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  1. why post a picture of a bored dreggy country nong who's got nothing better to do, obviously has no soul and is a basically a walking energy sink, who's like's shall soon be deleted??
  2. some people think they are alien ships powering up, my friend thinks they are aliens flashing him (he's a bit self obsessed though).. There's been a few ufo photographers who get decent footage of this stuff.. dean slattery is one, but there was another bloke down In Melbourne who had even better photos and film, but he's gone quiet.
  3. conceptually, people pick up on concepts and then use that to interpret things around them, they are skewing some things in there, for one there is no mention of a creator, only an 'architect' .. or that the machines created the matrix. actually there are quite a few, kind of just got mind blown thinking about it.. to the point where the matrix could be predictive programming .. ie they would like to create a human battery with our minds just plugged into a machine and our soul/body energy being used.. ie that's the future they would desire us to move towards
  4. the matrix is a misinformation movie, presented as some sort of truth but there's some massive lies in that movie imo
  5. thought he seemed more bothered that the music industry was associated with pizzagate
  6. pattern recognition goes deep, because then there's realising our own negative mental patterns and how we feed into that
  7. no really. was gonna start abusing you, but then realised that's the feeling you are trying to provoke and crave. good luck buddy.
  8. mate you're so rabidly determined that the earth is flat that talking to you about other concepts is pointless. Actually feeling sorry for you because you sound like a quite a sad angry individual and hope one day can find some peace.
  9. anything legitimate will just be dismissed by flat earthers. the planets, meteors, comets, spores from out of space are all just hoaxes, very elaborately planned, detailed hoaxes
  10. proper professional sport fans have a look in their eyes that's similar to that of the insane. have been there, am still a bit embarrassed about a few times have carried on in anger yelling at the referee over an obviously fixed game...
  11. yeah am not sure that brain and mind are not the same. project avatar is curious. the movie avatar perhaps a clue what they would like to do with avatars (off planet exploration)
  12. could be wrong but it's possible that technology would be very limited in it's capacity to accurately capture and transcribe the necessary elements to have a mind uploaded. Whatever that means.. the whole idea sounds like something somebody a tad too self obsessed would come up with
  13. heyy! ^^^ example of popularising concepts, in this case too making uploading your mind seem an inevitable concept
  14. not point if can't post links. will try again to see if can get the link off https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/gemma-collins-wants-mind-uploaded-22224039
  15. how do you post links? keep getting blocked
  16. proof? .. introducing 'long neck' … not gonna call him daddy long neck as he likes to be known http://celebsiren.com/daddy-long-neck-wiki/
  17. not sure if just's a certain type that's driven to get in the spotlight, and they often have similar physical characteristics (looking at skull, ear and nose shape).. or if they another race or something, advanced robot droids ;)
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