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  1. Well... I expect a 2nd lockdown VERY imminent now (reason below paragraph). Probably would make sense before the protest rally happens in the next two weeks or so. Below I copied and pasted from my previous comment on ''COVID MEGA'' page something.


    Guess what guys, seems like a 2nd lockdown is happening... This is because they've been ordered to go into lockdown due to CASES LOL. This is how they're going to justify what they've done? By killing OLD people then saying ''the virus is deadly, look it killed old people again cause you young whippersnappers hate granny'' Seriously, Matt Hancock needs jail time for life and literally know the true meaning of suffering... Hopefully, the public remembers WHY there was a spike in deaths and maybe think ''oh perhaps the government is bloodthirsty hmmm''.

    (source link below of death rates from locking down care homes...)

    (source link below of ordering care homes back into lockdown)

  2. Guess what guys, seems like a 2nd lockdown is happening... This is because they've been ordered to go into lockdown due to CASES LOL. This is how they're going to justify what they've done? By killing OLD people then saying ''the virus is deadly, look it killed old people again cause you young whippersnappers hate granny'' Seriously, Matt Hancock needs jail time for life and literally know the true meaning of suffering... Hopefully, the public remembers WHY there was a spike in deaths and maybe think ''oh perhaps the government is bloodthirsty hmmm''.

    (source link below of death rates from locking down care homes...)

    (source link below of ordering care homes back into lockdown)


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  3. 39 minutes ago, HAARPING_On said:

    So, what I have been thinking for some time now starts to gain some traction if we do a bit of dot joining...


    Oakwise posts the video about sheep getting a nasal DNA test and then we have Number6 & Vinny  posting the news from the government that they want to up the testing capacity to 10 MILLION A DAY by next year....


    So to be clear on that, the government are looking to have the capability of TESTING THE WHOLE COUNTRY IN A WEEK.

    There's obviously many questions that come from this, but once you start asking WHY you start arriving at some answers, and I believe they want to have everyone's DNA on record as part of their "solution" ....


    And while I'm here, I happened to see this on a friend's TV the other night, gave me the absolute creeps, want to know what the future looks like?

    It's this... watch carefully...



    Oh my lord... They're not even hiding it LOL

  4. 11 minutes ago, Problem child said:

    I find it hard to see this happening but if it did it would be a great thing! I just think the media and behavioural science team have done such a number on shaping public opinion about covid rule breakers that everyone is too guilt ridden about killing grannies to go out and party, no-one wants to appear selfish. We could do with some more DJ's behind the cause, all seem to be being pussies and keeping quiet while their industry is crumbling. 


    I think there could quite easily be more lockdowns before winter I dont think the public would give much resistance. People I talk to seem to have accepted the idea of possible lockdowns and all seem to think that we just need to 'hunker down, do our bit, get through this winter and it will be ok next year'.  mental.


    Yeah, saw some people who own nightclubs or speak on behalf of them talk about the new grant details today with £500 per week per building the business owns.  They were saying ''well this is good, but still doesn't covers the full costs''. It seems like they ignore my tweets when I say ''Well, by complying with the system, your complying with your enslavement and for a worser lifestyle once it goes under''. Something on those lines, basically saying complying will = pain. They were having talks about re-opening due to covid secure measures and because recent news today and yesterday, seems like that's going away.

    I do just hope they have a plan and as I said to them, ''I don't know if you have a plan, perhaps there is one in places for when the furlough scheme ends, as people don't want to lose their livelihoods.'' 

    Anyways, the next biggest news to wait for is the anti lockdown protest results and the furlough scheme end. 

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  5. 24 minutes ago, rideforever said:

     Also it might have something to do with the news from the Oxford vaccine that looks like it's a dead duck.

    Well it's interesting regarding the vaccine as there were tons of articles saying September would be the date for this vaccine or October time. But that seems to be changing now, but could still happen depending on how much of a success the anti lockdown protest is. They're certainly not in a good position as they've pissed off everyone today which will mean potentially more will attend the protest.

    As David Icke has been saying, the vaccine is already created and will be rolled out when people catch onto the hysteria. He did say himself it would be around September time. So what could be happening is that this is a big push for a 2nd lockdown then roll out the vaccine fast.

