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  1. I too had a connection with the Source a couple of weeks ago. Out of the blue we somehow connected (we all are ALWAYS connected to the Source, but at that time, I was somehow finetuned to actually feel the communication - it was a great experience). I asked it: "How do I adress you? Do you have a name?" It replied: "Just say 'you', when you talk to me." I asked about the situation we are in and what I/we can do to counter this whole evil that is trying to take over our lifes and the world. I replied that the most important thing ist to spread as much love as possible. L
  2. That's why I wrote on top, that they don't seem to work;-) Just copy the link, open up a new tab and voila:-).
  3. Ok so here's the thing. I never post here, I only read. But this I have to share. WARNING, long post.... Since childhood I have experienced stuff, that I could not explain. I have had 2 OBEs and some other strange things happening to me. I am telling you this, so that hopefully what I am about to say might seem more believable (since there is a lot of fraud out there). A few years ago, I sought counseling from Carol Clarke (the wonderful woman, whom David Icke wrote about a couple of years ago) and she too was quite astonished of my energy (She saw, that my energy was pure violett an
  4. EDIT: The links don't seem to work if you klick on them. Just open a new tab, copy and paste the links in there. Hello all. Seeing all the current events made me think about some things from Michael Jackson. It is my firm belief that he was removed, because he wanted to do something, that would have countered the agenda of the manipulating forces behind the scenes. Think about it. In the last video "This is it" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqqYZ02Gw84) - the documentary of the planned concert tour, that never happened you can see Michael with his cr
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