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  1. One thing I have noticed over the past 2 weeks are what I can only describe as Fake Roadworks. There are various road closures or temporary traffic lights in place on stretches of roads where sections are barricaded off but with no obvious work being done. Some of the areas affected have had nothing done for at least 5 days, and it is baffling why this has happened simultaneously across the area I live in (West Yorkshire). Anybody else notice the same thing?
  2. We should print out official looking Public Health notices which warn about vaccines etc and stick them in place of official posters, like on billboards, shopping trolleys and bus stops. Make them sound official and even copy the fonts and other insignia that official notices use. Use their own methods against them, and win the information war. After winning that war, we can then move on to the next phase to turn the public against the government by highlighting just who was involved in the war on destroying public health, the economy and all the other negative aspects of this bullshit lockdown. That is when things will get interesting, and when we may need to wear our protective clothing and pick up a few torches and pitchforks at that point, but ousting them will be a mere formality at that point.
  3. There are not enough likes on this forum to give this post the credit it truly deserves. 100% spot on.
  4. The thing is that the people you mention (the sheep) only react like that because the government and media (the shepherds) direct them to do so. The sheep will always follow the shepherd, regardless of who it is, so once we obtain the shepherd's crook they will follow us, with the same blind loyalty. The only difference is that we would be infinitely more benevolent shepherds. A few dedicated individuals and groups can change history.
  5. You're welcome. Under employment law, they cannot force you to accept a change in your working conditions. If they literally said "you cannot work here unless you have the jab" then you have grounds for Constructive Dismissal and would receive a relatively tasty payout (which increases with the length of time you are subsequently out of work). Under Human Rights law, no person or organisation can force another person to consent to medical treatment, so you would be covered there too (and again receive appropriate compensation, damages and costs etc) as long as you cited your Human Rights prior to resigning for the Constructive Dismissal claim. I strongly suggest you contact ACAS or an employment/human rights solicitor. They would be able to advise you further on specifics, but as it stands your employer cannot force it upon you. Hope that helps alleviate some worry for you?
  6. Same reason why they tell people Common Law is inferior to statutes: it is a lie. Ultimately, we only need abide by Common Law, which is the law upon which all agreed to be bound by through giving consent. No government, monarch or other individual or organisation can set any rule which compels another to do something. Common Law is supreme, and statutes are inferior and do not apply.
  7. If you are in England (or the UK), then you can simply refuse to have the vaccine. No employment contract can force you to take a medical intervention as it would contravene Human Rights legislation to which the UK is a part of. All you need to do is state in writing that you do not wish to have any such vaccine or other medical, intervention. You do not need to state why. If your employer insists on it, threatens you with dismissal, or takes any form of disciplinary action against you, including dismissal, then you would have a case for Unfair Dismissal (as long as you had at least 2 years service) or Constructive Dismissal (where you resign your post due to the employer's behaviour). My sister is currently having a similar battle with wearing face masks at work (she is exempt, but her employer told her she cannot come to work without wearing it). We got legal advice, plus advice from ACAS, and they have reassured her that no employer can force a medical intervention upon their employees as part of their employment. My advice to you is to purchase a reliable covert recording device (which can last all day, or at least the length of your shift) and record everything at work (just so you can catch any coercion or other illegal behaviour). Covertly recorded information is admissible at employment tribunals, and gives you the 4 aces in hand if you should need them. Give me a DM if you need further assistance, or if you prefer I can counsel further on the public boards so others have a few more tools, to fight this sort of behaviour from their employer.
  8. Thanks, Ziggy. I have no time for degeneracy in any of its forms, and certainly not the "I can magically be whatever my delusions tell me" brigade. Bastardising the natural world is their goal because they know they are far from natural.
  9. Out of interest, do you not see registering your birth with these people the same as the usual registration? In natural, human rights, no birth need be registered to prove one exists as it is self-evident.
  10. "She"? Funny, but it has wrote a book on "green parenting" despite not having children. Just more of the degeneracy that TPTB are pushing.
