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  1. I have asked myself the very same question. It seems to me, that she either went off grid, stays silent for her safety, or that she is no longer under us. I hope she's fine...
  2. WARNING - Long post, but interesting - something to think about I am a huge fan of the game "Half life". But when you play it, it gives you somehow a very weird feeling, how the game developers/writers created the story of humanity in a post alien invasion scenario. Somehow, when playing the game, I notice that all that happens to humans is quite exactly what David is saying about how the elite would like to enslave us humans. More to this after the short story plots of the game for people, who do not know the story. For people who know the story, please continue further down. For people who haven't played the game, here a short sum up of the story (very short versions - really just the gist of it) - SPOILER ALERT!!!: First game: Scientist Gordon Freeman works in a top secret underground research facility called Black Mesa. They are stuying teleportation (like CERN?) and Alien technology. An incident happens, as a portal to another universe is opened and hundreds of alien species pour into this universe, killing alot of scientists. After trying to survive and get out of the now collapsed research facility, Gordon starts to find out, that a lot more has been going on than he knew of. The U.S. Government has known about "the other side" for some time and has captured Aliens in the past to do research for military purpose. Because of this incident, the military has now launched a black op cleanup, where marine soldiers kill all remaining surviving scientists in the facility. Gordon survives (of course). Bla bla bla yattayattayatta Gordon saves humanity from the Alien invasion. But now the interesting part: After finishing the game, Gordon is being offered a job by the Man in the blue suit, called the G-man. He has watched gordon during the entire game (you can see him on multiple occasions in the distance). He looks human, but clearly is not. Game ends with Gordon deciding, whether to take the offer or decline. Second game (here is where it really gets interesting) Gordon wakes up several months or years later. Somehow he was in a state of sleep or coma or whatever. He wakes up on a train with other people. Everybody is dressed in blue slave like uniforms. You can talk with every character and they all say things like: "Dont drink the water! They put something inside to make you forget!", or "This is the third time I have been relocated. I will never get used to it". Even more sad things are said over speakers from a computer voice known as Overwatch. An AI that controls the population (for instance how many people are allowed to be in a building, etc). When you get out of the train you are being monitored by drones and lots and lots of police. So what happened in HL2? The opened portal from the first game has caused an invasion by an alien force that has enslaved humanity in less than a day. Humans gave up and became slaves. The bad guys (called "the combine") ensure that the humans are kept in a low vibrational state. They do it by sending out a frequency that deactivates humans to be able to procreate. They put stuff in the water. They let the people starve and only give them food, when they obey. They perform genocide and kill lots of people without saying why. I will not say more to the story, because for those who have not played it, to not spoil too much. But if you have not played it yet - do it. It reveals a lot about the plan that is in place for us humans. If interested, here is the entire HL story: Or if you want to watch the whole story in Game-Movie-Version, here you are: My two cents about the connection of HL2 and the real world: - The frequency to enslave humans (make them sterile and conform) sounds a lot like the whole mRNA vaccination an 5G being put in place - you never know, if you need altered DNA, so that the 5G frequencies can actually take over your mind and connect it to AI without you even knowing it. - The Police, who are themselves influenced and blackmailed to kill their own kind and torture and use fascistic measures to control the population is a too big red flag for me, seeing how this world is changing into that exact situation from HL2. - The systematic breaking of the will of humans, so that they willingly become slaves. (Ex.: If you conform, you can see your children again. or: if you conform, you will get food -> or in the real world: If you conform, you can go back into pubs and venues) Here is a video explaining how evil the "combine" are: I have more comparisons and come to conclusion, that this game is almost prophetic, if we humans dont stand up for ourselves soon. I am very interested in reading your comments to see what you think.
  3. Sooo, too little restaurants are open. Some are, about 350, but far too little. and the police are now forcing them to close, or else they get fined 10'000 swiss francs, lose their permit to have a restaurant, or face 5 yrs in jail (really). At least they tried, but if all restaurants would have opened, that would've been something different. but so many people are afraid and believe in this scam.
  4. Why do you think, Switzerland has alwys stayed "neutral"? To avoid war? naah, they have all the money. The banks here dont have to say, who has a bank account. I think, that this country is e centre for all corruption - at least in the banking realm.
  5. About 4000 restaurants plan to open tomorrow. We'll see, if they follow through...
  6. https://wirmachenauf.ch/ A lot of Swiss restaurants are founding a movement #wirmachenauf (weareopening) and a lot of other restaurants in europe are doing so too. They have my support! I will go and eat there.
