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  1. themes like this were pushed in the joker movie, which was very popular last year. no doubt most of the people rioting have seen that film..
  2. ahh yeah, there's probably some donation scheme that goes along with that...
  3. why does it matter what a Japanese gaming system manufacturer thinks about riots in America???
  4. idiots. could just start wearing thermals to work. might sweat a bit more but don't have to work as hard
  5. www.facebook.com/100001803432813/videos/3857837240953019/ www.facebook.com/100001803432813/videos/38757837240953019/ is the best can do (copy/paste)
  6. this video is interesting because of the person who saves the cop who looks to then give him orders and the cop storms off..
  7. covid was made to look very scary but wasn't a big deal. perhaps this event could be the same
  8. the eyes look digitally effected (swapped?). am finding weird how the eye brows are detailed but the eyes look bitmappy
  9. wouldn't take many people under the cover of darkness and all the mayhem to start lighting fires all over the place again will mention very interesting that 'I Can't Breathe' is being circulated straight after the covid scare which of course targets the lungs. Especially when some are still fearing a possible a 2nd wave.
  10. So right after the covid scare or supposedly during, there is a massive event which generates the phrase 'I Cant Breathe' .. which people are repeating all over the world? Co-incidence?
  11. here's an article on the false claims https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/may/27/derek-chauvin-minneapolis-police-officer-george-fl/
  12. yep. not the same person. faked or otherwise, events like this become a political football. inflame 30000 people here n there, passing round bullcrap inflammatory memes
  13. Wouldn't limiting computer technology available to public allow them to stay in front of their competitors internationally. Eg, keep the good computers to themselves, let everybody else play with childs toys
  14. have definitely experienced this. although there is a spiritual aspect and some of these annoying spirits that hide in another's or drive cars with one headlights following yourself can be swatted and then they scramble. it's hilarious actually, and makes the years of torment a bit more bearable when you know you got one. They get very mad when you do that too, they call you a murderer, and that's true. But that doesn't matter, they are trying to drive you to madness, suicide and make your life hell. Have to stay based in love though and then they cant inhabit strangers because you have a field a love around you and draw the strangers into that. But weird stuff has happened to myself to make feeling love very difficult to do consistently, so have had to use other techniques to get some respite.
  15. yes and cartoon characters don't age, the simpsons are all still the same age, mickey mouse has never aged a day. Cartoon characters are immortal
  16. its got something to do with cartoon program conditioning in my opinion plus dissociation and people seeing themselves as cartoon characters
  17. can relate to that definitely. That's an illusion brought about by some program. Which in my case has disconnected myself from my heart centre. Try feeling more, as sometimes we get lost in thought and it's hard to think our way out of that. However it can be felt out of.
  18. there's already stuff going that inhibits cohesiveness in day to day life, why would internet forums be any different??
  19. could have something of significance but don't make the mistake of thinking everything is about yourself. there could be many people who are coded with various things. language, letters n numbers could be a template which interacts with numbers, so set the template and everything within will contain values of the original template.
  20. sometimes they are concerned that people in the same family is them don't think or feel the same as them, even if they're being negative. Try to be compassionate and patient. But also positive about the future, even if just feeling or thinking that way internally. People are scared and not thinking logically
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