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  1. I just watched a great video on many of the ancient polar mythologies. I highly recommend. "Nowadays and for the past five centuries, since the introduction of the heliocentric globe deception, all world maps and explorers have depicted and described the North Pole and surrounding region as being nothing but an arbitrary point in a semi-frozen tundra. Previous to this however, depictions and descriptions of the North Pole and surrounding regions in world maps and ancient explorers' accounts were very different. Firstly, before the 16th century, the North Pole was never once shown or thought to be just some random, ambiguous point amidst a low salinity Arctic Ocean as it is now. Instead, the North Pole was universally described and depicted, from diverse cultures all across the Earth, as being a gigantic magnetic mountain situated directly below Polaris. The prevailing belief was that compass needles the world over were actually pointing to a huge "loadstone mountain" made of magnetite at the Pole."
  2. We had a thread with this. For any dot connectors looking to go deeper, I highly recommend.
  3. There must be demonstrable proof of this, yes? And if so, then how can so many thingsd simply pass through it?
  4. Yes, it's a mantra that keeps otherwise intelligent people from thinking for themselves. You asked this before. I explained that your examples are CLOSED SYSTEMS. This is another logical fallacy we call a false equivalence and therefor renders your argument invalid. Ask the ant yourself, lol, and this again is demonstrable proof of absolutely nothing. The golf ball that hangs in the air for just 10 seconds will never travel anywhere near 3 miles. The ball will always land exactly where one would would expect on a basically flat, non-rotating plane.
  5. Ok, good, you are starting to wake, but remember that I never claimed that my golfing example demonstrated anything and it certainly was not an explanation. What the example shows is just what we all would expect on a flat, non-rotating earth. We never see a golf ball that hangs in the air for just 10 seconds to ever travel anywhere close to 3 miles, let alone to the west. Again now, the burden of proof lies on the claimant and extraordinary claims such as a 1000 mph axial rotation that we never feel requires extraordinary proof... especially when all observations have always shown no rotation or movement of any kind to exist. Look at how many pages and how many different threads relate to this one simple idea and yet not one demonstrable proof has ever been shown. I would love to see it if you got it.
  6. @Basket Case I will try to demonstrate my point for you. See if this makes sense. If you have seen even one demonstrable proof of anything in the above post, please let us know. I see explanations and distractions from there being no demonstrable evidence of curvature or motion.
  7. I'm sorry but explanations are not demonstrable science. This has been explained over and over on this thread. You are very very boring.
  8. Any demonstrable proof of this claim that you can show us based on the scientific method? Any demonstrable proof of this claim that you can show us based on the scientific method? A) Any demonstrable proof of this claim that you can show us based on the scientific method? B) Very slow? But then if I hit a golf ball directly North from the equator that hangs in the air for only 10 seconds, the ball would be expected to touch down 14,666 feet to the west which equates to over 2 3/4 miles? Back atcha. Any demonstrable proof of this claim that you can show us based on the scientific method? Well, how tight is your mask? Do you believe that HIV turns into AIDS? Have you vaccinated your children? Do you and yours drink fluoridated water? Do your children ingest genetically modified organisms? Look man, every scientist is not a liar and all of astronomy students active on the planet are not stupid. They are brainwashed since childhood, very trusting of known liars and they simply have not yet figured out these lies because of the indoctrination to ideas they which have assumed is based in fact. The dumbest claim on our plane is claiming to know otherwise. It's all just belief from those indoctrinated into a religion that they never even knew they signed up for. The saddest part is that they do this whole thing while claiming "science."
  9. We are told that we are spinning around an axis at beyond 1000 mph at the equator as we travel at over 66,600 mph around our Sun. Without even mentioning all the other motions at speeds approaching over 2,600 times the speed of sound, directions, and wobbles, you are already on a double motion ride that you can not detect. Sure. Makes perfect sense.
  10. It is an ancillary benefit and the money involved is ridiculous. Nasa was invented to to hype the ball fantasy PSYOP. The shape does not matter to anyone. It's the lies. It is how uncovering this one obvious lie exposes the rest. There is a thread on Antarctica and why? Because no demonstrable science has ever shown otherwise. What science tells us does not concur demonstrable reality. God can be anything to anyone, but the teachings from the cultists who preach big bang initiated spheres orbiting things is antithetical to the teachings of the bible.
  11. Look at where you are posting, lol. AFAWK, it is simply the magnetic center of our plane and compasses have proven this for centuries. I for one would love to be able to travel there, even more so than Antarctica.
  12. I would like to add for a piece of advice that before you ask these questions that you try thinking like a detective walking into a crime scene. When the detective comes to a murder scene they don't immediately ask why or even who is behind the crime. They gather evidence and then based on facts and logic they come to certain conclusions. This is where they generally start asking these other questions.
  13. Well, those are two really good questions. This is something I have struggled with myself, but to answer your first question, why would they hide it? Considering the fact that nasa receives over 58 million a day and there are no demonstrable facts that nasa has ever gone to the moon, then why do you think they would lie to us? To your second question, do you believe there's a difference between the "big bang theory" where everything exploded from 'nothing' and our existence here due to an intelligent designer?
  14. @peter POINT 3: Choose to believe that either Polaris is stationary over our plane's center (or your envisioned north pole) just as she appears, or choose to believe that she actually moves slightly, but not enough to distinguish for many life times as you have previously claimed. Now consider the model you are supporting that is shown here: Here is the challenge. Pick any point in space to place Polaris and regardless of how many light years away you choose, you will not be able to place it anywhere that is correct. Polaris could never be visible to all the northern hemisphere viewers who see her year round. Modus tollens again confirms. If we lived on a rotating spheroid that orbited the Sun, then Polaris could not be visible during both solstices and equinoxes from the northern hemisphere. Polaris is always visible from the northern hemisphere. Therefore, we do not live on a rotating spheroid that orbits the Sun. I hope you and the fam are well.
  15. amy G

