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  1. Damn right. Dump you social media, your phone, your texting, your TV an TALK to people. Get the pitchforks out.
  2. The entire driving test is a JOKE. The instructors(?) take you to the spot where you'll be tested and you learn how to pass the fucking test. Now you can pull onto a busy motorway or drive through a crowded town at rush hour and you don't have a fucking CLUE how to handle the situation.
  3. It wouldn't matter, I'm afraid. When I see a crowd of adult men, allow ANYONE, police thug or not to hit a woman and knock her down and let the thug get away with it, it makes me feel like any kind of revolution will never ever happen. It wouldn't have happened in the 50's, 60's or 70's and if it were in front of me, no matter how old I am, I would have done my best to bring him down as well. I watched a program about the "Brave British Police" on one of the TV Channels. There was a kid of about 10 with a toy motorcycle on the pavement outside of his home. The Gestapo police, pulled him off his toy, loaded it up onto a tow vehicle and sent it to the crusher and they GLOATED about it. What did his parent do? FUCK ALL! That was the day that I lost the last vestige of respect for the British Police and as each day passes and I watch old people and young women being beaten up by the police, just because they CAN, I get more ashamed to be a British male.
  4. If 500 gestapo were confronted by a crowd of 1,000 protesters all armed with pitchforks, the smell of shit would be so strong you would be able to smell it in Dover. Of course in today's brave new world, it could never happen. It would all be organized by Social Media, Most of the people wouldn't be able to stop themselves from bragging to their 5,000 followers on Facebook Twitter would be going crazy, Emails to mates in Florida, Paris, and everywhere, bragging about the great day. There's no such thing as word of mouth these days. The cops would be forewarned from day one. Then the 1,000 pitchfork bearers would be met with 500 police armed with automatic weapons, water cannon, body armor, grenade launchers and the pitchforks would be dropped and the men(?) would all run like scared rabbits crying like babies.
  5. Back in the old days, the shops would have been having a run on pitchforks and axes as well as rope. In France, Madame Guillotine would be having her blade sharpened, Today, grown men stand by and watch women being pushed to the ground by thugs and they do NOTHING
  6. Angela Merkel and her fellow morons will be rubbing their hands with glee. The German Embassy will refuse to help him. Why? He's just another conspiracy antivax nutcases that doesn't know what he's talking about
  7. It was the same during the miners strikes. The difference was, the miners fought back!
  8. The police are selected on the basis of having NO intelligence. They are mindless thugs who are complete failures in everyday life and they took this job to have POWER and to be able to beat up, harass and oppress people with impunity.
  9. People won't. Too busy on Facebook, texting and listening to noise, labelled these days as "music"
  10. ALL email accounts unless you are using an older version of PGP before it was taken over. Hushmail will hand over all your details to the US Govt on request. I don't trust Protonmail completely, because it's in Switzerland and they have already shown how trustworthy they are by handing over all their banking details to the EU, UK and USA. Anonymousspeech, MAY be OK, because they are in Panama and Malaysia, but only if you PGP encrypt any emails that you send, would I deem them PROBABLY safe. Microsoft, Windows 10, send your keystrokes to Microsoft, unless you know how to block them, so they know what is in your email before you even encrypt it! Apple is no better after Mountain Lion
  11. The average IQ of Black University students in South Africa a couple of years ago was 78. Needless to say, the team that did the analysis were all fired and labelled as racists, fascists, and conspiracy loons.
  12. What part of "you are being spied on and every telephone call and email is monitored by the CIA", don't you understand? https://yorkshirecnd.org.uk/us-uk-spy-and-communications-bases-in-the-uk/
  13. Just look at the masses of mindless morons walking around adjusting their face diapers and you'd better start believing it. If BoJo, Pratt Hancock and a team of top scientists, doctors and statisticians, called a mass meeting in Wembley stadium and they refuted everything, these cunts are so utterly brainwashed now, that they would leave saying
  14. The Covidean Creed (As Agreed at the Unholy Conclave at Davos) Ian Jenkins We believe in one Virus, the SARS-COV-2, the Almighty, destroyer of heaven and earth, that is all there is, seen and unseen. We believe in one Malady, Covid-19, the only son of SARS-COV-2, eternally begotten of the Virus, God from God, Darkness from Darkness, true God from true God, begotten, not made (probably) of one Being with the Virus. For diseases are they none but the One True Virus and Death comes not without Its presence. Thou shalt have no diseases before the One True Virus. They that die outside the Virus shall not have their passing told unto the people on a quotidian basis in hushed tones, but shall be quietly recorded in obscure tables when the time comes. Through the Virus all things were unmade. For us men (and women and all points in between) and for our damnation It came down from heaven (or maybe from China or Maryland): By the power of the Holy WHO, It became incarnate from the swirling microbes (or maybe bat soup through immaculate Zoonosis), and was made Pandemic. For Its sake we were crucified under ongoing Lockdown; It suffered not death, like unto most it afflicteth, and is never buried in the news. Though by the evidence that appeareth on those who do pass away or wax sick, it hath waned to almost nought. On the second wave It rose again And though few did perish many were tested and lo! Many were deemed infected (probably) and ‘cases’ were they named, though sickness showed they none, in accordance with the Great Plan; It ascended into the collective consciousness and is seated on the right and left hand of all (lest with sanitiser they do anoint themselves five score times hourly) It will come again in glory, as many times as necessary to convince the living and the dead, and his mask’d kingdom will have no end, it seemeth. We believe in the Unholy pathogen, the Lord Rona, the taker of life (for they that are vulnerable), though he passeth the children by, who proceeds from the laboratory and the test. With the quest for a Vaccine, the donning of the Holy Mask and with sequestration of the faithful he is worshipped and glorified and Its name kept alive in the minds of all. It hath spoken through ‘The Science’ and thereafter through the Media, through Potentates and Rulers and through the scriptures of the WEF and of the foundations and think-tanks that do proclaim Its Gospel. Woe to they who do speak out against the words of the Powers of Covid or their servants, for they shall be anathema and their names removed from the Book of Face and platform shall they have none. One shall they be made with they that aver the Earth to be flat and Conspiracy Theorists shall they be named. We believe in one unholy Catastrophic and Technocratic Global Church. We acknowledge one Great Reset for the salvation of all. We look in vain for the resurrection of Reason, Proportionality and Democracy, and towards the life of the New World to come. Amen.
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