  7. Listen @Sexpistol50, it seems you are quite afraid. I too am very unsure on how this whole thing will end up and who will win and who will lose. But it seems to me that you are really relying on what David Icke is saying. He speaks truth, he speaks and does not care what people think. What does he say to us? We are infinite consciousness, we are all powerful. We can say NO - with or without a "leader" (your words). WE have to take matters in our own hands, stand firm for our actions and consequences, because THATS what we are supposed to do. Stop waiting for your messiah, stop waiting for your prophet. Stop waiting for answers. Stop waiting for someone, whom you eventually could blame, if you get into trouble. Point your finger towards yourself. Look in the mirror and make a change. Thats what Michael Jackson meant in his song "Man in the mirror". TAKE RESPONSIBILITY IN TO YOUR OWN HANDS!
  8. I too had a connection with the Source a couple of weeks ago. Out of the blue we somehow connected (we all are ALWAYS connected to the Source, but at that time, I was somehow finetuned to actually feel the communication - it was a great experience). I asked it: "How do I adress you? Do you have a name?" It replied: "Just say 'you', when you talk to me." I asked about the situation we are in and what I/we can do to counter this whole evil that is trying to take over our lifes and the world. I replied that the most important thing ist to spread as much love as possible. Love, compassion and good vibrations - especially towards those who do not yet see what truly is happening here. It told me, that if we act with love and compassion, we are channelling it everywhere and it is more powerful than the negative vibrations of those who are desperately trying to control us. It told me: "Love is all powerful. Nothing stands a chance against love." Me: "What can I do to help? How can I contribute?" Source: "You are helping. You are contributing. Thats why you have a high vibration. Your energy is being channelled to everyone around you. Just continue being yourself and stay compassionate. Every human who talks to you, looks at you, will instantly receive this vibration. They won't know it consciously, but it will be intergrated into their energy." Me: "What will happen next?" Source: "There will come a time, where everything will seem hopeless. That will be the last desperate act of those who do not wish humans to be free. They will not succeed." Me: "How do we that are awakened act in that time?" Source: "Those who seek control will make mistakes, which will uncover their whole plot. Humans will notice that and that will cause a mass awakening. They will lose their power and humans will enter a new state of consciousness." That was the end of the communication. It abrubtly stopped afterward. But I feel that I am no much more than ever connected - or finetuned - to the Source than ever before. I have no more fear. I am not afraid. I am strong. WE are strong. WE all are more powerful that we ever had imagined possible. Time to take that power back.
  9. That's why I wrote on top, that they don't seem to work;-) Just copy the link, open up a new tab and voila:-).
  10. EDIT: The links don't seem to work if you klick on them. Just open a new tab, copy and paste the links in there. Hello all. Seeing all the current events made me think about some things from Michael Jackson. It is my firm belief that he was removed, because he wanted to do something, that would have countered the agenda of the manipulating forces behind the scenes. Think about it. In the last video "This is it" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqqYZ02Gw84) - the documentary of the planned concert tour, that never happened you can see Michael with his crew, (go to 01:18:15 of the video) telling them, that he wants to give love back in to the world. He goes on saying: "we have 4 years to get it right, otherwise it is irreversable." What did he want to do? I think, these "4 years to get it right" was his tour, but it was actually going to be a channeling of positive energy and love, to send out to the universe. To open up a vibrational field to help the world. That is why he had to be removed, before the tour could start. If you do some research you will find that MJ might have been a very "special" person. He was very intelligent and had enormous spiritual knowledge. Let's analyze what Michale might have known about the world and the manipulating forces. I am sharing MY interpretations and feel free to comment. First, lets take a look at the DANGEROUS Album Cover: https://www.partofhistory.de/wp-content/uploads/dangerous_jackson_cover-1.jpg If you look at the whole picture, you see a circus. Why a circus? A circus is here to entertain people. Entertainment is a word that means: "to keep up, maintain, to keep (someone) in a certain frame of mind. https://www.etymonline.com/word/entertain In other words: to keep our minds occupied and somewhere else, than it should be. We'll get back to the circus in a minute. But look at the entrance of this circus. You see a conveyor belt transporting guns, atomic particles, bombs, skulls (or death) inside. Inside, or "behind the scenes of this circus" you can see a machine - or "industry". This industry is artificially keeping the world upside down. This machine - or industry - looks like a hell of a big thing, to keep the earth on its head. Or to keep us upside down? To do so, the industry needs war, death, technology to keep the machine running. Back to the circus. On top of the entrance, you can see a red star. The red star of communism? The red star, symbolising the dawn of a new day, which Jordan Maxwell has explained it all detail? