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  1. I honestly can't see people all over the world falling for this Covid bullshit for very much longer. Sure, they say there are 65% of people wanting more stringent measures in the UK, but that's only the UK. Germany and France are getting massive protests. Wait until they take away Christmas and alcohol and the army comes onto the streets. Eventually people will realise in ever greater numbers that this entire thing is a PLANdemic, it could be just about any country and the people are going to get angry. Very angry, VERY, VERY angry and the shit will hit the fan BIG time. (As an aside, The last protest in Berlin was attended they say, by over 1 million people. There's another on 10 October and they are expecting a lot more. The police are NOT going to start shit with over a million people). When the people get VERY, VERY angry, the police will probably do as they did at the first colour revolution in the Ukraine. They ducked behind buildings, took of their uniforms and joined the protesters!!! The corrupt, Jewish owned media, will try to cover it up and pretend it didn't happen, but it's going to spread. I predict when this happens there will be bloodshed. Many people will be killed, because it will be straight up Civil War, brother against brother, husband against wife. and then we'll see if the police and army are willing to lose everything by killing the population, just to cover up the horrendous crap that their Government is perpetrating. I absolutely disagree with you about the internet. If there was an ENP blast which ONLY shut down the internet and the TV, this entire thing would unravel, because the media preach fear and restrictions. Without the fucking media, this would have ended in May or June and people wouldn't be walking around in muzzles and shitting themselves with fear. We advertise EVERYTHING we think and do on the internet well in advance. You can't plan ANYTHING without telling the government because EVERY computer has a back door and EVERYTHING you do on the internet is monitored. If there was no internet, people would have to send letters, (phones are all tapped). Go back to the days of sealing wax and TALK to people. So, it seems that the UK, Australia and New Zealand are leading the way in oppression. I tend to cancel out the USA, they are having a Civil War very soon now. The seven party coalition in Belgium won't last for long, Next year is elections in Germany. Merkel is GONE and her party as well. 2022 is the end of Macron, IF he manages to cling on that long. 2023, the Spanish and Italian elections, IF they manage to hang on that long. My wife has this bad feeling that there will never be another election in the UK. I hope that she's wrong, but she was right about Rhodesia, SW Africa and South Africa. The sooner the bulk of people wake up and start to fight back, the sooner this shit will be over. There needs to be a trigger, to wake them. I'm not sure what form it will take, but it will happen. Hopefully not too late.
  2. I met a LOT of people in the UK who said they were going to vote BNP. Had I been living there at the time I would have voted for them as well. I don't have to agree with everything they say they want to do, but overall, I approved. Having been involved with elections in another country, years ago, I KNOW that they are rigged. The BNP were a victim of voter fraud. I happens all the time. Even worse now they have computers to vote with. It's even more obvious here that Democracy is just a word. We have a party here called the Vlaams Belang. They couldn't do enough voter fraud, so they got one hell of a lot of votes, They are anti migration and want to split Belgium into two parts, Dutch & French/ We have another Party, the NVA and between the Vlaams Belang and the NVA they had the majority of votes for the Flemish Government and at the Federal Level, had the NVA and the Vlaams Belang workedc together, they would have had the majority in the Federal Government. BLATANTLY, the NVA refused to work with the Vlaams Belang, in spite of their policies being similar. The end result was that the Federal Government was formed by a coalition of SEVEN smaller Parties, so Flanders has been blatantly squeezed out completely. It will be VERY interesting to see what happens at the next election. A lot of people are VERY pissed off I can tell you. Quite frankly, I don't give a fuck who you or anyone else votes for, because it won't make a bit of difference and if you haven't realized that by now, I pity you. I think Belgium elections just proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. They ALWAYS find a way, either by voter fraud, boundary changing, or just blatant 'FUCK YOU ALL', your vote means nothing.
  3. I used to do until they tried (unsuccessfully) to wear a muzzle and show my obedience (and stupidity). I will NEVER wear a muzzle or socially distance, or take their fucking vaccine. What's left to have a sense of humour about?