    Utube channel

    Thanks Grump, that is fair, but obviously in this case it is appropriate as the guy started a thread to not only publicly ask for this board's members to consider his proposal of censorship... of members original work no less, but also to lie about me as being boastful when nothing could have been FURTHER from the truth. This was a troll thread from the start and it is funny how much of a failure the attempt was. Why have you not responded to @Beaujangles? His post seemed quite reasonable and well thought out imo.
  16. The above is an actual photo of Mars and to compare with the CGI images many are comfortable taking as truth. And this is what mars does: Extraordinarily beautiful, yes? Heliocentrism and their cultists will never explain this rationally.
  17. amy G

    Utube channel

    Okay, I figured this out and this is just rude. Please see below. Not the twilight zone, but censorship city. @peter and a few others hate certain truths being posted on this forum as they favor perpetuating freemason lies. They really hate it when this truth comes by way of one's own original work. This is the post in question where he claims I was boasting of my set up. In fact, I was simply posting to show the height my camera was at above the water as this is important when understanding the geometric facts involved. Unfortunately for this loud little group, my work disproves their long-held beliefs. If the mods decide they do not wish for original work to be posted on this forum, then I will certainly abide by their wishes, but for now, this is what this thread is actually about: I wanted to share my set up for the most recent videos I've taken for my series on perspective. Depending on the waves, the height of the center of the lens is never above 1.5 feet. This places the geometric horizon we are all told we see ships pass over and then disappear behind at 1.5 miles. Considering the above facts, let's really look at these and see for ourselves that the eye level/horizon is far past all these objects that are in fact gone from anyone observing from the beach. Just amazing!
  18. amy G

    Utube channel

    Great troll thread! 5 out of 5 stars. Got this last night... just at least check it out for some of the best truth rap out there:
  19. More where that came from: This was last night. The music is from RA and it's truth dope. I got extremely close and while dim and pixelated somewhat, this thing is not a sphere! It is not even a circle! It might be a pizza.
  20. Or any 'satellites.' There should be absolutely no problem showing ships and planes moving in all directions around our supposed sphere.
  21. Again, I understand the idea. I am giving you this. You still miss the point. @peter is missing the same point. This is not about how cruise ships and planes fly and cruise around a supposed sphere, but about why we still have never seen the video. Look again at the detail that I can capture and ask yourself why nasa can not absolutely max that kind of detail out from 1/10 of the distance! Remember we are looking at Earth from the perspective of 'space' or at least where satellites are supposedly taking live video from. If they could they would. They had several supposed trips to the moon and yet not one video of our Earth spinning? Today we are told of these thousands of satellites capable of live video with resolution that my camera should never come close to even touching. This one boils down to common sense.
  22. I have no idea what you thought that video showed, but I saw a near perfectly flat plane revolving over something 'milkywayish.' @peter POINT 2: Long ago, we should have been seeing video of planes and ships encircling our world in all directions including landing upside down and traveling upside down on "the bottom" of this incredible flying spheroid. How do I know this? It is because of these incredibly detailed pictures and videos that I can now capture at will. I just took this tonight in 35 mph winds and while certainly not perfect, the detail is unmistakable and quite fascinating imho. That is the last frame from here: I chuckled at you thinking this has anything to do with making money as not one of my videos are monetized. I really just hope you and any of my viewers enjoy. If the plane example I offered for @Grumpy Owl didn't resonate with you, may I suggest considering the size of cruise ships? For reference, I was pointing out the size difference between the ISS that we are told we can clearly see moving at over 17,000 mph and larger commercial aircraft as shown here: Now we have to compare these massive objects to our cruise ships. I found this amazing. It’s easy for a modern cruise ship to have 20 decks and thousands of cabins. If you’ve ever sailed on one of these ships — or even seen them in port — then you know how imposing they can be. They seemingly take up the entire landscape. As a passenger, it can take days until you get your bearings about getting around the ship and you might not even see the entire thing during your cruise. How many planes and space stations would fit on that thing? https://www.cruzely.com/the-worlds-largest-cruise-ship-compared-to-famous-places/ Modus tollens again confirms. If they could show us pictures and video of ships and planes flying and landing in all the ways they must do if we lived on a spheroid... including upside down, they would have. They never have. Therefore, no ships nor planes do this and we do not live on a spheroid. I am sorry if this seems repetitive, but an actual thought out, logical, fact-based answer would put this simple question away for good. I hope you and the fam are well.
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