    TDLR speculation:
    - Vaccine will probably be still released in October'ish time granted they haven't extended the furlough scheme. No bribe to house arrest = complete and utter civil unrest when people lose their jobs. Todays news will bring more of a negative view on the lockdown for everyone which is good for us. The real vaccine that will be used is probably created already and will roll out before the national protests happen

    - Also something to think about is regarding Trump and his push for a vaccine. He wants to get re-elected and one of these potential criterias is getting a vaccine out, therefore ending lockdown. But I'm so unsure of what will happen, I think he will get the vaccine created furthering his chances of becoming president for 2020 to 2024. Hopefully end the New World Order, but regardless of your view on him (Trump being in the NWO or not), it's a better result then Biden's madness for the time being.


    - We could end up using Russia's vaccine or China, then whatever effects happens from this will lead to a push to war regarding this countries. Doubt this, but just a thought.


    - The risk they play by going with the long game for April's vaccine is that they expose themselves as the New World Order in everyone's eyes. I don't think they want to reveal themselves for this long...


    - Regarding nightclubs, for those of us that likes this type of thing. I do hope and imagine possibly nightclubs might unite together for when late October hits and just re-open themselves up regardless of what the government says. Many are VERY close to going bust and well people like me who are young and want to go clubbing and have a good time, couldn't give a crap about what the government says.


    -Another good point to mention from the previous one, is that Freshers week is coming up, people will want to meet people. This will probably result in a very swift 2nd lockdown. As people will meet each other due to a need of human contact.


    - Unsure about what will happen regarding quantitative easing. People have been paid for free and there's mass printed currency in circulation. I do think at some point mass inflation will hit us to wipe away the middle class. There cannot be no consequences from just using the printer... I do wonder if the effects will hit once furlough ends... Idk

    - Overall, I do think today's news was very good as it's putting people off by the idea of a rushed out created vaccine and the civil unrest from the shit news. 

    Might have to get myself some gym equipment, not sure. Don't wanna go without another month (or however long...) of not training, considering I mostly got back to where I was ... 🙄🙄🙄 or hopefully humanity wake up before the 2nd lockdown happens... One would hope.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    One thing though, is that these entitled mentality folk who will bowl into their orifices when they can be bothered to go back, will start demanding extra working from home.............. then boom their bosses will eventually figure out why am I paying this lazy fker 3grand a month to work from home when I could pay some lazy fker in India 300 pounds a month instead! Mass working from home will lead to mass outsourcing - always be careful what you wish for!

    Exactly, why hire someone from the UK working from home when labour is cheaper in places like India.

    I was just thinking before I go to sleep is Agenda 21 against Agenda 30. They're running the real risk in waking people up and me thinks Agenda 21 is an experiment. Perhaps Agenda 30 will be the nail in the coffin type deal.

    I haven't read the differences between them so, I apologise for that. Anyways, good night.

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  7. 29 minutes ago, Someone2630 said:

    I would rather lose my job, than lose my life. Try your best to INFORM people about what is going on. Boycott everything that you possibly can who try to force you to muzzle up. Join the mass protests.


    I abhor violence, but as things are going, I can see Civil War breaking out in the USA and across Europe as well. WE ARE ALL PISSED OFF, you are not alone.


    There are a whole lot of billionaires and politicians that deserve to spend the rest of their lives in PRISON for mass murder. YOU helped elect these clowns vote for any party that they try to ban. The BNP spring to mind. I may disagree with a lot of their politics, but the fact that they are vilified gives a reason to vote for them, same all over Europe., but we seem to be very short on these as well.

    Well, I've never voted in my life as I'm only 20 years old except for Europe referendum party where I voted UKIP for. I never voted for tories or labour and don't plan on doing so and yeah, I do boycott the facemasks. Never worn one in my life. I perhaps may just say ''Eugenicist sympathiser'' to all those who want me to comply type thing. As the same government lets loads of autistic people and elderly die through DNR orders, and denying terminal ill to healthcare.

    But don't keep saying I voted for these people... I was aware of the whole agenda situation at 16...

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  8. I am completely aware of this @Someone2630 As stated, I'm not planning to take the vaccine. I've been aware of this whole madness from the start of the lockdown thank you, I can assure you I'm not a moron. I've already been going against the system. I'm asking for predictions type thing.

    EDIT: Can't exactly take on the world on my own and defy everything if it means I'm at risk of losing my job. Everyone has a part to play.

