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  1. sounds like you need a good cup of tea. splash out on some good stuff
  2. seems like a symptom of lowered consciousness
  3. was thinking that making facemasks a normal thing to wear in western culture could make it easier to for certain types to avoid detection, as a lot of shapeshifting seems to occur around the mouth
  4. yep probably coming down from little lunch, hypnotised by their childrens music and cartoons
  5. perhaps they think masks will make it easier to hide themselves when out in public as the solar energies keep increasing and it's gets harder to stay hidden hahahaha fools. who do they think they are messing with and how on earth did they think that would be tolerated??
  6. taking little Britain shows people that nothing of that sort of stuff is to be accepted and there are consequences. communicating to people on a base level
  7. doesn't seem to be marking us as anything more than alien playthings...
  8. reading that posted information feels so fear based tbh
  9. to be fair am doubtful of Andrew bartzis, that's not to say there isn't any covid19 virus. Personally think bartzis is possibly a gatekeeper in my opinion. As their so much useful information then that could be discerned from the Akashic records as he calls them, and isn't returned. He never mentions the dreamtime or anything like that, so basically he is a emanation only and not directly connected to source.
  10. that site had the darkest, grossest energy attached. yuck, change direction!
  11. the pollution would help to produce sickness, reduce vegetable, soil and general food quality (mineral levels etc)
  12. wonder if the cartoon American dad in which there's a grey alien that plays lots of different characters in the situations around the family is not revealing the truth in some way...
  13. black lady with blonde hair has is giving super crazy eyes
  14. what an inexplicable piece of turd masquerading to be a human
  15. frequencies would have to be used in such a manner by this point. Also part of the psyche interacts with tv in a strange way, associating quite deeply with the characters and what's going on. addressing this part of myself has been most troubling
  16. possibly more likely if they are of the same race
  17. that was because the display was so obviously left wing, all the players had their left hand above their right hand... so the right wing got angry
  18. yeah its very symbolic. a hippy town in my state is doing a peace 'standing' though, so at least some get it
  19. the protestors are mindless nongs to be honest. they are as brainwashed as the cops spraying pepper spray in their faces
  20. themes like this were pushed in the joker movie, which was very popular last year. no doubt most of the people rioting have seen that film..
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