  11. That is a remarkable coincidence, but in Halifax, West Yorkshire, they are doing the exact same thing with the former County Court: Co-living spaces. Something fishy about it, and it would be worth seeing the transactions of ownership on these buildings, just to see where the money is going for former public buildings in prime locations...
  12. Or, rather, it means they will have a fight on their hands from those who do not want the vaccine. My maxim is that if someone wishes to stab me against my will and inject harmful chemicals into me, then I will ensure that they are stabbed first by me. It won't ever get to a stage where I am pinned down while they force a vaccine in me. I am willing to kill as many as it takes to defend myself against such tyranny. Resist. Defend. Win.
  13. It can't, and they don't even know HOW effective it truly is because that would involve double-blind control tests and giving people a live COVID19 virus without treatment, which is rarely, if ever, done because it would prove that vaccines are not effective. At the end of the day, humanity has survived eons without vaccines of any kind, and there is no real need for any medical intervention beyond trying to soothe people's fear of death and disease.
  14. Love the "more surprises in store than a cheap magician" comment. You're my kind of person if you're prepped Live free, or die trying.
  15. The way to express those rights is simply to express them. If a government agent tells you that you cannot express those rights, then express your right to self-defence and kill the person. Sure, there may come a point where you are overwhelmed by force and either captured or killed, but if you're serious about wanting rights then you must accept the responsibility of defending your rights at all costs. No man, woman or organisation has any right over any other person, and they can never tell another what to do. Stand for your rights, or lose them. We all die in the end, so we may as well die defending our right to exist.
  16. Haha, that would never stand up in court. More lies and fraud from our lovely benevolent MSM, governments and corporate fictions.
  17. How is it over? It ain't over until the last man standing falls.
  18. Yorkshire isn't just one place, as you know. For example, I live in West Yorkshire and visit Halifax and Bradford regularly. Most folk in Halifax wear masks, not so much so in Bradford. Generalisations help nobody.
  19. By relying on ignorance of the masses and also by ensuring they have enough people willing to do as they are told to arrest, detain, maim or kill those who oppose them. One must remember that humans are animals and have been domesticated. If we still had our natural instincts, we would have slaughtered the Establishment had they tried this shit.
  20. They don't have us worked out, far from it. How do they know which individual from a crowd of thousands will stab/shoot/grenade them? An individual could take out several pigs. A thousand people can take out several thousand pigs. Don't be defeatist.
  21. I politely disagree with this sentiment for the following reasons, most of which I concluded after my last protest in Sheffield (where I was assaulted by the police). 1) Attending protests gives us first-hand experience of how the police operate in such situations, and reveals their strengths and weaknesses. From what I learned, the police are generally afraid of large crowds, so the police made a lot of noise and acted decisively in taking out those they perceive as "troublemakers" in an attempt to scare the other protestors into submission. If we can isolate pockets of police, surround them, and subdue them, their power is greatly diminished. 2) At the Sheffield protest when the police started acting violently, ordinary members of the public who were not part of the protest started joining in, including attacking the police.This was unexpected from both the police and the protestors, but it shows that people will join in to repel the police if they see the police acting unlawfully (or if they think they can get a sly boot or two in). 3) Protests with police involvement are a great real-life testing ground of our own tactics, and provide excellent feedback for future plans. 4) Visible protests polarise the public, some were for it, some against. From what I saw, most people supported it, and very few said anything negative. I think protests help spread awareness and encourage people. Even if only 1 extra person joins our side, we will soon have many more. The alternative of not actively protesting just doesn't bear thinking about.
  22. Gets me every time. Incidentally, my missus plays online games with James Buckley (Jay) on Twitch. He is a top guy.
  23. That is my favourite bit. I can just imagine the faces of the people too. It's what inspired me to shout Mask Wankers (I also used "Queue Wankers" when the queues at supermarkets were ridiculous).
  24. Reminds me of this video. Good on ya mate. I shout out "Mask Wankers", Inbetweeners style.
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