  4. Because I happen to be British and my family have been British since the Domesday book. I'm almost 80. What the fuck do you think I can do? I couldn't travel to the UK even if I wanted to do. It wasn't I that elected that grinning fucking idiot Teflon Tony Bliar. I saw enough of Harold Wilson to know that I would NEVER live under a Labour Government. The cops here are the opposite of cops in the UK, I haven't met any Gestapo thugs in the entire time that I've lived here
  5. When the "Most powerful forces in the World" are just a tiny fraction of the total population, I can't agree with you. Take a look at the Yellow Vests, none of the police violence has stopped them. They are at it every weekend, even now with all the new draconian Macron measures. Macron is as bad as Boris, but people in France are standing up against him week after week. His political career is OVER, so is Boris', but the damage they will do in the meantime is unthinkable. Look what bitch Merkel has done to Germany and the people let her get away with it.
  6. I absolutely agree with you. In the next 50 years unless there is something MAJOR, the whole of Europe and the UK will be Islamic Caliphates. The last time I came to the UK. All I saw were signs, 'No Loitering". "No Smoking"., "No Skateboarding'', No Abusive language', 'No Singing', 'No Loud Noises'. They were everywhere I went. I've never seen anything like it either here, in Holland, Luxembourg or Germany.
  7. So you just pop into this forum and start calling people a snivelling coward. I'm sure this is going to gain you a great deal of credibility.
  8. The person that I called a shill. Didn't you even bother to read why this sentence came up?
  9. I've said the I voted with my feet for Harold Wilson and left the UK. I also said that when I came back (John Major) as soon as you elected Teflon Toni, I fucked off again and came to Belgium and I've been here ever since. I agree, it isn't Utopia, but better than the UK. Perhaps you should try READING some of the threads. There's an old saying : Over here, youngsters are well catered for. Every Town Council has Social entertainment, libraries, sport facilities, music, culture, swimming Pools etc. That's why they don't have to get pissed every weekend, because there are things that they can do. In the UK, anyone who tries to work with youngsters now, is a fucking pedophile if he even helps them up if they fall down. It isn't like that in Europe. Way back in the '60's I was an instructor at a Judo Club. The kids would throw me all over the mat and have a hell of a time 'beating up the instructor' at the end of the class. Today, I'd be labelled as a pedophile if I even tried to teach one a throw or a hold down. I can't see me ever coming back to the UK now, not even for a visit. It's gone to the extremes in EVERYTHING.
  10. I'm curious. Are you supporting the 'HistoryIsComplex" Jew?
  11. You are mis reading what I'm trying to say. Britain is a small island. The British people have always been tolerant, without going to the extremes (like Sweden, who will probably be an Islamic Caliphate first. The Cabal (and you'd better believe that these is one) has always been (the country of democracy law and order, tolerance and they "freed" all their African Colonies (that they couldn't afford to keep as polo grounds) and they have always been the champions of democracy, the ideal system of Government and as the British Empire was vast, they take 1st place. The USA is too big to be a role model and their way of Government is incompatible and none of the other countries are championed in the eyes of the world as the UK with it's "Westminster Government" which has been held up as THE ideal for many years. What a brilliant plan to test things out in the UK. If the British accept it (like Poll Tax) then many other countries would feel that they can do the same, holding up the UK as the perfect example. It worked OK until Brexit and Treason May and all her sordid bullshit. Now, once Boris is kicked out or strung up, the UK will be the laughing stock of the world. I went out to me local garage this morning and people were actually laughing at what a cunt Boris is for trying to bankrupt his country and behave like a dictator. He's a JOKE! Unfortunately, he's taking the UK with him.
  12. Every pig policeman has two testicles hanging between his legs (unless he's a fucking Sumo Wrestler or he's dressed up in military gear). It's amazing the effect that a solid kick has! Where I live, I haven't ever been confronted by Military-style cops, so I don't know where their weakness is. The one weakness that I do know is that they have a home and a family like we do and I wonder if they would appreciate THEIR wives, kids and daughters being punched to the ground.
