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  1. Recently in my town they have been replacing the street lamps. I could be over thinking it but I thought fuck it I’m going to ask them what they are doing. Apparently they are converting them to energy saving bulbs, I questioned as to why they need to replace the whole top of the light and why it’s now got an aerial on top they couldn't come up with any reasonable answer. I’m convinced it’s do with the 5g rollout which is coming soon 

  2. 1 hour ago, Freddie505 said:

    Anyone watching this lying bitch on uk channel 5 right now?


    trying to get volunteers for the vaccine trials

    She’s a vile specimen, I very rarely wish harm on people but I make an exception for her 

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  3. 11 hours ago, samlou8 said:

    How do I find out about upcoming protests against corona/5g? Missed one today in Sheffield. Obviously a Google search brings up nothing! 

     If you have Instagram follow standupx and also save our rights uk these are the main organisers of the current protests 

  4. 2 hours ago, Jikwan said:

    Pretty much all of the top consp. speakers are encouraging the same one solution........do not comply! We are the many, they are the few.......they have power only because we give it to them......resist, stand your ground......dont do as they tell you......reclaim your power......take to the steets

    All of the above is the same message. It is not working very well. In my opinion is not the solution. All this talk sounds good, sounds right.

    "If we dont comply....what can they do?

    They will speak harshly to you

    They throw you to the ground and beat you badly

    They arrest you and throw you into the cells

    They give you heavy fines

    They terminate your employment

    They make it extemely difficult to get another job

    They threaten you or your family

    For breaking their rules they take you to court and sentence you to long years of incarceration

    They can arrest you and detain you indefinately without court appearances

    They can freeze your bank accounts

    They can fine you heavily for speaking out against official narrative

    They can kill you

    You dont wear a facemask/social distance.....the programmed sheep attack/shame you

    Your messages are deleted, accounts suspended

    Your computer keeps getting glitches


    Those are some of the things they can do and actually....do...if you dont comply


    Non compliance hasnt worked so well


    We not going about solving the problem in the right way


    Have i got the right solutions?


    I have some out of the box ideas


    What are they?


    Probably get kicked off the forum if i voiced them

     What do you suggest then? 

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