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  1. Have been doing a search and a lot of his stuff has been taken down. However here is a documentary he made (plus he made the backing tracks as he is a music producer)
  2. He used to post on here about electronic interference via towers to individuals skulls. He was onto it, big time.
  3. predictive programming .. themed 'we'll get through it all together' which obviously goes with the covid blah
  4. quite a few gamers get into conspiracy talk, they may be somewhat apathetic however there are quite a few clued on ones.
  5. you could argue though that those civilisations were attempts to avert chaos or perceived chaos
  6. dunno, saying that every major civilisation had psychedelic drug use at their heart could be stretch. psychedelics definitely have the potential to influence civilisation, positive or negative. They also can fuel chaos to a degree. "“Chaos is what we've lost touch with. This is why it is given a bad name. It is feared by the dominant archetype of our world, which is Ego, which clenches because its existence is defined in terms of control.” -T mck He also said that chaos provides opportunity. Went on about entropy too.
  7. he was a little too pro drugs tbh and went a bit kooked in my opinion. you have to let time for trips to unfurl themselves and makes sense in the real world which am not sure he ever did
  8. when your head is hot enough, submersing in any form of cool water is incredible :)
  9. animals and insects too. apparently moths don't ;)
  10. people and plants need darkness
  11. seeing light critters = spending too much time in front of computer screens and your eyes are not adjusted to out doors
  12. They are not nice, the eye hates looking at things under that light. Having to strain harder to see even when well lit as well as not showing the full color spectrum. halogen is superior to led in every way (other then power usage, although households probably use too much anyway and dont value good light enough)
  13. sorry but this carries so little weight against the previous statement, even if simple. they (psychologists and psychiatrists dont get themselves and are basically like medics plugging people back up for the battlefield in a dire fight). they can do some things to help (occasionally) but they are not in a position to stop the fight
  14. just changed my computer screens refresh rate from 60hz to 50hz. dont know if related but thought that interesting however much less on the time on the computer screen would be much healthier
  15. they want us to believe in whatever virus and their system, that we need researchers working around the clock to come up with solutions bla bla
  16. that's pricing at 27 cents a litre Australian, but the prices doesn't matter, because being able to remove 100% of impurities, distilled water is the best for detox, it can remove heavy metals from the body, something RO water can't do.
  17. "Distillation is not really sensible a bulky apparatus that clutters up the place and needs tending , and expensive to run (electricity)" Disagree. Actually super easy, have had a machine used almost daily for 8 years and not had a problem. Electricity bills havent gone through the roof and filter doesnt need replacing like osmosis.
  18. (some) dogs have webbing between their toes. so do otters have considered though that the layer we live in is like another layer of water, however it's more gaseous
  19. Happens all the time on this forum... Others places too. Sometimes what is not said far outweighs what is said.
  20. what if peoples subconscious's are being accessed in order to steal/generate ideas?
  21. 'they steal our inventions directly from our mind , telepathicly' yes
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