  13. ‘No peasants, please’: BoJo’s love-in with Bill Gates on Twitter shows just how broken UK democracy really is Neil Clark is a journalist, writer, broadcaster and blogger. His award winning blog can be found at www.neilclark66.blogspot.com. He tweets on politics and world affairs @NeilClark66 30 Sep, 2020 09:21 Boris Johnson’s effusive response to a tweet from Bill Gates, which the public couldn’t comment on, and the draconian restrictions imposed on the UK without debate are indicative of the way democracy has been suspended in 2020. Prime Minister Johnson (or at least the person operating his account), doesn’t respond to ordinary members of the public raising issues with him on Twitter. He doesn’t respond to them by letter either, if my friend’s un-answered postal communication to him is anything to go by. Johnson is there to tell us what to do, not to hear what we have to say. There was no greater example of this than the recent Twitter exchange he had with US billionaire and vaccine promoter Bill Gates. Gates tweeted that it was “great to see” the UK commit “vital funding” (£550m) to a global Covid-19 vaccine scheme, and said that BoJo’s plan would improve “the way we prepare for future crises like this.” I wonder how many tweets Johnson is copied into over the course of a day? But tellingly, the only one the British prime minister replied to was one from an American who has an estimated fortune of $100bn. “Fantastic to have your support Bill,” he declared. Bill and Boris, the Vaxx Brothers. High-fiving each other on social media in an orgy of mutual congratulation. ‘You’re fantastic, Boris!’ ‘Well, I think you’re pretty fantastic too, Bill!’ If the exchange made you want to reach for the sick bucket, and then leave a comment on the Gates/Johnson lovefest – perhaps to ask quite reasonably if BoJo had consulted with the British taxpayer first, before pledging another huge amount to a vaccine scheme – then forget it. Both Gates and Johnson turned off the ‘open to all replies’ to their tweets. How ‘democratic’ was that? For me, the Gates-Johnson Twitter exchange demonstrates quite clearly where we are, democracy-wise, in 2020. An American multi-billionaire has better access to the UK prime minister than British citizens have. It’s the American plutocrat who the PM rushes to respond to on social media, not Joe Public, who elected him, less than one year ago. And no one is allowed to answer either man back. We’re all a bunch of peasants, don’t you see? Davos Man only ever engages with fellow Davos Man. Or, as George Carlin put it, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club.” Looking back, I don’t think there’s been a prime minister in British history who has treated the people who voted for him with such contempt as Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Consider this: the ‘reward’ for Red Wall working-class voters in the north of England for giving Bullingdon Boy Johnson the Christmas present of a parliamentary majority of 80 last December has been to be locked down, and their own family festive seasons threatened with the nightmare prospect of police gatecrashing Christmas dinner to make arrests. On the day that Johnson was drooling over Gates, his Health Secretary Matt Hancock was banning two million people in the north-east from socialising anywhere indoors. Throughout 2020, such dystopian, anti-human rules have regularly been announced, usually late at night, through leaks to the press. There has not been even the most cursory public debate. To add insult to injury, regulations, when published, have included new powers which were not even made public beforehand. For example, the latest diktat from Johnson’s increasingly authoritarian regime includes bans on singing (by customers in groups more than six) and dancing in pubs. People only knew about this once the statutory instrument was published online. Part of the problem is where we are in the electoral cycle. Dr. Johnson – no relation to Boris, I’m pleased to say – famously said that when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight it concentrates his mind wonderfully; by the same measure nothing concentrates a politician’s mind more than the fact that he or she soon has to face re-election. MPs are jolly nice to us when an election is looming, and they desperately need our vote to keep their £81,000 p.a. – plus generous allowances – gig. But when there isn’t one due for another four-and-a-half years, they tend to show their true colours. That’s what’s happened in 2020. ‘Bouncing Boris’, the cheerful, freedom-loving, Churchill-idolising libertarian has – with an 80-seat majority in the bag – morphed into Boris the dictator. They said we’d all be laughing when BoJo the Jester became prime minister: believe me, no one’s laughing in Britain now. After six months of seeing centuries-old freedoms taken away from us, some Tory backbenchers are, to their credit, finally stirring from their slumbers and trying to force a vote on an amendment to the Coronavirus Act, which would give MPs the right to debate any more restrictions. But their cause, and our cause, would undoubtedly be stronger if all this was happening in 2019, the year before an election, rather than the year after one. This year has exposed a number of serious fault lines in the way Britain operates, not least the way the public has such little influence over its politicians just after a general election. We urgently need better mechanisms, not just for recalling MPs who don’t listen to their constituents, but for sacking prime ministers – and governments – who overstep the mark, too, and forget that they’re only in power because voters put them there. Or perhaps we all need to dress up as Gates to get Johnson and his clique to pay us any attention.
