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  1. lol the amounts of times an ass has been wiped on tartan cloth!!!
  2. "At the time of the British withdrawal, 565 princely states were officially recognised in the Indian subcontinent,[3] apart from thousands of zamindari estates and jagirs. In 1947, princely states covered 40% of the area of pre-independence India and constituted 23% of its population.[4] The most important states had their own British Political Residencies: Hyderabad of the Nizams, Mysore and Travancore in the South followed by Jammu and Kashmir, and Sikkim in the Himalayas, and Indore in Central India. The most prominent among those – roughly a quarter of the total – had the status of a salute state, one whose ruler was entitled to a set number of gun salutes on ceremonial occasions."
  3. They may of had to tie in to power structures there and have done very well out of it, so have some subcontinent people done very well out of the british empire, there were already reptilians and other interdimensionals in india before the british got there
  4. (parts of) India and the subcontinent are reptilian strong holds .. some of these are very good and noble like the sikh's, other's less so...
  5. giving advice on spells, whilst writing spells of doom. Would suggest a change of tack.
  6. peter hitchen 'I was tickled last week to receive a letter from a student, doing his doctorate, who had tried to prove me wrong over my argument on marijuana. I say that Japan and South Korea – by enforcing possession laws – deter drug abuse more effectively than we do by letting users off.' he sounds dumb as dog shit and a bit of a bootlicker with a twist of street smarts, his opinion and actions count for naught, actually he's probably one of 'them'
  7. could easily just be another morality play staged story to manipulate the masses
  8. do we trust those statistics or is that part of a climate change agenda?
  9. Somethings happening which is causing a lurch to the right, even left wingers are acting right wing about their ideals. Whilst those that remain on the left become rabid and have to claw to stay left. Am not going to go into detail about what's causing, however will say has something to do with digital subsonics.
  10. they are just playing bad cop, before some good cop labour asswipe come in to save the day and the people feel good again for a while (all planned bullcrap of course, remember tony blair??).
  11. could be a form of predictive programming too, ie they would like to have effective nanobot technology
  12. her head looks like the silhouette of the flowers she's arranging
  13. if you get how introversion/extroversion works, you'll understand this topic better. Plus also keep in mind, that when two people interact, if one if more confident/bossy and the other more nervous, the nervous one produces cortisol the stress chemical and the confident one dopamine. Unless the nervous one can flip the roles then they will receive dopamine. That's the physical aspect, in my beliefs there is a non physical aspect of energy exchange too, potentially being parasited. These same parasites could help maintain negative authority across the planet. However these parasites rely on maintaining a type of stasis with the host in order to secure their food supply.
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