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  1. he is worth that much? that fuckn knucklehead? he is such a dribbler
  2. ta, have thought of the bodyless one as perhaps remote viewing. If that's the case that things Ive seen are actual, well then there could be some cause for concern, however also cause for great hope
  3. sometimes it's literally just outside the house. is that a demonic realm?
  4. megaton, when you go out of body, do you do so with your astral body, or just awareness (ie no body)? because have accidentally travelled a few times, though not always with an astral body, ie just my awareness and no body at all
  5. if they come with the needle, just start swinging punches whilst calmly reciting Psalm 23. Lol they wont stand a chance
  6. no offence for those that do. but for some reason people with ear lobes like that often don't seem to be trust worthy and they make up the majority in hollywood.. There are likely some spectacular ones but he really has weird ear lobes or basically non existent ones. as myself have very prominent ear lobes for some reason the ear lobe thing has been something that's come to my attention during my 'waking'
  7. don't think English is their first language
  8. wouldn't get overly paranoid thinking that forum attack is about yourself individually
  9. cant believe that people would relate the two deaths. Kobe's death is massive world wide while her death will be barely noticed in comparison.
  10. could be a fake calling card trying to divert or perhaps actually legit
  11. Aliens have some serious technology, plus there are even humans that have capabilities in that regard. If non humans are in charge or a completely different race or entity, either way as usual in the stories, is that you can't get to them unless you get through a few of their underlings first. BTW, Have you seen the TV show 'Sliders'?, how they use a worm hole to travel between parallel universes?
  12. Just thought would log the forum being closed. not sure for what reason, maintenance??
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