  14. We Need to Talk About Proteins — The Ronascam, The Vaccines, and Genetic Patents SEPTEMBER 26, 2020 By Julie Beal There’s a lot more to this ronascam than we first thought – I did a little digging, to understand the new vaccines, and it became clear that part of the ‘reset’ the UN and WEF have announced is a future dominated by proteins and genetic hybrids. There are genetically engineered proteins for vaccines, brewed in bioreactors inside cells from insects or bacteria, and there are bioreactors for ‘food’ products, etc., and a whole range of things, including pharmaceuticals. Proteins are also what the ronavax are all about, with some of them even using ‘fake DNA’ to turn our own bodies into bioreactors, churning out the proteins the genetic code instructs us to. Your body is a protein factory. Why pay for a bioreactor and wait months for them to ‘grow’? Injecting the code straight into us saves time and money. The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) vaccines are totally different to any vaccines that have been approved before, and yet they’ve been in development for over twenty years. There have been some genetic treatments made available, so why have no vaccines for humans been licensed? The investors want results, to bring the products to market, and now a global experiment is being proposed. The novel ingredients in the ronavax include DNA plasmids, modified mRNA, lipid nanoparticles, and the adenovirus envelope; but none of these have been licensed for humans before either! The vaccines are plug-and-play ‘therapeutics’, so they are using the same platform each time but with a different genetic insert. They are all much cheaper and quicker to produce than the standard vaccines. Patents for some of these platforms refer to the inclusion of xeno nucleic acid (XNAs), or unnatural amino acids (for instance, to produce mRNA) – these are synthetic analogues of ‘the real thing’. ‘Xeno’ means ‘not found in nature’ or ‘alien’. The ronavax may also contain novel molecular adjuvants – that’s because genetic vaccines (let’s call them ‘genvax’) are said to need a lot of adjuvants, to make you have a strong immune response (pah!) – so instead of just the usual toxins being added (such as alum), more genetic code is added, e.g. for cytokines – this is also a very new and worrying gimmick. The vaccines are part of the field of gene therapy which has managed to bring some treatments to market for serious illnesses such as cancer and diseases caused by missing or defective genes, but not so for the many vaccines, using the same platforms, which have also been designed and tested. All of the platforms have been tested for over twenty years – there’s been a lot of tweaking of methods with some apparent success, but no profit. There have been at least two deaths and a lot of illness and adverse events during trials, most of which are said to be under-reported. During the inquiry into Jesse Gelsinger’s death, for instance, “the FDA and NIH revealed that 691 volunteers in gene-therapy experiments had either died or fallen ill in the seven years before Jesse’s death; only 39 of these incidents had been reported promptly as required.” It’s acknowledged by the experts that there’s a chance of cancer, autoimmune diseases and other problems, but they don’t say what happened to people more than a year or two after clinical trials, because nobody seems to check! Millions of $ have been poured into genvax and other gene therapies, but still nothing has been brought to market – why? Perhaps the ronascam is partly about overcoming the problems with getting genvax to market quickly – the laws arising from the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) have blocked many genetic patents from success over the years, but it seems to be giving up its power to the WHO! Bill Gates seems?? to have tried to influence the CBD about gene drives in 2017. The Nagoya Protocol and the Cartagena Protocol of the CBD are clearly standing in the way of a ‘free and open market’ for genetic products and patents, but the ronascam could enable the WHO to reframe Agenda 21 in favour of biotech. From now on, no matter what, the answer will be: “Because virus!” Ultimately, the ronavax could open the door to more and more genetic patents, involving ‘alien’ life forms, etc., which could lead to the loss of biodiversity. Crikey, this is going to take a lot of explaining … so keep taking a breather! I’ve written a series of articles, packed full of original sources, most of which are academic, peer-reviewed articles, and are freely available online. I’ll begin here with a short overview of my forthcoming articles about the connection between the ronascam, the vaccines, and the control of genetics. Ronavax Rundown – a quick guide to the ronavax and what is said to be in them. A Guide to the Ronavax – Understanding the Experimental