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  1. seems crass, but he's responding to her womanliness, he's shown to be bit hot blooded, headed in that regard. Have seen other fathers too who acknowledge their daughters attractiveness then deny, probably healthier, then pretending you dont think your daughter is stunning.
  2. had a dream recently in which there were beings with male and female anatomy, didn't look too appealing nor divine
  3. there would have to be a curve ball in there somewhere though. Probably some sort of belief mechanism for allowing evil into eternity, plus probably distorting origin story or completely hiding
  4. yass, starting to seem like an agent or muckraker now. Questioning anything about joe biden constantly, not responding to proofs, whilst posting stuff about trump that doesnt really matter.
  5. Bless your naive nature if you truly believe so
  6. enchanted, you must wash with Johnson&Johnson apple scented shampoo ??
  7. acknowledge the past (as they tell you it is), be healing in the present (whatever that means), and a future where we together lovingly (at forwarding their plans, corrupting all of man kind etc) Lady Gaga is much more a stupid spoilt child then a lady
  8. so is he really into banging hot tattoo'd types, or is that to play up his image to the silicon valley wannabe's and his fanboys?
  9. Don't believe that Elon musk is the richest being in the world, he's playing a role to forward the agendas you speak of
  10. everything is color coded and selected, just like in their tv shows and movies, the choice of off yellow, pink, baby blue etc, all chosen by a set designer https://static01.nyt.com/images/2021/01/20/us/politics/20vid-gaga-clip-sub/20vid-gaga-clip-sub-videoSixteenByNine3000.jpg
  11. " In a second tweet, she added: “My intention is to acknowledge our past, be healing for our present, and passionate for a future where we work together lovingly. I will sing to the hearts of all people who live on this land.” At the Capitol, she wore an oversized gold pin depicting a dove with an olive branch, as she sang into a golden microphone while Mr. Biden looked on. “May we all make peace with each other,” she said later on Twitter." Lol they are carrying the dove with an olive branch, lol well the eagle is coming to peck their eyes out, 1 trillion doves won't stop that Would be nice if their words were true, but they are cheating lying filth and shall be gotten rid of ooooh yeah
  12. make a meal worm farm and recycle polystyrene at same time. That'd be a good business. Pitty dont have the money to start. Hopefully the remuneration from stolen intellectual property comes through soon ;)
  13. interesting, from that wiki " In waste disposal In 2015, it was discovered that mealworms can degrade polystyrene into usable organic matter at a rate of about 34-39 milligrams per day. Additionally, no difference was found between mealworms fed only styrofoam and mealworms fed conventional foods, during the one-month duration of the experiment.[9] Microorganisms inside the mealworm's gut are responsible for degrading the polystyrene, with mealworms given the antibiotic gentamicin showing no signs of degradation.[10] Isolated colonies of the mealworm's gut microbes, however, have proven less efficient at degradation than the bacteria within the gut.[10] No attempts to commercialize this discovery have been made.[citation needed]"
  14. worms do a great job in earths gardens, people sell them to fisherman catching fish, suppose eating them could be fine. It is however slipping down the food chain, what's next consuming phyto-plankton and microbes from the garden en masse??
  15. the whispery voice overs they do for movies sound hilarious now
  16. last video looks like is being filmed in some studio, walls do not looks finely masoned and window timber looks cheap.
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