  9. Hi All


    Does anyone have some predictions for when the lockdown will end and if there's going to be the so called 2nd lockdown???

    Based on what's happening it seems like there will be a vaccine which will released next month or early November. This'll mean we hopefully go back to mostly normality, hopefully no facemasks and other covid measures one would hope. Otherwise I can imagine the outcry from the public if we're still in lockdown with ZERO income when we don't have a job. 

    Kind of just wanna go nightclubbing already, I'm so fed up of this lockdown and no, I won't be taking the vaccine haha. Mental health has been affected quite a lot from not being able to socialise.

    So yeah, what do people think will happen? Furlough ends in October then great crash of world wide currencies into a global one digital currency system, back to normal type deal? Let me know your thoughts.

    Kind regards


  10. Anyways, I'm going not going to continue with those forum posts. I get so mad at the situation we're in and people blindly following the system. But at least I tried to get them to wake up from this madness. But probably because they believe in the whole LGBT agenda of pronouns, there's no hope in such people to begin with.

    EDIT: I think as well, using the pro leftie websites and state owned media against people pro lockdown is a good way of handling this situation. Because people blindly follow the BBC so if an article on there that talks about DNR orders on autistic people because they had covid. That'll be a way of waking people up from this. They certainly haven't made me changed my whole view on the matter and now made me more willing to challenge people who may say ''Put this mask on will you''. 

    Virus is a hoax and if it's real, it's handled so poorly by top university educated people. It's not coincidence but merely a plan. I never went to a university but can see how it could be handled better....

  11. A few replies I received regarding the DNR order as arguements was that we needed it due to poor management of the budgets. Then they defended the choice of DNR. But that means they're totally okay with people dying from a heart attack just because they had covid...

  12. Guys. You haven't made a single ARGUMENT still yet to my post other then saying ''well that's unconvincing.''. The problem is that we're in a one party state and any challenging opinion just get completely disregarded. I think that's quite literally the idea of facisim which is to disapprove everyone who goes against the states narrative.

    Why couldn't the government shield those who are at risk of the virus? The young people aren't at RISK from this virus. Why are we DESTROYING the economy when it could be handled better? Why couldn't we allow healthy people to keep going to work and keep the economy going (majority of people) and look after those at risk? That hasn't happened... We have 10 milion people on furlough. Do you not understand the costs of this?


    This lockdown has been a way of destroying our way of lives and so many people in October won't have a job to come back to if the lockdown is still here. Don't even get me started on the vaccine which will not have enough safety checks and be rushed our when it typically take 3 years to develop. They'll probably release the unsafe vaccine this year to quell the outcry when people have lost their homes and jobs.

    Also a good point to mention WE NEVER went into lockdown for any other pandemics in the past. Why now? The VIRUS has been blown out of proportion and isn't as scary as the BBC is always trying to make you believe.

    Please provide arguments TO these points and my original post. You guys can't answer it because there's nothing to defend. Other then pickout points where ''A criminal did this to the bus driver''. Right, well does everyone in humanity spit on people on purpose???? The government has killed the elderly...

    Here's a video of China partying in Wuhan in August

    Oh yeah, by the way guys. Denying people of healthcare unexpectedly and marking them as a death from Covid is not right. It was the terminal illness that kills them, not a virus... BECAUSE THEY GOT NO TREATMENT.
  13. Another reply to someone saying, we should have face masks because bus drivers get spat at.

    so because someone spat at someone. WE ALL MUST WEAR FACE MASKS? Where's your point here because I'm not seeing it.

    Because someone stabbed someone in London, DO WE CONFISCATE ALL KNIFES? This is the logic that you're coming with.

    Goodnight, it's 1:51 AM. The statistics TELL themselves at the end of the day.

  14. RELATING TO UK ANTI LOCKDOWN PROTESTS. It's in reply to David Icke believing in reptiles
    I couldn't care if he believed in it or not. How is that significant? The government has NOT acted in a logical manner. It's actually so easy to even defend the government when they're paying for you to be under HOUSE ARREST via the furlough scheme.

    You haven't made any arguments against my post except for what David Icke believe in. What if I said, I don't believe in transgenderism and called you insane for thinking it's a thing. You wouldn't be happy with that would you? My point here being is that we can all believe in what we want to believe in regardless of the NORM. But that doesn't make us less then who we are.