Coronavirus Vaccines – more detail about the types of ronavax winning the race, who is making them, and how they work. Gates’ way to genetic control? Here comes the EA Swine Flu! The main selling point of genvax is their super-quick turnaround time – just give the vax makers the genetic sequence, and they can whip up a ‘cure’ in no time. And it could be claimed the vector is the same and has been trialled, so all that’s needed is to SHARE the data globally so they can design some new genetic code for a vaccine, and save the world from the new swine flu. Ronavax Roulette – Potential problems with the corona-virus vaccines – the potential ill effects of the vaccines, as suggested by the World Health Organization, and by geneticists themselves; a look at previous trials and what went wrong when using much the same platforms, including the deaths of Jesse Gelsinger and Ashanthi DeSilva, and the shocking consequences of the TeGenero incident; molecular adjuvants. WHO’s in Charge of Biodiversity? Biotech means messing with DNA in so many ways, but has been scuppered thus far by the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD), Cartagena and Nagoya Protocols. This includes patents involving genetics. Even countries who are not signatories are restricted by the Protocols when it involves a relationship with a country that is a signatory. The WHO is now claiming a link between health and the environment. And did Bill Gates try to influence the CBD about gene drives in 2017? Protein shame – the darkest side of biotechnology; the rise of so-called therapeutics and so-called food based on proteins. The future being planned for us involves food replacement (as detailed by Ice Age Farmer) from upcycled chicken and grains to proteins produced in bioreactors, such as Gates’ fake meat and breast milk. Some biotech industries rely on animal cruelty, questionable abortions, and the lust for young blood and tissue in the quest for regeneration. Ronavax – understanding synthetic biology and XNA – which scientists also call ‘alien DNA’ because it is ‘not of this world’ and the potential reprogramming of our physical reality. Plus a look at the use of XNA in gene therapy; for instance, the mRNA used in the ronavax is almost real, but not quite – it uses nucleotide analogues for parts of the code that’s created. There is also a push to use XNA as a ‘genetic firewall’ against viruses, as it is said this would be safer than using gentech based purely on natural DNA.
  15. A Guide to the Ronavax — Understanding the Experimental Coronavirus Vaccines SEPTEMBER 26, 2020 By Julie Beal Around 150 vaccines are being developed for the alleged* rona virus, but the ones that deserve the most attention are the ones winning contracts and/or being trialled already, because their success is almost guaranteed. Some people want them, some never think about it, and others worry they could be coerced or physically forced to get them. The thing is, everyone should have access to information so they can make informed choices about what is right. Two of these ronavax are vaguely similar to the kind of vaccines that have been licensed in the past. One is made by Sanofi/GSK – selected for Operation Warp Speed in the U.S., this vaccine contains proteins that are made in a bioreactor, using genetically engineered baculoviruses and insect cells. This is a method of protein engineering. Novavax, also funded by the US government uses a similar technique, but packages the proteins in nanoparticles. The idea behind these vax is the same as ‘normal’ vaccines, because the proteins are designed to look like the ones the rona is said to make (usually referred to as the spike or ‘S’ protein) so that your body reacts to them as if they were ‘the real thing’. All the others are genetic vaccines, or ‘genvax’. They are very experimental, because they gain access to your cells and get you to be the bioreactor and make the proteins yourself. This is done by smuggling genetic instructions into your cells, using one of three methods: Adenoviruses which have been genetically modified to contain or ‘express’ the gene of interest (used by AstraZeneca and J&J/Janssen) Lipid nanoparticles with mRNA (used by Pfizer/BioNTech, Curevac, and Moderna) DNA plasmids (used by INOVIO, a company worth noting because of its novel techniques, strategic partnerships and product pipeline) They are all ‘delivery vehicles’ or ‘vectors’ – a way to get the DNA/mRNA into your cells. They are all methods used in gene therapy. If the ronavax are licensed, not only could gene therapy become very big business, but restrictions on genetic patents could be loosened. Most current gene therapy products are for very specific conditions, e.g. LUXTURNA which uses the RPE65 gene for patients with an inherited retinal disease. However, because genvax use the same techniques, getting the ronavax to market