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  1. in the last episode of season 23, randy after trying to stop santa clause has a mark on his forehead and right hand. south park could be trying to communicate (knowingly or not) something thats happened to randy, because his behaviour has totally degenerated, he used to fly off the handle in odd ways but now's different, but now he's killed winnie the pooh and done a heap of bad stuff. Or they could be satanists and are using randy as a vehicle, in that he has become very popular, now they are degenerating him slowly... effecting peoples consciousness. actually typing this last part, feels more correct then the above statement. Likely at least one of the south park creators are satanists of sorts. perhaps they've been compromised or one of them has been replaced or something, because theres been a shift in the shows energy
  2. enjoyed the first part, then he started personally divulging and so lost the broader impetus of the beginning.
  3. have you ever seen them in your minds eye trying to get a fix on you before bed? once saw one and he looked like a computer programmer geek. whispy blondish brown beard and glasses. There's humans doing stuff as well as ET's & inter dimensionals to people in the sleep realm.
  4. in your dream if you are able to become lucid enough and can turn around the crux of the situation or make peace with it, you'll make great gains in your waking life.
  5. probably will get put up on streaming sites .. if you have an anti virus they can be fine to use
  6. it's about disrupting our natural rhythms and 5g, 4g, possibly electrical wires do that to some extent
  7. could it just be that the rainbow is a symbol that represents things to the subconscious, they are using that like a trojan horse to couple questionable agenda's with the protection of the rainbow
  8. have had a look at some solar balloons. Now that another sighting was made in the same place, am thinking it's highly unlikely a balloon would hang around that long. So the chances of that being a balloon are even lower
  9. anyone seen grey balls/spheres? have seen one, moving quite flat not that high off the ground and against the wind. was with another person but they now deny seeing or remembering seeing anything
  10. ok whilst considering that, if you'd accept more help, these are what weather balloons look like: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=weather+balloons&sxsrf=ALeKk00sesyCfO3ARkeIV18vnOs_B4uUZA:1600911868236&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwja9uO51YDsAhWEyzgGHasrAFAQ_AUoAXoECBkQAw&biw=1360&bih=625 Have had a quick check personally and none match the shape in the vid. Feel free to check the rest
  11. it's a silver rod rotating in 360 motion on a somewhat stationary axis, no balloon could move like that. would get your eyes checked tbh
  12. lovely clear day. are you sure that's in the UK?
  13. unless they had planned to collapse the country before then. some are saying if republicans win control of the house, people in the democrats will go to jail.
  14. had never heard of chadwick boseman before he died. is even that talented or big a target?
  15. what have seen in that state (bodyless) is most likely to be true. Even if just in an astral dimension linked to this world. There's a connection and a relevance.
  16. disagree. have personally felt that my spirit and point of consciousness has lived on this planet many times and will again if so choosen . does myself know better than mystery schools? Possibly, as anything's possible
  17. personally as one who has remote viewed, am having trouble engaging with all speakers on this topic, as have seen a few things that would have massive implications and no remote viewing expert has mentioned those. So basically am of the opinion that they are all misinformation
  18. landed once on the surface of mars (or a red planet at least). Something appeared straight away. cant project very well these days though
  19. the best vaccine detox is not taking the vaccine
  20. Once a person talking about T.I's talked about being followed by cars with one headlight, and now for a few years have seen cars with one headlight every time am driving. Even on a short 5 min drive will see 2 or 3 on a quiet night. Was that already happening to myself or is it a mental pattern that am responding too and creating in some matrixy sort of way ?
  21. nah that stuff is still relevant in terms of working out how we're being herded. like the sheep trying to work out the sheep dog. Are humans capable of that?
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