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  1. On 8/1/2020 at 9:02 AM, Alnitak said:

    Ive been getting a ringing in the ears also but it is not constant. It feels like a frequency change. I get it maybe once of twice a day i feel like an adjustment in energy is happening. It could be my own brain doing it or it could be from around me. I am an empath so i dont know if it is an adjustment in the general toxic soup we are living in.

    do you get the sound moving to just one ear and a popping kind of feeling on occasion? 

  2. On 7/29/2020 at 4:24 PM, oz93666 said:

    Jeeezz that's bloody hard work ....Some silly woman reading from a book .... she can barely read , and the content is so convoluted I challenge anyone to make sense of it .....


    She's mixing up Reptoids ...Nagas and Archons , they are not all the same , and not the same as the REPTILIANS .....


    That Nice Mr Mollison has explained it all ... and it all fits in with what Mr Icke and many SSP whistle-blowers have said ....


    The reptilians are a group of PHYSICAL ET's ... they travel in Space craft .... are working with the Annunaki and Acturians on a joint project here to enslave us all ....


    Reptilians do have a soul , and when they die they do go to heaven (if lucky) 


    Here's Mr Mollison channeling one of them who is now in heaven (the light)  , it gives an insight into their culture and what they're up to here ....



    is that picture what karl thinks the lizards that can go to heaven look like? 

  3. Just now, MatchaLove said:

    Whats most suspicious about this, what Californian dosent know how to swim or surf???


    This is CA its not New England where the water might be too cold, they are used to open ocean.

    well if she was over confident in her ability perhaps she didnt bother with a vest? but again.. she was with a four year old child and she didnt seem to be walking recklessly, more so subdued a bit shuffly. Was the child found wearing a vest?

  4. 13 minutes ago, MatchaLove said:

    Does that look like 12pm sun or 1pm sun to you?


    12, is right above. Right? 


    By the look of it, its a little after 12. 


    So, your right about the sun position. 


    So, if she entered the area, hypothetically at 12, she was missing over an hour and the 30minutes it took to find her according to the MSM stories. 


    Her car is parked right flush, and you see the sun's shadow a little to the side, so it could have even been 11:50ish that she entered the area. Either that or 12:20ish. 



    would have to look with google maps to be certain of north south perspective

  5. 31 minutes ago, MatchaLove said:

    Well, they keep low quality footage for a reason, since this has happened with 6 other women. 


    She was missing for 30 minutes, that puts her time of entry at 12.30, right?


    and the original story stated that they went looking for her after she was missing for 30 minutes and didnt return the boat. Not that a boater found her son. The original story stated that the workers themselves went looking for her after she didnt return the boat -- after a period of 30 minutes.


    So, there is a gab in time, that it wasnt 1pm, according to their own story, she would have entered the boating area at 12.30. 


    A 3 hour boat rental. Plus 30 minutes, is 3 hours and 30 minutes. Thats 12:30


    4pm does not complete their own story line. Unless she entered the area at 12:30


    if that's happened to a few women you'd think they'd have a safety program in place

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