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  1. she has a white duffel bag which is put on the ground at about 4 minutes.
  2. point is there are beings at the dock that are anticipating her arrival quite keenly
  3. then those same people walk over to the middle area which looks like a sort of reception. if they end up talking to her.... :/ interesting to is how the dog reacts to their presence
  4. there are people at the boats waiting. spotted them first 30 seconds. not good energy, the ones at the boat to the left, not the far left though
  5. they must have squads of people in every town ready to lie when requested... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-53367432 apparently a bus driver was murdered in france for asking a few men to put on a mask. at the funeral/protest they all wore white. they dont have a sad vibe that crowd at all.
  6. actually had a thought that there may be some creatures who want to hide better by wearing masks all the time ..
  7. they make these billionaires, then use them to carry out their public agenda's... havent the public learnt anything about rich philanthropy through movies? they always just want to take over the world
  8. Jack Dorsey .. 'In a similar altruistic endeavor, Dorsey has teamed up with a group of 14 United States mayors to conduct a trial run of offering Universal Basic Income (UBI) to their respective residents. UBI is a concept championed by Andrew Yang in his Democratic run for the presidency. He referred to it as a “Freedom Dividend” and promised to pay American adults $1,000 monthly. Dorsey will provide $3 million to a group called “Mayors for a Guaranteed Income” (MGI), in an effort to jumpstart the pilot program in 14 U.S. cities. The money given to their constituents will be a supplement to existing state and government benefits. It will serve as a test case to see if the idea works. If it does, there will be plans to roll it out nationwide.' this could fit into the aftermath of the what's going on in the US
  9. here check out this article https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/naya-riveras-heartbroken-family-visit-lake-where-she-went-missing/news-story/04b39dfb2411656a8f2d0b67d6cb6b2a the two men are ryan dorsey and naya's 'dad' .. with the dad apparently being emotional and charging into the lake to reach naya. Meanwhile look at the girl on the right, she's laughing, for what is apparently a sad emotionally moment... " four-year-old son Josey " Josey is a girls name. has he has always been called josey, did naya refer to him as that?
  10. WTF is peter barnes anyway? looks like just another potato head
  11. ta, official (mainstream sources) are saying that 134000 deaths occurred in the usa because lockdown wasnt taken seriously and they are fairly convinced. Though am not personally convinced
  12. even in the shower and when eating too
  13. has anybody got anything decent on why US death numbers aren't accurate at all and shouldnt be trusted? there's this vid from april
  14. cannabis is the original cash crop. had a dream a few years ago that cbd was being put in nurofen and other stuff either in the future or some other dimension. if they are making cbd cheap for some, it would be an experiment, because in other places its quite expensive and not easy to come by. any full derivative can have potential concerns, as it's not being carried with the components of the rest of the plant. like smoking pure thc will wreck u, so too pure cbd isolate isnt a great product. Isolate is one that's cheap as chips, being sold at 10-20 a gram for pure isolate cbd. Full plant extract is much more expensive. Cannabis is one of the crucial plants of mankind, and sometimes the industrial monster machine even does things that are good for people even if just accidentally.
  15. what are they trying to say with that last tweet? these people dont make any sense
  16. how is it possible that they are allowed to destroy such files??
  17. she like Epstein both have very smug confident looks on their faces, either it's a real brave face or some sort of deceptive show
  18. that's the drastic measures mentioned then they will try guilt the non-vaxxers through community ostracization and consensus techniques . people who choose not to vax are tremendously strong btw and must be congratulated
  19. the play seems to be introducing drastic measures, then when they have a vaccine (which they probably already do, even though still bullcrap), they'll drop the measures and people they hope will rush to get a vaccine.
  20. seriously can somebody delete/kick this shitposting troll out of this forum?
  21. oh wait posts can't be deleted by users... :/
  22. no, the sun is very warm yes, but its def not burning faster.. have been finding can sit in the sun for hours and not get burnt, or barely at all. perhaps your skin is a bit sensitive. Unless after years of regular sun sitting my skin has become immune to sun burn...
  23. ^^^^^^ off topic waffle and too much of it please delete and post in a chat thread.
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