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  1. On 2/25/2021 at 5:36 PM, mathewtwatson said:



    Hundreds exploit loopholes in SNP's quarantine hotel policy (msn.com)




    HONESTLY........................BABYSITTER MATERIAL????!!!


    IS IT JUST ME, I watch people like Matt Hancock and Bill Gates SMILING all over TV everywhere these cunts smiling..........


    but the Actors of Head of States....they look more like Blackmailed victims everyday. Having fun Nicola? Get in bed with snakes........if an Anaconda got into bed with Rattlesnakes it would only be a matter of time before they would STRIKE u stupid bitch.


    I wonder if her and boris phone each other before bedtime and talk each other to sleep.........................WHAT HAVE THEY GOT YOU DOING TOMORROW BORIS, I DONT THINK I CAN WEAR THIS MASK TOMORROW, WEV GOT TO NICOLA, WE ARE TOO COWARDLY TO STAND UP AND STOP THIS, OH YEAH I FORGOT......NIGHT NIGHT

    lol the amounts of times an ass has been wiped on tartan cloth!!! 

  2. 6 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    On the eve of independence in 1947, British India contained more than 600 princely states, each with its own native ruler, often styled Raja or Rana or Thakur (if the ruler were Hindu) or Nawab (if he were Muslim), with a host of less current titles as well.

    The British directly ruled two-thirds of the Indian subcontinent; the rest was under indirect rule by the above-mentioned princes under the considerable influence of British representatives, such as Residents, at their courts.


    "At the time of the British withdrawal, 565 princely states were officially recognised in the Indian subcontinent,[3] apart from thousands of zamindari estates and jagirs. In 1947, princely states covered 40% of the area of pre-independence India and constituted 23% of its population.[4] The most important states had their own British Political Residencies: Hyderabad of the Nizams, Mysore and Travancore in the South followed by Jammu and Kashmir, and Sikkim in the Himalayas, and Indore in Central India. The most prominent among those – roughly a quarter of the total – had the status of a salute state, one whose ruler was entitled to a set number of gun salutes on ceremonial occasions."

  3. 22 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    the freemasonic network left lodges across its empire so that even when countries like india declared themselves to be 'independent' there was still in place a shadow government of networked people who were all connected to a global network through the lodges


    Its that network that then carries out the big cabal agendas across multiple countries eg this covid-hysteria

    They may of had to tie in to power structures there and have done very well out of it, so have some subcontinent people done very well out of the british empire, there were already reptilians and other interdimensionals in india before the british got there 

  4. On 3/13/2021 at 12:48 AM, Macnamara said:


    The indian middle class is big and growing which is why every site in india is full of indian tourists. Also many of them travel in the west and beyond



    No you can do terrible things. In india some poor people break the limbs of children to make them deformed for life so that they become lifelong beggars working for the person who deformed them



    India has huge private wealth in gold which is real wealth unlike the fake fiat currency people try to keep in their bank accounts in the west

    (parts of) India and the subcontinent are reptilian strong holds .. some of these are very good and noble like the sikh's, other's less so... 

  5. On 3/1/2021 at 1:30 PM, oz93666 said:




    But they will often put kabalistic symbolism and number in their public presentation , it's what many of them were brought up on , but corona virus (when it fully manifests) was made in a lab by men in white coats , not in a magic circle. 

    giving advice on spells, whilst writing spells of doom. Would suggest a change of tack. 


  6. 46 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    Wow each to their own and everything, but a little surprised that ol Peter Hitchens got himself jabbed up....



    peter hitchen 'I was tickled last week to receive a letter from a student, doing his doctorate, who had tried to prove me wrong over my argument on marijuana. I say that Japan and South Korea – by enforcing possession laws – deter drug abuse more effectively than we do by letting users off.'

    he sounds dumb as dog shit and a bit of a bootlicker with a twist of street smarts, his opinion and actions count for naught, actually he's probably one of 'them'


  7. 23 minutes ago, DannyUK said:

    Yes, that’s the usual game being played but it seems Labour are backing all this facist shit and not even giving any face value to the idea of being opposed as they usually do. This would obviously be the time to strike, not just now but way before during the earlier days of this COVID BS even if it was a disingenuous play, if both parties weren’t in bed together, you’d make a play at how this is an abuse of power and use it to gain credit yourself, but of course, this just shows how in reality, just how much of a unity exists on both sides.
    + rest of post



    Somethings happening which is causing a lurch to the right, even left wingers are acting right wing about their ideals. Whilst those that remain on the left become rabid and have to claw to stay left. Am not going to go into detail about what's causing, however will say has something to do with digital subsonics. 


