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  1. alternatively they could of been born at a time where child labor was the norm
  2. after looking at that first clip, it's unbelievable that so many people have been convinced that he's the genius who's going to colonise another planet for the human race
  3. a doctors testimony about getting sick. would like some peoples thoughts please.
  4. do you get the sound moving to just one ear and a popping kind of feeling on occasion?
  5. makes it louder and seem to wobble a bit ?
  6. ok just the few that ive seen while on acid and also 2cb (and a couple of dreams in the years since) look different. they dont look so primitive
  7. is that picture what karl thinks the lizards that can go to heaven look like?
  8. try stream your consciousness positively?
  9. they are already trying to escape nature, is that just one step further?
  10. there are psychic spiders, or spiders that can interfere psychically with humans (btw if anybody has any advice on how to get rid of them, please share )
  11. is all of that stuff supposed to make your brain hurt?
  12. well if she was over confident in her ability perhaps she didnt bother with a vest? but again.. she was with a four year old child and she didnt seem to be walking recklessly, more so subdued a bit shuffly. Was the child found wearing a vest?
  13. quite a few people in the comments have noticed something off. the instagram posted was of a lady who had zoomed in and claimed she could see a struggle occurring. though thats very hard to make out with the small vid size on insta
  14. plus mandatory swimming vests. would she have been so careless when swimming with her son in deep water to ignore that advice?
  15. would have to look with google maps to be certain of north south perspective
  16. if that's happened to a few women you'd think they'd have a safety program in place
  17. https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17843496134291562/
  18. yeah thats provoking something but not certain what. could be just over eager or something about the actual life jackets onboard
  19. did people say that or could you see that from the vid ? also think interesting she parked inline with the boat she left on and not closer to the docks consider... was she psychically directed by somebody on the boat ? but then i know some people who just park at the nearest park even if there's lots of parks
  20. then once she's away, the rest of the buggies leave. am gonna have another look, because might be able to count the amount of people that walked to her boat and then walked back. however would be easy to have somebody lying in wait inside the boat
  21. haha ok. so the people that i noticed, were the ones waiting at the boat she gets led to. then the dog and the man who reacted, jump in a buggy and drive off at about 6 minutes noteworthy too is how quick they are out on the water. from arriving to being out on the boat in 10 mins
  22. yep they are trying to act normally. her and the child then go to the boat without carrying the bags, the child was carrying a bag too previously
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