could begin a new era of busy production lines in bio-factories, meaning they could also churn out some of the other ‘therapeutics’ that have been planned. DNA and mRNA are said to be ‘the software of life’ and the possibilities are endless. So, perhaps, are the dangers. Because, whilst the platform or vector remain the same, the software doesn’t. For each new application, or disease, a new genetic code is designed on computers. Then, the new code is added to the chosen vector, whether it’s synthetic adenoviruses, bacterial plasmids, or nanoparticles. And each new code is a new risk. So, perhaps, is combining the codes – having more than one genetic vaccine, or drug, could create unforeseen effects. Some of these platforms have patents which describe the use of XNA (xeno nucleic acids), as well as the lab-made DNA/mRNA – and all sorts of other things you might not realise! Since they are all genetic vaccines, let’s call them ‘genvax’. They are very hard to understand when nobody has explained anything, but this series of articles will give information on some of the basics so you can wrap your head around it all! [*The rona virus can only be ‘alleged’ because no causal link between what the rona tests are detecting, and any illness deemed to be ‘covid’, has been established. All we have to go on is ‘the news’, anecdotal reports, guesses, and a genetic sequence of ‘the rona’ provided by Zhang and Holmes by January 10th, 2020, and the abomination of ‘involving covid’ in the statistics. Be sure, at least, to check the mortality figures provided by your government and compare them to previous years! Most of the people who died in the beginning were already ill and old, and the lockdown meant their level of care was substantially reduced.] The top seven ronavax, in terms of contracts awarded, are described below. Bear in mind that all of these vaccines: Are genetically modified or engineered (and some of them also contain genetic instructions for the body). Have been in development for a range of diseases for over 30 years. Received funding and support from the big boys. Can be tested and produced at enormous scale, according to the companies that make them (although hardly anyone is trained to do this because it’s never been done before). Have NEVER been licensed. Only a handful of DNA vaccines have ever been licensed but they are all for veterinary use (e.g. for pigs and chickens). The Frontrunners AstraZeneca AZD1222; replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vector; developed with Oxford University, and originally called ChAdOx1 nCoV-19; this vector has been used in trials for others vaccines, e.g. RSV vax; uses fetal cells in production; to be sold at cost; agreements with CEPI, GAVI and the Serum Institute of India to manufacture the vax. Funded by BARDA and NIH. About 60% of 1,000 participants in the phase 1/2 trial experienced side effects, and the study was put on hold because someone developed transverse myelitis, which is an inflammation of the spinal cord. It was later said to be an “unrelated neurological illness”. Phase 3 trials were also put on hold due to an adverse event for a UK participant. An informed consent form for this trial stated that effects would probably be mild to moderate, but could be severe, and that “you might experience pain resulting in some difficulty moving your arm, but this should resolve within a few days.” Other concerns were also stated, such as the possibility of enhanced disease and Guillain-Barré syndrome. More trials planned in America and Russia. A trial of ChAdOx1 85A prime with MVA85A boost (for tuberculosis) reported unsolicited adverse events, which included lymphopaenia, neutropaenia leukopaenia, eosinophilia and thrombocytopaenia, as determined by blood tests. One participant got shingles a month after the trial, but this was considered unrelated. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reported: “Lead developer Andrew Pollard juggles scandalous conflicts that allow him to license, register, and mandate his own untested vaccines to the masses. Pollard is Senior Advisor to Britain’s MRHA Panel which licenses vaccines, chairs Britain’s JVCI committee that mandates them, and advises the European Medicine Agency (EMA). He takes payments from virtually all the big vaccine makers.” Struck a deal with Ethris in 2017 to use their proprietary mRNA technology for respiratory diseases. AstraZeneca may also be using, or planning to use, XNA in some of their products, e.g. modified mRNA and anti-sense oligonucleotides, as well as modified proteins, peptides and recombinant enzymes. Dose capacity 2.94 billion Novavax NVX-CoV2373; recombinant nanoparticle vax using Matrix M™ adjuvant; $1.6 billion in funding from Operation Warp Speed plus funding from Dept of Defense, HHS and CEPI; doses for US citizens supplied at no cost; research trial with