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  1. seems like flat earth is a way of polluting any talk on aliens. they don't even have to have to be paid agents, flat earthers just go everywhere alien talk is and deny deny

    wonder if the same thing happened in the 1500s, ie flat earth theory was used to bamboozle proper inquiry  

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  2. On 6/2/2020 at 7:11 PM, awake said:


    There's no imaginary aliens flying around in supersonic ships or anything. It's just silly thinking. Everything that happens on this rock we call earth is either manmade or natural events, and that crop stuff is not natural. But if it makes anyone feel wonderous thinking about it, then by all means go for it

    just because one hasnt seen an alien, doesnt mean they dont exist. please improve your logic / thinking 

  3. actually revealing too much of what one's aware of their programming is a good way to get the programmers to double down. Although that could be a trick of the mind, ie accepting that one has something (in this case 'trauma based mind control) and then so seeing more it, though that leaves the question, can trauma be totally denied and just not fed into at all (while in a healthy way)??   

    in convict prisons, the guards who punished the other convicts the most and were prized for this were former convicts, at what point is that just trauma recreating itself vs intentional mind control ?

  4. the planes were containing masks, there hasnt been proven security equipment delivered, that was disproven quite quickly. it's a concern max is using that as a sign of something and shows that he is an agitator but necessarily a good one 

  5. 23 hours ago, Given To Fly said:

    so fauci had to hire bodyguards because of death threats. shouldn't laugh but this no way outweighs his sinister agenda.

    probably media lies to get public to feel sorry for him, like he's doing this great job bla bla 

  6. On 8/5/2020 at 4:55 AM, Jack said:

    let'ssee how this pans out, i reckon we will see a lot of deaths in oz, it's coming up for their winter, strange how this virus moves about.


    Testing ground for futher things to come

    nah winter's pretty much done, this is the last month. cant trust what's being said about melbourne, increasing case counts, record death days bla bla. 

  7. 11 hours ago, RE:fresh said:

    No need to be condescending or rude or "attacky" (we all do sometimes tho but awareness is key).. it only adds to problems if we cannot treat differing OPINIONs with clarity and respect. 

    incorrect interpretation of the comment. Some people have very negative world views and to an extent they must not be entertained so much. 

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