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  1. Why do you keep deleting my comment. You allow others to call me a disinformant and to talk all sorts of crap and when I retaliate it's not okay?
  2. @Truthspoon Total Dunning Kruger. It is no secret whatsoever that many church fathers have openly espoused neoplatonism including the first systematic theologian of Christianity, Origen, as well as Clement of Alexandria who even admitted Greek philosophy was canonically incorporated into Christianity as I show at 34:30 in the video again proving that you haven't even watched it. You deserve no further attention out of your abundance of disrespect towards me and false sense of learning. By the way Porphyry was said to have been a Christian at one point and did not disagree with any of the teachings of Christianity. Porphyry's "aim was not to disprove the substance of Christianity's teachings but rather the records within which the teachings are communicated" per wiki.
  3. @Grumpy Owl I am a nationalist and believe the bible. I already know 99% of people here are my enemies. A disagreement is not an argument. No one has challenged a single thing I've said. These commenters are not discerning at all, they are grown men who are emotionally desposed having mental meltdowns behind their computer screens.
  4. @Truthspoon All Jews were banned from the Jesuits in 1593 until the mid twentieth century. There is also no evidence that Loyola was a converso. Loyola was handled by Francis Borja anyways. @HistoryIsComplex You did not watch the video. I made clear there is a division in the church between the monastics and traditionalists.
  5. I would instead ask you if you are here to actually moderate the forum as both other replies are calling me a disinformant without addressing a single thing I said.
  6. FREEMASONRY DEMYSTIFIED: Its organizational structure and rule being the Benedictine monastic precepts; its ecumenical spiritual character having been inherited from the essence of the Christian religion which is to say neoplatonism; its primary secret owing origin to Meister Eckhart and its worldly action being informed by the prophecy of Joachim of Fiore in accordance with the Jesuit Order at the helm of said prophecy This documentary contains a never before done tracing of the lineage of freemasonic doctrine to Christian neoplatonic mysticism/monasticism and specifically to the monk Mesiter Eckhart. It also contains original exposition on the freemasons' gnostic goals with regard to the Third Age prophecy of Joachim of Fiore and the Jesuit Order. This is a novel, groundbreaking history and analysis of freemasony, the enlightenment and new world religion, which is not a new religion at all, but is one stemming from ancient times within the monasteries. I also show in the first part of the video how the offices and rules of the masonic lodges are based on the Benedictine precepts for structuring monastic life and community.
  7. Joachim of Fiore's Third Age. The Jesuits view themselves as fullfillers of this prophecy. In the Third Age, all disciplinary and hierarchical institutions are to be destroyed and the economy of the monastery is to be transposed onto the world. As in monkery, sexual relations will be off-limits to males. Sex will be designated exclusively to the elites who have all the money to breed with women while the rest of men left after depopulation are celibate worker ants benefiting the elites as described by Charles Galton Darwin in his book The Next Million years. This will of course all be ushered in through technocracy and transhumanism, which was championed by Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard De Chardin. So the Darwinian capitalists stand to benefit from the Jesuit Joachitic Third Age. The Southern Israelite channel has made excellent articles and videos about this.
  8. You are going on a tangent now. These comments have nothing to do with the video in question.
  9. This is an attempt to move the goalposts. The Jesuits are very mush Christian and Catholic. They believe in all of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity i.e. the ecumenical councils. The difference is they are more consistent with what Christianity reduces to which is to say communism. Hence the vow of poverty.
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