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  1. "indoor grow lights run by solar panels" = extreme irony
  2. modern industrial farming is hopeless, destroys the land long term and doesnt regenerate soil or habitats, relying on cancerous chemicals to get a yield. Actually the question begs to be asked is there anything sustainable about mass modern farming? agree on the lights, anything grown under lights doesnt come close to the same thing grown under the sun
  3. the earth needs a return to sustainable farming practices and to restore natural/native landscapes. what's the alternative?
  4. Mauro Picotto - Proximus (HQ Audio, Video) - YouTube sequel
  5. some would like you to believe life is unfair, actually most of their existence is dedicated to doing so
  6. inquiry is a good way of keeping fear out of the mind, instead of responding with fear, respond with inquisitiveness
  7. There are reptilians inside humans all over the place and have been throughout history. And if there reptilians there are probably other beings too. Some believe in a god, others don't. Was your husband religious?
  8. Walter Duranty was awarded a Pulitzer prize for his reports on Russia after the bolshevik revolution, none of which reported on the famine. from wiki: "After completing his education, Duranty moved to Paris, where he met Aleister Crowley and participated in magic rituals with him. Duranty became involved in a relationship with Crowley's mistress, Jane Cheron, and eventually married her. Walter Duranty - Wikipedia Would love to know who their children were (Durante and cheron). Would have different names.
  9. this thread appears, then.. A poster posts a thread talking about cosmic potential and love what's fun is when you kill one of these so called higher beings and they find out they arent immortal (lol they know that anyway, they just like to pretend). Not that killing is fun and definitely should be avoided, but if they launch a strong attack and you simply attack back, then they happen to be destroyed, that's not your fault and if you happen to laugh at their scream, well so be it
  10. Have been doing a search and a lot of his stuff has been taken down. However here is a documentary he made (plus he made the backing tracks as he is a music producer)
  11. He used to post on here about electronic interference via towers to individuals skulls. He was onto it, big time.
  12. predictive programming .. themed 'we'll get through it all together' which obviously goes with the covid blah
  13. quite a few gamers get into conspiracy talk, they may be somewhat apathetic however there are quite a few clued on ones.
  14. you could argue though that those civilisations were attempts to avert chaos or perceived chaos
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