    He's made a lot of a good points and you haven't made a single argument to any of the points I mentioned, which he mentions as well! You're acting no better then anyone here by coming to me with your behaviour. It's in a hypocritical.

    PS, things take time to write. You guys behaviour in this forum post has been so rude. You guys come from backgrounds where perhaps being transgender may have not been so accepting and you guys shame me for what I believe in. All of you come after me with no respect. It's like playing chess with a pigeon type situation thinking it's won by flapping it's wings.

    I love humanity and care for it very much so. I'm very passionate in this area because I think it'd be shameful for not talking against this lockdown which are devastating us in so many ways.

  15. Why would we need to wear face mask now in the middle of June for buses? Why was it not at the start despite cases dropping?

    Below is the offical link from the government

    Remember when we had the George Floyd protests in June and even the toppling of the Colston statue when so many people were all together? The cases were dropping from June... Can you explain to me why we need the face masks again please? I don't get why we need them


    They weren't social distancing....

    The face masks is a way of subjugating humanity towards a system of control. You can't talk to people with people with face masks therefore destroying all human interaction.


    Hello All

    Anyone see the UK Anti Lockdown protests? It was a pleasant sight to see considering my mental health that's been affected by this lockdown. So overwhelmed to see this in fact.

    Haven't even seen the BBC report on this matter despite well over 10K people attending this speech. Perhaps it doesn't fit the governments narrative?

    However, what's interesting about the above video is the fact the BBC does not report on the UK Anti Lockdown protest in London AT ALL. The demonstration today will only become a snowball effect from here in growing tensions to end the lockdown.

    Many people have been affected by this lockdown especially small businesses where they go through months of overheads with no INCOME. People's mental health have been affected by this, people have been killed from Do Not Resuscitate order just because they were diagnosed by a ''virus'' known as Covid. I would love to see some people who were for the do not . Because by complying with the system, you're complying for a government who's decision killed many elderly people who needed healthcare treatment, even autistic people.

    Sources relating to DNR orders: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8656957/NHS-told-care-homes-not-resuscitate-orders-residents-height-Covid-crisis.html

    https://metro.co.uk/2020/08/24/care-homes-ordered-not-resuscitate-residents-height-pandemic-13168783/ (TELLING AUTISTIC PEOPLE TO SIGN DNR ORDERS, this is eugenics.)


    https://www.christian.org.uk/news/nhs-asked-some-care-homes-to-place-dnr-orders-on-all-patients-during-pandemic/ (Would love to see ''let's protect the NHS'' people tolerate this)


    I've not seen anyone on this page being anti lockdown but in fact, ''all for lockdown''. There's something commendable to break your way of life to help the nation, but the issue is you're not helping the nation. You're helping the government to hold tyrannical power and also I'd like to mention the same people who also worked against YOUR TRANS RIGHTS. I don't get why people would defend the government regarding the virus, but then is completely against them when it directly relates to them.

    Matt Hancock, Bojo have no right to destroy my way of life. I completely miss my nights outs as  and meeting people, it was so much fun and it's all gone now. This lockdown has been worse for people who are on a limited time before they die I.E terminally ill people or very old people.

    I don't want to be treated like the plague despite being a young healthy adult every time I go into a shop without a mask. It's all divide and rule flat out right.

    The government DO NOT follow their own lockdown advice. The government who relies on SAGE where the man named Neil Ferguson who predicted there would be a catastrophe over the the virus and that we must go into a lockdown. But, this guy goes and shag his girlfriend and disregards the rules. Same as Cummings as well. They don't care about you.

    Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/28/neil-ferguson-scientist-convinced-boris-johnson-uk-coronavirus-lockdown-criticised/

    Enough of my rant. I do get fed up by the fact that we haven't returned back to normal despite us building the Covid nightingale hospitals to flatten the curve. The introduction of masks randomly. Can't keep setting the goal post further back forever guys, stop it... Haven't even mentioned the mass quantitative easing, destruction to the economy, the business who have an excuse to remove their staff etc. We're all going to have to pay back the furlough costs you know right via tax? This isn't free...

    PS, check sources before you start calling me ''Conspiracy Theorist''. I'm sure some of you ready to start calling me that despite government killing people with autism. They're even teaching the children to not hug, play with toys and being a kid, but to be heartless autonomous machine.

