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  1. Just ridiculous that anyone ever believed that Nixon called the moon from the white (whore)house.
  2. Please demonstrate that you know the size of Australia. Demonstrate gravity doing anything, let alone in the video from the locked thread. For those who missed it or are still confused about up and down, here it is:
  3. Thank-you, but seriously... They can't even show actual photos, let alone actual video?
  4. And yet I can do this: Show me videos of planes landing upside down in Australia or gigantic cruise ships cruising and then docking there already. I mean, how cool would that be?
  5. If they could do these things, they most certainly would have.
  6. Secrets Revealed! "What Masons Have Been Hiding" Ancient Cosmology https://youtu.be/Z4tCoXkcXc4 Hmmmm, "The link could not be embedded because an error occurred on youtu.be." Hope the link works.
  7. https://planetruthblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/flat-earth-memes-362-5.jpg


    ^^^^^ACTUAL SCIENTIST^^^^^

  8. It is like waiting for them to demonstrate their claims. It has never been done because it cannot be done. IF they ever posted the actual photos, they would certainly not be posting pictures of spinning, wobbling, orbiting rocks.
  9. It is a pleasure to be able to read your posts again. In this sea of nearly maddening ignorance, you again bring sanity, logic, and common sense... what a delight.
  10. I have been posting my own original work as well as others' original work. Either demonstrate what I have been asking for or don't, but at least admit you can't and that is why you favor ducking, diverting and dodging these simple requests. Or don't admit it and continue asking for explanations in place of demonstration.
  11. I and others have numerous times and I no longer even read his posts as they have been copy/pasted numerous times. Either demonstrate what I have been asking for or don't, but at least admit you can't and that is why you favor ducking, diverting and dodging these simple requests.
  12. Homework for heliocentrists: Demonstrate Earth's curvature or motion exists. Demonstrate liquids and gasses violating physical law. Demonstrate water sticking to the outside of its containers. Demonstrate gas that is outside of its container not dispersing to a less dense space! Explanations are for children and bored people who love their internet life.
  13. This is what everyone who can't tell the difference between explanations and demonstrable proof do not understand with this topic. The ducking and diverting is done ONLY by those who refuse to demonstrate curvature or motion, let alone liquids violating physical law and sticking to the outside of their containers. Liquids and gasses filling their containers is demonstrable! It works every time, but never have we seen a demonstration of a gas that is outside of its container not dispersing to a less dense space! This heliocentric idiocy is religion disguised (poorly) as science and gravity is their god. Muh grabityyyyyyy...
  14. The only RELEVANT (not designed to waste people's time) questions are the ones asking for demonstrable proof.
  15. They just lie and fake everything. You believe as many do and as I, myself used to, but no longer do. Watch this and tell me how WE KNOW FOR CERTAIN THAT THIS IS FAKE: Sound stages, actornots and a comedy routine that never ends.
  16. I'm not sure why the pic did not post, but here is even a better example displaying the stars in the "firmament."
  17. Many people who watch that infamous clip believe that he looked into that small child's eyes and after years and years of carrying guilt that most of us could not even fathom, he simply told the truth. But that was not even part of the story. This is about who is behind all this fake science. -Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, prepared ... Charleston, 1871. ... 28º - Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept -- Albert Pike https://freemasoninformation.com/masonic-education/books/morals-and-dogma/morals-and-dogma-knight-of-the-sun/ They were already teaching this heliocentric nonsense to their brethren, and what sucks for them, paying all that money to progress through their degrees, is that the real secret is what they, themselves know. And their lodges are amazing evidence of this and hidden, as usual, right in plain sight: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/matrixofpower/images/matrix1.jpg ^^^The sun and moon over a flat plane with Polaris directly over the center under the dome/barrier.
  18. The explanations offered by freemasons mean nothing to even moderately critical thinkers. Space is a stage and your beloved astronots are actors. What is preposterous is that anyone still believes. And the hoops they force themselves through to maintain such insane beliefs.
  19. Why must they fake everything if it is real? I mean... seriously?
  20. This is a great video showing how nasa does it:
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