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  1. some people think they are alien ships powering up, my friend thinks they are aliens flashing him (he's a bit self obsessed though).. 

    There's been a few ufo photographers who get decent footage of this stuff.. dean slattery is one, but there was another bloke down In Melbourne who had even better photos and film, but he's gone quiet. 

  2. conceptually, people pick up on concepts and then use that to interpret things around them, they are skewing some things in there, for one there is no mention of a creator, only an 'architect' .. or that the machines created the matrix.  actually there are quite a few, kind of just got mind blown thinking about it.. to the point where the matrix could be predictive programming .. ie they would like to create a human battery with our minds just plugged into a machine and our soul/body energy being used.. ie that's the future they would desire us to move towards



  3. 3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    We could talk about the importance of growing our own food all day long, but it's meaningless if people don't get together and defend the land.


    People need to use pattern recognition as well to be a noticer, something many don't use which baffles me. Doesn't take long to do a background check on someone to see if there is a demographic pattern when it comes to who is pulling the strings.


    pattern recognition goes deep, because then there's realising our own negative mental patterns and how we feed into that 

  4. 55 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:


    Anything "you" consider legitimate. Thats not the same as it being really legitimate. You could start by listing these legitimate claims of yours so we can see if they have not been successfully debunked a thousand times before. Show and tell time.

    mate you're so rabidly determined that the earth is flat that talking to you about other concepts is pointless. Actually feeling sorry for you because you sound like a quite a sad angry individual and hope one day can find some peace. 

  5. could be wrong but it's possible that technology would be very limited in it's capacity to accurately capture and transcribe the necessary elements to have a mind uploaded. Whatever that means.. the whole idea sounds like something somebody a tad too self obsessed would come up with 


  6. not sure if just's a certain type that's driven to get in the spotlight, and they often have similar physical characteristics (looking at skull, ear and nose shape).. or if they another race or something, advanced robot droids ;) 

  7. 17 hours ago, motleyhoo said:



    One of my favorite science fiction TV series is Expanse.  It's so very well done.  In season 1, the inhabitants of Mars, which is it's own independent state in the solar system, are presented as having a single planetary goal of terraforming their planet to the point of having an atmosphere, clouds, weather/precipitation, lakes, rivers and an ocean.  They're single minded enough that they understand that it's all hands on deck and multi-generational, likely taking 200-300 years or more.





    predictive programming? 

  8. On 6/20/2020 at 1:08 PM, Dawn said:

    My “friend” posted this to fb with the caption: “Can you see me?” Then pretended he was talking about the deer by the broken fence panel. They think it is hilarious that we don’t know they are among us. 

    This fucking forum. I post actual pictures of aliens among us and ...crickets. Truthers my ass. 

    quite hard to make out anything. can you circle the areas they are in ? 

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