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  1. 16 hours ago, Janet W said:


    Thanks for the helpful suggestion.


    Stiff balloon in a thermal, secret terrestrial technology or an alien probe. Let me think about that...

    ok whilst considering that, if you'd accept more help, these are what weather balloons look like:


    Have had a quick check personally and none match the shape in the vid. Feel free to check the rest 

  2. 7 hours ago, Seeker said:

    It’s almost like the democrats are trying to hand trump the win, which would delve deep into if trump is actually on the elites side, I’m on the fence with it all, but the debates will be a fun watch 

    unless they had planned to collapse the country before then. some are saying if republicans win control of the house, people in the democrats will go to jail. 

  3. On 8/2/2020 at 7:18 AM, paramecium said:

    All your planning in this world will be to no avail. The only thing you should be preparing for is death. Initiates into the mystery schools understood this (I feel defiled even telling this to the sort of thugs who frequent these fora). There is a reason why senescence in complex life forms such as humans is inevitable. We are only dipped in Matter for a short time. Those who are attached to objects and enterprises in this world will have a hard lesson to learn. The second death awaits many.

    disagree. have personally felt that my spirit and point of consciousness has lived on this planet many times and will again if so choosen . 

    does myself know better than mystery schools? Possibly, as anything's possible 


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  4. personally as one who has remote viewed, am having trouble engaging with all speakers on this topic, as have seen a few things that would have massive implications and no remote viewing expert has mentioned those. So basically am of the opinion that they are all misinformation 

  5. On 8/20/2020 at 9:01 PM, megatron3 said:

    We should create a group to astrally project together on moon and mars, explore them a bit. I feel it is not safe to go alone, aliens living there can apparently spot you right away.

    landed once on the surface of mars (or a red planet at least). Something appeared straight away.  cant project very well these days though 😕 

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  6. 3 hours ago, allymisfit said:

    I remember reading this when I was a watcher in the old forum (I couldn't register at the time).

    Was pretty freaked out when the next day, I heard a helicopter very loudly not far from my house, black and unmarked. 


    I've never seen one since.


    Frigging synchronicities. 


    Shortly after that, I had my mental breakdown but that's a different story!


    Are we in a Truman show? 


    Once a person talking about T.I's talked about being followed by cars with one headlight, and now for a few years have seen cars with one headlight every time am driving. Even on a short 5 min drive will see 2 or 3 on a quiet night. 

    Was that already happening to myself or is it a mental pattern that am responding too and creating in some matrixy sort of way ?


    1 hour ago, Basket Case said:

    There's a very obvious world wide take over right now, by the elite / cabal / Illuminati / deep state....or whatever you want to call them.
    lf at the very very top they are inter-dimensional shape shifting lizards it's not making a whole lot of difference to us on the ground.
    So l'd guess that it's not as important as other stuff.
    TBTB are flexing their muscles right now. More important than what's going on at the unseen capstone of the pyramid..

    nah that stuff is still relevant in terms of working out how we're being herded. like the sheep trying to work out the sheep dog. Are humans capable of that? 

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