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68omhzCYlSE In his newest videos, about the October surprise, he also speaks of the communist regime trying to take over the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFKEKdP6pw0 So it makes me think: did MJ try to suggest, that a communist dictatorship regime in the shadows is behind this whole industry to keep the world upside down? Who knows... To your right you can see a royal queen (with a birds head). Small birds opening her robe uncovering a machine, in which a man and a woman are in a glass bubble - or container. The creation of the "new human"? Transhumanism? artificial intelligence? Might this also suggest the royal family, or A family of royal background has to do with this? To your left you can see waggons entering this circus with animals riding it. The waggons come out on the right side. The animals are dead. In other waggons you see two kids - a young MJ and a young macaulay culkin (I think), both seem stressed what they have seen. A hint on paedophilia and satanism behind the scenes? On top of everything you see MJs eyes. He gives us a special look. His eyes tell me: "I know whats going on, and I don't like it. Can you see, what I am trying to tell you?" His hair are intertwined and look like a double helix (DNA?) There is more to see on this album cover. Like the number 7 on the tophat of the circus dude. or the number 9 on the elephant. Numerological meanings? Chanelled energy perhaps? Numbers and Letters are energy. If you zoom in to the P.T. Barnum guy at the bottom, look at his ear and rotate the image counter clock wise. You can see a skull in his ear. There are skulls everywhere on this image. I think, MJ tried to communicate something with this Album cover. It is also worth mentioning that the most important songs, like "Heal the world" are on exactly this album. Next thing: Check out the Video "Leave me alone". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crbFmpezO4A The video shows the destruction of MJs image by the media. The same, Lady Di went through, because she "quit the industry"? Lets take a look. At 0:23 you see newspapers with rumours about MJ. At 1:00 a door opens and you see a dark entrance to an underground ride. Notice the masonic pillars jachin and boaz left and right and a pyramid iin the background. Masonic symbolism. Michael enters the realm, laughing, showing no fear. Expressing: "I am not afraid of you!". At 1:18 you see the cave, left and right you see lizards (the reptilians -> David Ickes theory?) In the back you see a dog dressed in a suit. Does this symbolize business and politics, being the dogs - or slaves on leashes - to the reptilians?` 1:38 MJ enters the deeper part of the cave. A biting jaw might suggest danger? Danger, that MJ is entering something he shouldn't? At 1:43 you see MJ looking at a human brain, while a chocolate chip cookie floats past it. I'll let you interpret this for yourselves. But it suggests something to me. BTW, did you see the crocodile walking up tha wall next to the brain and while the earth floats past the crocodile? Reptilians control human brains and the world?` 1:53 A heart shaped door opens and you see a treasure chest opening. Love is the key? You see pirates trying to attack. 2:03 Another Dog in a suit is hammering a giant MJ to the ground with ropes and pegs. Trying to hinder MJ from doing what? 2:10 More masonic symbolism. A tomb (looks somehow like the skull & bones building) and a rotating pyramid on top - plus another newspaper with a rumour. Acts to discredit MJ (the same the media did with Diana, and with trump - I do not suggest that trump is good or bad, but the media is demonizing him in the same way). 2:42 MJ exits the cave on the other side and you see a huge MJ lying on the floor. An amusement park is built around the big MJ. Symbolizing the media having a laugh at discrediting him perhaps? 3:12 another dog in a suit (the slaves of the manipulating forces) reading another rumour. More efforts to discredit him. 3:35 camera panning past another crocodile, then you see MJ in shackles, dancing, like a puppet. 3:58 the big MJ is breaking free, distrroying the whole amusement park around him. taking his power back. one masonic pillar falls to the ground (I am sure, MJ wanted that to be seen. If you watched some documentaries of him, you know, he was a perfectionist and produced everything himself, or at least explained in detail, how he wanted it to be produced. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing here). 4:21 The red star (of communism) falling in to the water 4:28 MJ standing tall, stronger than ever. I could show much much more, but this post has gotten long enough. I am interested in your comments.
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