    Anyways, much love ...~~~

  17. Do Not Resuscitate Autistic and Elderly

    Hi All

    This is a new forum post relating to my UK anti lock down on the issue of Do Not Resuscitate.

    Regardless of your view on the virus and lockdown. One would agree that issuing do not resuscitate orders on someone who had Covid is EVIL. Please can you explain why this is a good thing?

    This is from your NHS which some of you are so proud to protect who haven't looked after the elderly and terminally ill people.

    Please can you explain to me why I should care about complying with the lockdown and a system that kills elderly and autistic people? Note that one day you may become elderly and by being ''for this movement of lockdown which gives out DNR orders'' then one day you will face the same fate.

    Provide an argument on this matter, because there isn't one unless you agree with the practice of eugenics.

    Let's go over some sources shall we regarding this issue, even from your favourite mainstream state owned BBC platform shall we:



    Being pro lockdown is being pro death against the person above. The lockdown has enabled hospitals to give out DNR orders for those that are diagnosed with Covid, regardless if they're okay...



    ''The BBC has been passed a document sent to GP practices by the Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group - that's the local NHS management in that part of Sussex - setting out guidance on how to cope with Covid-19 in care homes.

    There are 35 GP practices and 98 residential or nursing homes in that area.

    The document spells out that many vulnerable people may not be admitted to hospital for treatment if they contract the virus, and directs all homes to "check they have resuscitation orders on every patient''.

    Please provide an argument for why it's right for the NHS to kill our elderly?


    ''An audit of 9,000 patients by the Royal College of Physicians showed 20% of families were not told that CPR would not be attempted on loved ones''



    You want this kid dead above if you're for the government lockdown. You're not protecting the NHS, you're allowing tyrants to kill vulnerable people off...

    ''Devastated mum told to sign ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order in case cancer-stricken son, 11, gets coronavirus'' WAKE UP FOR CHRIST SAKE. Defending this proves your against humanity... You're sick to comply with the government and encourage the lockdown which has killed our elderly. Not even mentioning the fact we denied terminally ill people of health care in the lockdown...




    Virus has been blown out of proportion and has allowed our NHS to kill those with learning disabilities and elderly. Complying with the system makes you a EUGENICIST.


    I want my old way of life back thank you very much. NO MORE LOCKDOWN.

  18. Hi All


    It's my first time posting here and I have lurked here for the past few months. I have been listening to various forms of the media and aware of the whole debacle of Agenda 21 and 2030.

    My reason for posting here in fact was actually due to a forum post I made on another website. Now obviously this website is all pro left for the most part as it's a transgender website. I won't get into, why I'm on there other then to fit in type thing other then I do the whole crossdressing thing. But they have a forum section on there. I came to post here because it just felt mad listening to people when they defend the government. The short story of it is, they want to sit on their ass, complain about transgender rights, be for the government that's against transgender rights whatever it's about. Then mock me for challenging their view LOL.

    So I figured because of the speech yesterday I'll make a post about the anti lockdown and how it's an amazing day for us all against the madness and talked about the the impact from covid. The economy, quantitative easing, furlough costs etc. The whole lot pretty much. I actually also mentioned VERY heavily as I do think it's a point not anyone can really defend is the governments action give out DNR orders to autistic people, elderly, cancer patients, terminally ill. It can be anyone diagnosed with Covid, I even posted sources from the BBC and countless other articals to shatter the view that perhaps the government isn't actually quite 100% looking out for our interests. A DNR order is flat out eugenics for anyone with Covid me thinks and that anyone who complies with the system of lockdown (which on the forums they're very pro off) that their pro eugenics. They're helping a system that carries out these acts against humanity.

    All I got in response was abuse, me being called a fascist. I even made a point of them coming from households where the whole transgenderism (whatever they want to believe) might've not been acceptable in those times and I don't call them less of a person for believing their a woman even if they were originally a man. But none of them could see what wrong were they doing and the sheer hypocricy in the whole matter. I myself do the whole crossdressing thing as a form of escape in the weekend clubbing whatever to help me relax. Obviously lock down has prevented that which I do very much dearly miss.


    I mentioned the Neil Fergurson computer model simulations with different links from BBC confirming this to be the case and yet they NEVER open it. 

    I'll make another post containing what I've posted and to be quite frankly honest, I don't know why anyone would keep following the narrative when reading. 

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