mice for MERS-COV vax in 2014 with funding from the NIH; flu vax called NanoFlu being trialled (the next step is to file for approval!) but gave up on their Ebola glycoprotein vax after phase 1; trials for their RSV vax called ResVax were also unsuccessful. In 2013, Novavax filed a patent application for a vax using an “immunogenic composition comprising a MERS-CoV nanoparticle”. Dose capacity 1.35 billion Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2; using BioNTech’s nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) platform which encodes an optimized SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain (RBD) antigen, and Acuitas Therapeutics’ lipid nanoparticles; several constructs being tested. In the phase I/II trial, one of the twelve participants who received the 100 µg dose (the highest dose) experienced severe pain at the injection site, and this group did not receive a second dose as planned. A fifth construct was announced at the start of September, and they all “use different mRNA formats and target antigens. Like its latest addition, dubbed BNT162b3, the two fast-tracked candidates use a nucleoside-modified RNA, or modRNA, while another prospect uses a uridine-containing mRNA, or uRNA, and the fourth uses self-amplifying mRNA.” Phase III trials are to include people with HIV and Hepatitis. Large manufacturing capacity. Early attempts used naked RNA, and were aimed at cancer. Founded in 2008, BioNTech’s partners have included Pfizer, Sanofi, Roche, Eli Lilly and Bayer. Product pipeline: 19 cancer vax, one for flu, one for covid, one undisclosed, others to follow, e.g. a HIV vaccine with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Dose capacity 1.3 billion Sanofi/GSK (with TranslateBio) Adjuvanted recombinant protein-based vaccine. This technology produces an exact genetic match to proteins found on the surface of the virus, which are then expressed using Sanofi’s insect (baculovirus) expression platform. The technology is used for Sanofi’s licensed recombinant influenza vaccine and a SARS vaccine. Funding of up to $2.1 billion from the U.S. government as part of Operation Warp Speed. Supported by CEPI and Gates Foundation, funded by BARDA; agreement with TranslateBio since 2018 to deliver mRNA vax for up to five infectious diseases; busy building manufacturing facilities; Sanofi Pasteur has four genvax ‘in discovery’, meaning they have not yet begun trials; TranslateBio has four vax that can be inhaled. The baculovirus expression platform is protein engineering in a bioreactor, i.e. producing genetically modified proteins in insect cells. This platform is used to make Cervarix® and Flublok®. Curevac RNActive platform with mRNA and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs); backed by Gates Foundation; partnered with CEPI; has “an extensive in-house nucleotide sequence library” and has developed a portable RNA printer; product pipeline includes CV7202 rabies vaccine, several others in pre-clinical development including cancer vax and CAS-9 gene editing. Their leading program, for prostate cancer vax CV0104, encoded six antigens, and is detailed in this research paper from 2014. It failed a phase II trial in 2017 and appears to have been discontinued. The only one being trialled now is CV7202 (phase I). Trials for ronavax have not yet begun. J&J/Janssen Based on its AdVac and PER.C6 platform technologies; funding from BARDA; manufacturing capacity is being increased; The AdVac platform has been used in a number of clinical trials. According to this WHO document from 2016, vaccines for meningitis, RSV, ebola, prostate cancer, and Staph. Aureus had reached phase I trial, whilst vaccines for malaria, TB, HCV, HIV, and pandemic flu, had reached phase II trials. Moderna mRNA1273; Moderna’s mRNA is delivered in lipid nanoparticles, description of its platform also serves to describe mRNA platforms by other companies: “… an entirely new in vivo drug technology that produces human proteins, antibodies and entirely novel protein constructs inside patient cells, which are in turn secreted or active intracellularly. This breakthrough platform addresses currently undruggable targets” funding from ? partnered with Merck and AstraZeneca in ? https://ir.serestherapeutics.com/news-releases/news-release-details/four-boston-biotech-firms-worth-watching delivered the first “clinical-grade batch” of mRNA-1273 just 42 days after sequence selection “Why are we so passionate about messenger RNA?” Moderna President Stephen Hoge asked the attentive audience. “It starts with the question of life,” he explained. “And in fact, all life that we know flows through messenger RNA. … In our language, mRNA is the software of life.” Lots of investment has been raised since it was founded in 2012 and included partnerships with DARPA, AstraZeneca and Merck and funding from the Gates Foundation. Generally