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  1. 13 hours ago, itsnotallrightjack said:


    So they could have been circa 1910s-1930s then. If I'd seen them I would have waved at them to see what they'd do lol.

    was too scared, before looking out the window I sensed something was there and then there was. before that used to think that perhaps things were outside fearfully and was always very happy when it rained because then whatever was out there would go away 


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  2. 7 minutes ago, numnuts said:

    I have often wondered whether certain seemingly unrelated folks are, in fact, actually directly related. Well, to be frank, about as directly related as you can get. Anyone else ever had any inspired insights, as to this particular conundrum? ;-)


    no but have wondered the same thing. sometimes people are a bit too similar or something. 


  3. 1 hour ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

    God has a very clever way of punishing evil people.


    He makes them look to their left when they should be looking to their right. And he makes them look to their right when they should be looking to the left.


    If you are awake and principled and you see the world "as God intended", then count yourself blessed.


    The Truth Shall Set Thee Free. :classic_smile:




    very interesting, what's that from ?

  4. 4 hours ago, jupiter12 said:

    In my opinion ,, there are new energies around now ,, I don't think it's the 5G stuff ,, it feels different ,,


    Maybe more sheepies will wake and question reality when they experience it/them ,, (The Truth Vibrations ,, Davids 1st book) ,,, 


    The control freaks do seem to be attempting to ramp up the control/surveillance grid using technology ,,


    Schools just teach sheepies how the be compliant educated slaves ,, but not 'happy' compliant slaves,,


    No wonder the use of anti psychotics and anti deps' have gone up ,, maybe the masses are being sedated as more awaken and question things ,, maybe fluoride and aspartame are no longer as effective ,,


    most definitely. coming from up high... constantly... totally accessible all the time 

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  5. there are bad people and beings. they might not have a bad origin, or whatever, who knows that, but their actions excuse them from further existence and need of punishment to some degree. Suppose that believing there are bad people could fuel that in a conscious projection way, but then that could be some new (c)age mumbo jumbo trick. That's the sort of stuff they push and that scene has quite an amount of sharks and predators. 

    The time is coming where things will be made clear, all lies shall be revealed and no evil may remain hidden 

  6. 7 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    2 More Black Transgender Women Are Killed; Trump Slashes Health Protections for Trans People



    Next level crisis actor.

    they had a call n response going
    Raquel Willis: I believe in my/our/blacktrans power 
    Crowd: I believe in my/our/blacktrans power

    that's some cult stuff no doubt. 100% those words don't mean what the people chanting them think they do  

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  7. 30 minutes ago, itsnotallrightjack said:

    Fascinating Rooey! Were they in early 1900s clothing then? Did they see you?

    they were standing about 2 metres back from my window in a line all looking towards so probably. Yeah thinking the clothing would have to be before 1950s but not early enough to be classic Victorian . (am in Australia. so the English influence would be heavy for that era)

  8. here's another. one time when young, was having trouble getting to sleep, for some reason looked through my blinds to my front yard (my room was at front of the house), there were three people standing there all dressed in various historical outfits from perhaps 70-80 years ago, one was a nurse, another a police officer and cant remember the other. Immediately sensing that wasn't normal, got very scared and ran to my parents room, tried to tell them about it but they didn't take seriously. Then when the adrenaline wore off fell asleep. I've never had any similar type of experiences since, which people say is something that happens because you very scared. 

    have also had different experiences around sleep, where instead of falling asleep, my consciousness projects bodiless to various locations. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, numnuts said:


    You have misunderstood me. I am not talking about how things should be in the future; I am talking about the here and now. This is a male freak show we are dealing with. Women are the primary carers of our children. Small groups of women will be less susceptible to masonic infiltration. I think that I may have to give an impassioned speech, at the next W.I. conference. :classic_ninja:


    yes and the same thing applies. the sexes have to come together effectively, the male freak show as you describe relies on women quite heavily . There are certain forces too around, other then just male and female humans, so that must be addressed. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Athenry04 said:

     Certainly could be, inability to scream and move is part and parcel of the experience, and the malevolent entity is also quite common. I've been grabbed by the ankle and had some unseen force attempt to drag me from my bed before I came round to being actually awake.

    happened so fast though, never had time to consider moving and couldn't scream initially because was so scared and then once up in bed tried to scream and couldn't. actually at the time was feeling very relaxed about things in general so was a weird counter position. Was definitely some malevolent entity no doubt. Had no idea about any of that stuff at the time. Was into taking xtc though and smoking MJ

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  11. 7 hours ago, alexa said:


    God's not part & parcel of the elite, if anything he's dead against them. The elite are more on the Luciferian side. OK some of these churches may not be spreading the truth but God says to get out of them and to know them by their fruits.

    if you spend enough time or know what to look for you can work out what most of the people creating tv and shows believe. There is some variation, but occurs along certain lines only. 

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