culling of the old and sick. The word United should be removed from Kingdom as total chaos between England/Ireland/Wales/Scotland and the word Great should be replaced with Little Britain as there is so much narrow mindedness and most of the MP’s useless waste of time and funds. I will never take a fake vaccine and the person w
  5. Nobel Peace Prize? Terrible to see him so freaked out with the struggle to help save humans. The people working in the MHRA/NHS should be ashamed in lack of care to the public and being involved in this vaccine disease nonsense.
  6. I am told from a reliable source that the Airlines/Ferries intend to force the public to have a so called vaccine and a medical passport to prove this before allowing boarding/onward travel. This is ILLEGAL and DISCRIMINATION and an ABUSE OF HUMAN RIGHTS and the firms involved should be SUED/make a claim on public liabilities insurance! Same with checking on the reason a person is not wearing a face muzzle. (People do not have to inform the reason according to the UKGOV Website) The current so called vaccines are still in a trial stage until 2023 and so NOT APPROVED AND TESTED to nor
  7. Distressing times to all. The close relative that is a nurse and still has Influenza tiredness but has been made to return to work and in spite of medical advice warning people to avoid vaccines until well has now taken the CV-19 INJECTION. This is terrible news. A second relative has conned his old mum into the INJECTION claiming she would be arrested when out at the shops unless had been vaccinated. He SMS’s and said mum has been microchipped which is sick attitude (now said never talking to him again as such an idiot) The person that works high in the NHS
  8. Time to use a motorcycle helmet with heat scarf then no hassle. Alternative is a Darth Vader hood and final one is a Nicab then no hassle from officials and those idiots checking the public in shops. This is starting to become .......................
  9. I assume Denmark and Iceland to follow soon.
  10. There needs to be much more organised direct positive peaceful action in local areas to stop all the official nonsense and I think the idea of the public again clapping and bashing pans on street sides a pointless exercise and how about those who work nights. (Farmers are up at 4am and in for breakfast at 6am)
  11. WHO now said pointless in wearing masks in certain situations. Talk about going around in circles.
  12. Norwegian borders are closing to non nationals/residents until at least 16th FEB to avoid new variants and spreading. More ruin to the tourism businesses.
  13. https://www.fhi.no/en/ https://www.sst.dk/en/english/corona-eng https://www.government.is/ministries/ministry-of-health/
  14. This man has some interesting facts and comments! The public should be more aware of this.
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