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  1. Secrets Revealed! "What Masons Have Been Hiding" Ancient Cosmology https://youtu.be/Z4tCoXkcXc4 Hmmmm, "The link could not be embedded because an error occurred on youtu.be." Hope the link works.
  2. https://planetruthblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/flat-earth-memes-362-5.jpg


    ^^^^^ACTUAL SCIENTIST^^^^^

  3. They just lie and fake everything. You believe as many do and as I, myself used to, but no longer do. Watch this and tell me how WE KNOW FOR CERTAIN THAT THIS IS FAKE: Sound stages, actornots and a comedy routine that never ends.
  4. I'm not sure why the pic did not post, but here is even a better example displaying the stars in the "firmament."
  5. Many people who watch that infamous clip believe that he looked into that small child's eyes and after years and years of carrying guilt that most of us could not even fathom, he simply told the truth. But that was not even part of the story. This is about who is behind all this fake science. -Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, prepared ... Charleston, 1871. ... 28º - Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept -- Albert Pike https://freemasoninformation.com/masonic-education/books/morals-and-dogma/morals-and-dogma-knight-of-the-sun/ They were already teaching this heliocentric nonsense to their brethren, and what sucks for them, paying all that money to progress through their degrees, is that the real secret is what they, themselves know. And their lodges are amazing evidence of this and hidden, as usual, right in plain sight: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/matrixofpower/images/matrix1.jpg ^^^The sun and moon over a flat plane with Polaris directly over the center under the dome/barrier.
  6. The explanations offered by freemasons mean nothing to even moderately critical thinkers. Space is a stage and your beloved astronots are actors. What is preposterous is that anyone still believes. And the hoops they force themselves through to maintain such insane beliefs.
  7. Why must they fake everything if it is real? I mean... seriously?
  8. This is a great video showing how nasa does it:
  9. I just watched a great video on many of the ancient polar mythologies. I highly recommend. "Nowadays and for the past five centuries, since the introduction of the heliocentric globe deception, all world maps and explorers have depicted and described the North Pole and surrounding region as being nothing but an arbitrary point in a semi-frozen tundra. Previous to this however, depictions and descriptions of the North Pole and surrounding regions in world maps and ancient explorers' accounts were very different. Firstly, before the 16th century, the North Pole was never once shown or thought to be just some random, ambiguous point amidst a low salinity Arctic Ocean as it is now. Instead, the North Pole was universally described and depicted, from diverse cultures all across the Earth, as being a gigantic magnetic mountain situated directly below Polaris. The prevailing belief was that compass needles the world over were actually pointing to a huge "loadstone mountain" made of magnetite at the Pole."
  10. We had a thread with this. For any dot connectors looking to go deeper, I highly recommend.
  11. Look at where you are posting, lol. AFAWK, it is simply the magnetic center of our plane and compasses have proven this for centuries. I for one would love to be able to travel there, even more so than Antarctica.
  12. amy G

    Utube channel

    Thanks Grump, that is fair, but obviously in this case it is appropriate as the guy started a thread to not only publicly ask for this board's members to consider his proposal of censorship... of members original work no less, but also to lie about me as being boastful when nothing could have been FURTHER from the truth. This was a troll thread from the start and it is funny how much of a failure the attempt was. Why have you not responded to @Beaujangles? His post seemed quite reasonable and well thought out imo.
  13. The above is an actual photo of Mars and to compare with the CGI images many are comfortable taking as truth. And this is what mars does: Extraordinarily beautiful, yes? Heliocentrism and their cultists will never explain this rationally.
  14. amy G

    Utube channel

    Okay, I figured this out and this is just rude. Please see below. Not the twilight zone, but censorship city. @peter and a few others hate certain truths being posted on this forum as they favor perpetuating freemason lies. They really hate it when this truth comes by way of one's own original work. This is the post in question where he claims I was boasting of my set up. In fact, I was simply posting to show the height my camera was at above the water as this is important when understanding the geometric facts involved. Unfortunately for this loud little group, my work disproves their long-held beliefs. If the mods decide they do not wish for original work to be posted on this forum, then I will certainly abide by their wishes, but for now, this is what this thread is actually about: I wanted to share my set up for the most recent videos I've taken for my series on perspective. Depending on the waves, the height of the center of the lens is never above 1.5 feet. This places the geometric horizon we are all told we see ships pass over and then disappear behind at 1.5 miles. Considering the above facts, let's really look at these and see for ourselves that the eye level/horizon is far past all these objects that are in fact gone from anyone observing from the beach. Just amazing!
  15. amy G

    Utube channel

    Great troll thread! 5 out of 5 stars. Got this last night... just at least check it out for some of the best truth rap out there:
  16. More where that came from: This was last night. The music is from RA and it's truth dope. I got extremely close and while dim and pixelated somewhat, this thing is not a sphere! It is not even a circle! It might be a pizza.
  17. For anyone interested in why the the above video I posted is no longer there, it is because the channel was deleted by youtube. It was a fantastic truth channel. Freemasons hate when they are exposed. But he's back.
  18. Indeed they do! That is how a PSYOP works. The more important for them to keep their lies, the more they will talk about it, but that does not make any of it real. I am guessing that not more than one person will come on here to tell us that this is real, even though we are clearly looking at a production using cartoons.
  19. This is very scary stuff on the surface and I used to be captivated by this scenario playing out myself, but I know longer am as I have come to realize that this is just another PSYOP. A PSYOP is what is know to the military and intelligence world as a psychological operation. I simply call this stuff space porn. How do I know? Well, I watched the video you posted from beginning to end. I can assure you that not one actual photo or even a moment of actual video was presented during the entire presentation. Every single image was created using a computer. We call this CGI, but cartoons are truly what they are. If I missed any, please correct me, but this will not happen because these images just do not exist. I don't know if you have had a chance to see some of the long distance photography that I have been working on, but for reference, remember that you are talking about thousands of objects in what we are told are in low earth orbit. This is far closer than the nearly 1/4 million miles away that we are told the moon is from us. Now look below at this picture that I was able to capture of the moon at this incredible distance. If you click the image you can zoom in and really, truly begin to understand the problem here. Long story short, don't worry about this stuff, they want you scared. Their power lasts only ass long as we allow it.
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