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  1. These are great but you can grow potatoes in anything really, an old bucket, a bin bag, large flowerpot. They’re really easy to grow
  2. Recently in my town they have been replacing the street lamps. I could be over thinking it but I thought fuck it I’m going to ask them what they are doing. Apparently they are converting them to energy saving bulbs, I questioned as to why they need to replace the whole top of the light and why it’s now got an aerial on top they couldn't come up with any reasonable answer. I’m convinced it’s do with the 5g rollout which is coming soon
  3. I think it might be this information that you are after
  4. “Long COVID” “Bubble” “Unprecedented times” boils my piss
  5. She’s a vile specimen, I very rarely wish harm on people but I make an exception for her
  6. If you have Instagram follow standupx and also save our rights uk these are the main organisers of the current protests
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