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  1. One thing I have noticed over the past 2 weeks are what I can only describe as Fake Roadworks. There are various road closures or temporary traffic lights in place on stretches of roads where sections are barricaded off but with no obvious work being done. Some of the areas affected have had nothing done for at least 5 days, and it is baffling why this has happened simultaneously across the area I live in (West Yorkshire). Anybody else notice the same thing?
  2. You're welcome. Under employment law, they cannot force you to accept a change in your working conditions. If they literally said "you cannot work here unless you have the jab" then you have grounds for Constructive Dismissal and would receive a relatively tasty payout (which increases with the length of time you are subsequently out of work). Under Human Rights law, no person or organisation can force another person to consent to medical treatment, so you would be covered there too (and again receive appropriate compensation, damages and costs etc) as long as you cited
  3. Same reason why they tell people Common Law is inferior to statutes: it is a lie. Ultimately, we only need abide by Common Law, which is the law upon which all agreed to be bound by through giving consent. No government, monarch or other individual or organisation can set any rule which compels another to do something. Common Law is supreme, and statutes are inferior and do not apply.
  4. If you are in England (or the UK), then you can simply refuse to have the vaccine. No employment contract can force you to take a medical intervention as it would contravene Human Rights legislation to which the UK is a part of. All you need to do is state in writing that you do not wish to have any such vaccine or other medical, intervention. You do not need to state why. If your employer insists on it, threatens you with dismissal, or takes any form of disciplinary action against you, including dismissal, then you would have a case for Unfair Dismissal (as
  5. Thanks, Ziggy. I have no time for degeneracy in any of its forms, and certainly not the "I can magically be whatever my delusions tell me" brigade. Bastardising the natural world is their goal because they know they are far from natural.
  6. Out of interest, do you not see registering your birth with these people the same as the usual registration? In natural, human rights, no birth need be registered to prove one exists as it is self-evident.
  7. "She"? Funny, but it has wrote a book on "green parenting" despite not having children. Just more of the degeneracy that TPTB are pushing.
  8. That is a remarkable coincidence, but in Halifax, West Yorkshire, they are doing the exact same thing with the former County Court: Co-living spaces. Something fishy about it, and it would be worth seeing the transactions of ownership on these buildings, just to see where the money is going for former public buildings in prime locations...
  9. Gets me every time. Incidentally, my missus plays online games with James Buckley (Jay) on Twitch. He is a top guy.
  10. That is my favourite bit. I can just imagine the faces of the people too. It's what inspired me to shout Mask Wankers (I also used "Queue Wankers" when the queues at supermarkets were ridiculous).
  11. Reminds me of this video. Good on ya mate. I shout out "Mask Wankers", Inbetweeners style.
  12. I was there and had the honor of meeting Piers and Gareth Icke and had a chat with them. Straight talking people and it is disgusting what happened after the event. I was assaulted then arrested by the police in M&S shortly before they got Piers and assaulted Rob. Here is Gareth's speech in full. Essential listening for all concerned. Below is a photo of me and him after our chat. Much respect to him.
  13. To clarify: I wasn't saying your experience was imagined, just that the black helicopters comment made me recall what that lady said she saw. It made her feel uncomfortable and afraid too, and I wasn't convinced she actually had schizophrenia, but that is another story. Apologies for the lack of clarity and explanation.
  14. Ah, you didn't mention it was a large window display. I imagine that it was a clever marketing display aimed at attracting the attention of those who could make the connection between the events at that time and the parallels of 1984. Companies do it all the time to capitalise on current events, mainly because marketing teams are ruthless, like the spin doctor from V for Vendetta and his real life equivalents (I used to work in online marketing and left it because of the ruthless nature of it).
  15. My bet would be that any young person succumbing to a mild virus had undiagnosed underlying health conditions, including Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Also, one must never underestimate the power of suggestion. Some people are extremely prone to hypnotic suggestion, and if they fear the virus then they could literally induce the symptoms of it psychosomatically, especially a shortness of breath which could be a self-induced panic attack due to internalised fear.
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