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  1. her 'husbands' quote: "Ashley’s husband said, “She was a strong supporter of President Trump and was a great patriot to all who knew her.” sounds like he wasnt there. having seen the photos of him, why would a big strong man like that let his wife storm the whitehouse alone in another state?
  2. they are just getting people possessed and then these possessed spirits are adjusting them enough to fit into the heavily controlled paradigm.
  3. bill gates own words "I know he would not want me to overuse the word, but there is no danger of doing that now. The experience of being the son of Bill Gates was incredible. People used to ask my dad if he was the real Bill Gates. The truth is, he was everything I try to be. I will miss him every day."
  4. Dunno if related and intentional programming but, Captain Planet a childrens cartoon series from the 90s had a character who's power was heart, alongside others which had elemental powers like earth, wind and fire. So it sort of looks like 'heart' is supposed to be the force that brings the elements together to form captain planet, who saves the earth from pollution. Captain planet cartoon is definitely looking like some sort of cabal programming of youth to aid future control plans Whilst that could be good, focusing on 'heart'. It's not if the kingdom of heaven is inside us, in that sense focusing on 'heart' is a subversion, ha or more an 'inversion' .. ;)
  5. they flick the ambulance and police sirens on all the time to help perpetuate a state of fear
  6. they are giving drugs that facilitate possession an entity is then correcting the humans behavior till they can fit in
  7. was just looking at the album cover of Earth, wind & fire - Electric Universe the other day Electric_Universe_(Earth,_Wind_&_Fire_album_-_cover_art).jpg (300×300) (wikimedia.org) point being the album was made in 1983
  8. Why do they say they want to kill everyone besides 500 million? These reptuids get energy from our fear and other emotions. Dunno if it's a case of having to feed the ones you want because you still have to deal with the other dark forces and things become very bi polar. Meanwhile in scenes which espouse that sort of light wolf / dark wolf mantra, there are certainly some predators waiting in the wings. A centering energy coupled with a projection of the highest truth makes things clearer, however then the mind can get into some places that some beings trying to affect this planet do not like. Especially have found so when contemplating phone towers, buildings, energy flow and ley lines
  9. part of his "Apocalypse Trilogy", which began with The Thing (1982) and concludes with In the Mouth of Madness (1994).[2]
  10. heavy metal music is dense low vibrations? Pantera - Planet Caravan (Official Music Video) - YouTube "The nature of the vocals is meant to invoke the speech of aliens. The song is about a fleet of alien ships that travel through the universe, looking for others who are ready to do the same. The song explains that they have just discovered Earth, but they bypass it. Why? There a couple of hints as to why: first, the moonlight is describes as falling down like tears, invoking sorrow. The second and most important clue comes from the lines, "And so we pass on by the crimson eye - Of great god mars". Mars is described not as a planet but as a god, and if you know your Roman mythology, you will know that Mars was the god of war. Hence, humanity, which is still embroiled in war, is not yet ready to receive the amazing gift of advanced technology which would allow them to join the fleet of universal explorers, the planet caravan. The aliens are saddened by this, because of the distance they've traveled, only to find a species not yet evolved enough to join them. It is a sad, chilling and beautiful anti-war song." whilst the song is not heavy metal, it's made by heavy metaler's, a cover of hard rockers and there's truth in all vibrations
  11. he posted some stuff before but then deleted and a bunch of other stuff. so should probably save if you are into his work.
  12. His woman makes mind polluting garbage music, he makes atmosphere polluting rockets and satellites whilst claiming to helping the planet by making expensive electrical cars which need lithium batteries. classic 'off set' and diversion. If he wasn't so dangerous we could just laugh at how much of a clown he is.
  13. surely not all stores and online delivery wont stop selling to people without a vaccine, there will be health food stores, farms and other places where people can get food from. They may not be able to go into the big chains, but that's a problem that can be worked around
  14. "indoor grow lights run by solar panels" = extreme irony
  15. modern industrial farming is hopeless, destroys the land long term and doesnt regenerate soil or habitats, relying on cancerous chemicals to get a yield. Actually the question begs to be asked is there anything sustainable about mass modern farming? agree on the lights, anything grown under lights doesnt come close to the same thing grown under the sun
  16. the earth needs a return to sustainable farming practices and to restore natural/native landscapes. what's the alternative?
  17. Mauro Picotto - Proximus (HQ Audio, Video) - YouTube sequel
  18. some would like you to believe life is unfair, actually most of their existence is dedicated to doing so
  19. inquiry is a good way of keeping fear out of the mind, instead of responding with fear, respond with inquisitiveness
  20. There are reptilians inside humans all over the place and have been throughout history. And if there reptilians there are probably other beings too. Some believe in a god, others don't. Was your husband religious?
  21. Walter Duranty was awarded a Pulitzer prize for his reports on Russia after the bolshevik revolution, none of which reported on the famine. from wiki: "After completing his education, Duranty moved to Paris, where he met Aleister Crowley and participated in magic rituals with him. Duranty became involved in a relationship with Crowley's mistress, Jane Cheron, and eventually married her. Walter Duranty - Wikipedia Would love to know who their children were (Durante and cheron). Would have different names.
  22. this thread appears, then.. A poster posts a thread talking about cosmic potential and love what's fun is when you kill one of these so called higher beings and they find out they arent immortal (lol they know that anyway, they just like to pretend). Not that killing is fun and definitely should be avoided, but if they launch a strong attack and you simply attack back, then they happen to be destroyed, that's not your fault and if you happen to laugh at their scream, well so be it
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