  8. 28 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    I was getting ready to make a standard comment on Bill's suspect body language and his bloody hand waving and changing posture, but then I thought, if she was looking at me like that, I'd probably be all over the freakin chair too. So Bill gets a pass this time. I wonder if Bill's husband Melinda was watching.

    she made him squirm like a worm and look like a full of a shit cunt to her viewers. she was loving the power... 

  9. if you get how introversion/extroversion works, you'll understand this topic better. Plus also keep in mind, that when two people interact, if one if more confident/bossy and the other more nervous, the nervous one produces cortisol the stress chemical and the confident one dopamine. Unless the nervous one can flip the roles then they will receive dopamine. 

    That's the physical aspect, in my beliefs there is a non physical aspect of energy exchange too, potentially being parasited. These same parasites could help maintain negative authority across the planet. However these parasites rely on maintaining a type of stasis with the host in order to secure their food supply. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, perpetual said:


    Did you mean inquisitiveness?


    It sounds absurd but we have been fed belief since young...this and that is dangerous...according to the history.

    Obviously don't try this at home but it makes me think if poison like mercury, 5G is how you define poison that it becomes poison?

    You could say making Mercury solid is a hoax but he goes on to say yogi carries a piece of mercury etc.



    yes that's what was mentioned  

  11. "one needs to know of this strand, and then walk with it. life is about Joy and peace, as there is no time here for anything else as our time here is short. there is no better feeling than making others happy, including yourself, and this is the expression of the strand within this frequency. always find an excuse to be happy - because you can. the Light of the Creator will look after the rest, but always do your part and be kind." 

    that's beautiful man 

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  12. 18 hours ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    Interesting comment Rooey - you seem to have a strong view here, maybe you can elaborate?

    Massive changes occur in the edm scene?
    Do you mean the corrupt companies who make money from the edm scene specifically?
    ... just the edm scene?    Not the pop,hip-hop,rock,r&b and the rest?
    What do you mean by scene?  Do you mean the people who create the actual music and the people who listen to it and make it a thing..
    ....or do you mean the greedy money machine music industry per-se?

    The scene - implies that the people who enjoy and create the music are currupted quite heavily?
    When infact, you probably mean the music industry is currupt yes?

    As most red-pilled people will be well aware, the music industry is massively connected to the establishment and is used as a tool of distraction and manipulation to the masses.   

    Should that stop us enjoying a good tune when we hear it - that lifts our spirits?  I don't think so.

    Shits hitting the fan everywhere, the music industry is going to be right in the firing line along with other monopolizing corporations, corrupt deep state, politicans, military leaders, elite corporations, and secret society networks.
    I remain in my earlier stance of opinion in that - 'great days - we CAN have them back'.



    having intimate knowledge of the scene on a few levels definitely have strong view. 

    dont want to be too critical on a thread which isnt really about conspiracy stuff. 

    However will say as a dj for 20 years who then quit suddenly, if ever came back to mixing would probably throw out more than half my music, which is all proper house, techno, techhouse, progressive bla bla smashin parties proper no pop cheese stuff 


  13. somethings correlate with my experiences and knowledge, however have had dreams where have been taught astral techniques and other such skills that have definitely helped and one instruction was to avoid I/me people. They tend to be people who constantly say I or me a lot, all people so far have questioned in this way lack the capacity to appreciate that when pointed out which has been interesting. However breaking from talking about 'I', instead using your name and other perspectives, has this person curious 

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  14. 11 hours ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    headphones in please:

    headphones in now?  good - now remember yourself on the dancefloor -  the days of freedom - - dancing like a complete looney - popped a pill or just smokin?  either's good ....dancing or just sitting around the edge talking bollocks and nodding to the beat...either is good - great days - we CAN have them back.👊


    not until some massive changes occur in the edm scene. as it's corrupted quite heavilly (which is putting it lightly lol) 

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