perceived to have been operating “in stealth mode” until its plans were revealed at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in 2017. Moderna was the first company to publish results of a phase I study for the alleged rona, on the 18th of May, 2020. The study was conducted by the NIH. The results announced by the company have received criticism, plus three people experienced systemic symptoms after receiving a second injection of the high dose. Funding for mRNA-1273 from BARDA; manufacturing contracts with Lonza and Catalent. A full round up of Moderna’s product pipeline is in their SEC report, and there are tons of updates here. Their ventures include Onkaido (oncology), Valera (infectious diseases), Elpidera, (rare diseases), and Caperna, (personalized cancer vaccines). Moderna is using Amazon Cloud Services to help deliver personalized cancer vax. The phase III trial of mRNA-1273 is due to be completed in October 2022. Moderna has done a $1.525 billion deal to supply the US government with 100 million doses. The sobering reality that nobody likes to talk about is the legal bit at the end of some of the press releases: “The forward-looking statements in this press release are neither promises nor guarantees, and you should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements because they involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, many of which are beyond Moderna’s control and which could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. These risks, uncertainties, and other factors include, among others: the fact that there has never been a commercial product utilizing mRNA technology approved for use; the fact that the rapid response technology in use by Moderna is still being developed and implemented; the fact that the safety and efficacy of mRNA-1273 has not yet been established; potential adverse impacts due to the global COVID-19 pandemic such as delays in regulatory review, manufacturing and clinical trials, supply chain interruptions, adverse effects on healthcare systems and disruption of the global economy; and those other risks and uncertainties described under the heading “Risk Factors” in Moderna’s most recent Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and in subsequent filings made by Moderna with the SEC, which are available on the SEC’s website at www.sec.gov” INOVIO INO-4800; DNA plasmids are injected, then electrical pulses are administered to the injection site. This is called electroporation, and it’s to help the DNA get into the cells – mRNA vaccines only need to enter the cell, while DNA vaccines have to reach the cell nucleus. Funding from the US Dept of Defense to develop the proprietary CELLECTRA 2000 device, used for electroporation; as well as funding from Gates Foundation and CEPI. “To develop a new vaccine, Inovio first converts the virus’ RNA into DNA and identifies short sections that will, according to computer simulations, generate the greatest immune response. The plasmids are then produced in large quantities using bacteria”. The first company, partnered with GeneOne, with a MERS vaccine (GLS-5300) to get to phase II in clinical trials; the initial phase I study was conducted in partnership with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and the results presented to the WHO-IVI Joint Symposium for MERS-CoV Vaccine Development in 2018. Development of the MERS vax was supported by a $34 million grant from the Samsung Foundation through the International Vaccine Institute, and $56 million from CEPI. Inovio’s pipeline includes INO-5151 for prostate cancer, INO-1800 for hepatitis B virus, GLS-6150 for hepatitis C virus, INO-4212 for Ebola virus, GLS-5300 for Middle East respiratory syndrome, GLS-5700 for Zika virus infection, PENNVAX-GP for human immunodeficiency virus and INO-4500 for Lassa fever virus. Development of a prophylactic vaccine has been hampered by the lack of MERS-CoV infections, “as well as sourcing suitable small animal models [75, 97, 104]. These factors complicate the definition of a target population for mass prophylactic vaccination and pre-clinical demonstration of vaccine efficacy.” Like the other genvax, INOVIO’s DNA plasmid vax claim to be “off-the-shelf” products, i.e. cold storage is not required, as well as rapid development times, plus they’re relatively cheap to manufacture, and large quantities can be produced. Partners include ApolloBio, Astra Zeneca, DARPA, National Cancer Institute, Regeneron, CEPI, Gates Foundation, and a host of others. INOVIO’s lead candidate is said to be VGX-3100 (for precancerous cervical dysplasia). INOVIO uses HEK-293t cells (this is a fetal cell line). The company are currently faced with lack of manufacturing facilities, but they have some strategic partnerships and plenty of products in the pipeline.
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