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  1. Again, I understand the idea. I am giving you this. You still miss the point. @peter is missing the same point. This is not about how cruise ships and planes fly and cruise around a supposed sphere, but about why we still have never seen the video. Look again at the detail that I can capture and ask yourself why nasa can not absolutely max that kind of detail out from 1/10 of the distance! Remember we are looking at Earth from the perspective of 'space' or at least where satellites are supposedly taking live video from. If they could they would. They had several supposed trips to t
  2. This is great plagiarism of the freemason's BS. It makes no sense at all, but hey, it's an explanation that shows multiple times with a single search. It only makes sense up until the point where the slinky is released and then there is nothing there. Even allowing for any additional upwards force after release, which I can offer you good luck in proving, that force must be less. This means that at least to some degree the bottom of that slinky must be falling either from gravity's force or the natural act of the slinky following spacetime. You can choose. Neither works.
  3. This thread title just resonates with me every time I click onto this forum. This, in a nutshell is how I came to learn that we simply are not on a spinning ball anywhere near what is claimed. I still don't call myself a flat earther, but I never again will be a heliocentrist. I began to look for the science that I just "knew" had to be there. It was not. To this day, there exists no evidence beyond 'pictures' from nasa and their brethren. That was shocking enough, but it was not until I confirmed for myself what the Zetetics knew almost 200 years ago that there never will be any proof from a
  4. I have no idea what you thought that video showed, but I saw a near perfectly flat plane revolving over something 'milkywayish.' @peter POINT 2: Long ago, we should have been seeing video of planes and ships encircling our world in all directions including landing upside down and traveling upside down on "the bottom" of this incredible flying spheroid. How do I know this? It is because of these incredibly detailed pictures and videos that I can now capture at will. I just took this tonight in 35 mph winds and while certainly not perfect, the detail is unmistakable
  5. I just took this quick clip. I hope this helps. While not in perfect focus, it begins with a very tight close-up view that hopefully drives this point home.
  6. I wanted to share my set up for the most recent videos I've taken for my series on perspective. Depending on the waves, the height of the center of the lens is never above 1.5 feet. This places the geometric horizon we are all told we see ships pass over and then disappear behind at 1.5 miles. Considering the above facts, let's really look at these and see for ourselves that the eye level/horizon is far past all these objects that are in fact gone from anyone observing from the beach. Just amazi
  7. We have been camping down here for awhile and have yet to find anywhere where the water is curving around a sphere anywhere near the 8 inches per mile squared that is demanded by the heliocentric cult. I can find boat after boat, day after day that are clearly not visible to observers on the beach, yet are right there for all to see, right on top of the water, and miles beyond where the geometric horizon must exist if we were flying through space on this incredible ride. And here is another beautiful sunrise that wonderfully illustrates how objects appear to get larger as they move
  8. For anyone interested in why the the above video I posted is no longer there, it is because the channel was deleted by youtube. It was a fantastic truth channel. Freemasons hate when they are exposed. But he's back.
  9. Please, I get that, take the point from anywhere on Earth from the perspective of space. Planes and large cruise ships should be visible to the satellites in low earth orbit armed with nasa cameras based on the detailed images I am able to capture of the "bottom point" of the Moon. And what a day!
  10. I must say that it is just a beautiful day to learn about perspective and convergence.
  11. Is it not on/near the bottom of a 66.6 degree tilted sphere? The camera was one foot over the water in the above clip. Thanks Grump. The came
  12. All the reasons listed, but especially how brilliantly I can capture minute details of an object that is supposedly 240,000 miles away while the satellites in low earth orbit as depicted by cartoons in @serpentine's thread and the space shuttle/iss which are only a few hundred miles from the earth's surface cannot do the same. And here's a little added gravy. i just took this... https://youtu.be/R4SoWUyZyz0 The above was shot with my camera only about one foot high. Edit: when a mod approves this post, please see if my video can be embedded. Thanks.
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