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  1. not sure if just's a certain type that's driven to get in the spotlight, and they often have similar physical characteristics (looking at skull, ear and nose shape).. or if they another race or something, advanced robot droids ;)
  2. there most likely would be a raft of fake events orchestrated to hopefully create the momentum for genuine conflict. but that's not gonna happen. sucked in chumps!!
  3. was too scared, before looking out the window I sensed something was there and then there was. before that used to think that perhaps things were outside fearfully and was always very happy when it rained because then whatever was out there would go away
  4. no but have wondered the same thing. sometimes people are a bit too similar or something.
  5. very interesting, what's that from ?
  6. most definitely. coming from up high... constantly... totally accessible all the time
  7. rideforever, you are generalising a bit much in my opinion
  8. maybe you put the plans there and part of you remembered? help of a friendly spectre? or pure chance??
  9. they generally won't respond to such accusations so well. which is part of the problem of privilege as it can breed contempt for others.
  10. there are bad people and beings. they might not have a bad origin, or whatever, who knows that, but their actions excuse them from further existence and need of punishment to some degree. Suppose that believing there are bad people could fuel that in a conscious projection way, but then that could be some new (c)age mumbo jumbo trick. That's the sort of stuff they push and that scene has quite an amount of sharks and predators. The time is coming where things will be made clear, all lies shall be revealed and no evil may remain hidden
  11. they had a call n response going Raquel Willis: I believe in my/our/blacktrans power Crowd: I believe in my/our/blacktrans power that's some cult stuff no doubt. 100% those words don't mean what the people chanting them think they do
  12. they were standing about 2 metres back from my window in a line all looking towards so probably. Yeah thinking the clothing would have to be before 1950s but not early enough to be classic Victorian . (am in Australia. so the English influence would be heavy for that era)
  13. here's another. one time when young, was having trouble getting to sleep, for some reason looked through my blinds to my front yard (my room was at front of the house), there were three people standing there all dressed in various historical outfits from perhaps 70-80 years ago, one was a nurse, another a police officer and cant remember the other. Immediately sensing that wasn't normal, got very scared and ran to my parents room, tried to tell them about it but they didn't take seriously. Then when the adrenaline wore off fell asleep. I've never had any similar type of experiences since, which people say is something that happens because you very scared. have also had different experiences around sleep, where instead of falling asleep, my consciousness projects bodiless to various locations.
  14. the women are rather infiltrated already tbh. that needs addressing. but hey people can keep on not addressing the elephant in the corner.
  15. if a pen, which has been replaced by the keyboard , counts as one ;)
  16. yes and the same thing applies. the sexes have to come together effectively, the male freak show as you describe relies on women quite heavily . There are certain forces too around, other then just male and female humans, so that must be addressed.
  17. ummm no .. that's already the created paradigm the elites want to swap us into. Instead of traumatised men being in charge of women, it's gonna be traumatised women in charge. Instead of working as a team, true equality.
  18. happened so fast though, never had time to consider moving and couldn't scream initially because was so scared and then once up in bed tried to scream and couldn't. actually at the time was feeling very relaxed about things in general so was a weird counter position. Was definitely some malevolent entity no doubt. Had no idea about any of that stuff at the time. Was into taking xtc though and smoking MJ
  19. is it sleep paralysis, when you think you're laying down to sleep, closing your eyes for the night, then about 10 seconds later, hear a loud thumping down the hallway, have something burst into your room, try to scream but can't, the thing stabs you in the chest. Then you wake up. Obviously very startled.
  20. if you spend enough time or know what to look for you can work out what most of the people creating tv and shows believe. There is some variation, but occurs along certain lines only.
  21. true though that doesn't agree with some people. gave my friend not much and he pretty much vomited.
  22. start with low dose, 1/4 teaspoon tops, have in between meals to be safe. have twice a day. eventually up to half a teaspoon. pretty smooth stuff. am combining with some more energising things to good effect.
  23. they are such a minority. doubt would make much difference to the momentum of the protests. had the thought a couple of times too that JK is stirring the pot here. Whether her own choice or being told to.
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