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  1. It's easy to say that but you literally kill my spirit for the future. I'm quiting this website, since I can't stand attending misery. Goodluck.
  2. May as well just kill myself with the amount of doom and gloom you bring. Stop putting it all on me! I'm one man and I can't do everything no matter how much effort I put in. EDIT: So please stop... I'm literally only 20 years old dealing with as many retards in the world that the older generation didn't think to sort out. Goodnight.
  3. I understand all of this. I get it. But I'm talking mainly about the end of the lockdown in my original comment and looking forward to that. I want to live my life to the fullest before its taken away again at 30.
  4. Yep, I completely agree. I have thought of this myself and it's all rather complicated. This is a multigenerational issue and suppose the way forward would be to have as many children (not just the 1) to avoid this risk and encourage my children to be wary of this covid jab. Now perhaps what also may happen is that if a partner has had no vaccine but I did for instance, then the children we have together may or may not have the effects from the jab. That's it really. I am very concerned about this and honestly, cannot figure out a complete perfect solution. The public would need to wake up as a whole to avoid this which is not happening. EDIT: Also, what if the vaccine just triggers an immune response? We'll sadly not know the results of this until much later when it's already too late.
  5. I'll be honest. I expect Agenda 2030 to be the last paving stone to the Great Reset. I do think it's too early for them to do all of this. I think this has been a grand experiment to collect lots of people behaviour for the next big thing in 2030. Lockdown cannot carry on forever. Otherwise people will wake up. I'd expect that regarding the huge debt burden built up during this crisis will simply be left alone mostly and carry on business as usual. The things you mentioned regarding petrol and diesel cars would be by 2030. Not this year. Because if they did that they probably taken the final straw.
  6. Don't have children with women who has taken the covid jab. That's simply the way to avoid this. I do wonder how many women of my age who'll take it. It'll probably great limit my chances of the so called 'ideal family' lol.
  7. Guys, I'm feeling particularly optimistic due to the article below. Particularly because I think the lockdown will end rather soon. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55169799 First jabs 'could cut 99% of deaths' - Jonathan Van-Tam Now look, I know it's news regarding the vaccine which is all bad news at the end of the day. I do feel like the UK government is feeling particuarly nervous with dragging out the lockdown, for the very fact that it might back fire onto them. The lockdown protests are causing the pressure. The UK government is quite literally proving the 'conspiracy theorists' right (I know it's not conspiracy...) and anti vaxxers right by their vaccine passport if they push it through. Bojo himself has said 'that's not how we do things in this country' regarding the mandate of vaccines. Yes all politicians can make up statements and go the opposite way from those statements. But I do feel like they will aslong as there's more and more pressure. At the end of the day, EVERY single day that passes with these lockdown measures, they're running the very risk of 'redpilling' many people. This goes completely against what they want (which is to vaccinate the world with covid-19 jab). If for when the 1st year anniversy of the lockdown happens, people will feel nostalgia of their past pre lockdown life and think ''I want that back...'' Anyways, short story is, I believe they will roll out the vaccines as soon as possible and make life go back to normal. Some of those will be scarred and possibly continue to wear the face masks. The government get their scam through, at least I can go back to normal life. I won't be planning to have any children with a woman who has had the vaccine (covid-19 jab) though. I'll be very wary of that. I completely understand that the rollout of these jabs is not a good thing for the human race. I sadly can't go out and redpill everyone in complete denial. It's up to them to make the choice to either wake up or carry on wearing their masks. I'm aware of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. For when nightclubs do re-open and anyone talks about the lockdown or what have you, I'll make sure to tell them a tiny bit about how they're all authoritarian lol. I can't bring down the mood but for anyone willing to listen I'll happily explain it to them. Need as many people to be aware of the Great Reset. EDIT: Personally, I think they'll stop counting as many covid cases on purpose to make the normie think 'muh covid jab' did something. Then see what the future holds from there...
  8. This is the link, I know people hate the dailymail but there are numerous websites reporting on this type of rebellion. The tiers could end in 9 weeks. Hopefully (tho I wouldn't be suprised) that it ends by 9 weeks from now. Obviously we want to end as soon as possible. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8996933/Boris-Johnson-makes-impassioned-colourful-plea-Britons.html
  9. Does anyone feel like the lockdown is in it's end stage now? Tory MP's are rebelling against the lockdown. The government is rushing for the vaccination to be carried out as much as possible from December. Also lots and lots of protests all around the country and people. People are losing their jobs too. I really hope and do think this lockdown will end in two months. Want to go back to nightclubs badly. EDIT: The government cannot simply afford to keep the lockdown forever. If they did they make themselves very suspicious in the long term plan.
  10. Keep defending the government. I'm sure defending the government is going to give a leg up on the tower of social credits once that's here in the UK.
  11. I was thinking about creating a yellow star of badge that just says ''Exempt, keep your distance'' lol. See what would happen from that, maybe it'll wake people up?
  12. True. I'm not feeling well today at all. I felt the worst I did in a while probably because preaching such a thing as ''world mental health day'' has made me feel worse about myself. Went around shopping today, didn't buy anything for a couple of hours because I was bored, everyone's wearing their face masks. I re-downloaded (don't know why) Tinder, flick through. Still bored and apathetic. Rest day from the gym as well. There's literally nothing for me to do today so just went to sleep around 4PM after Maccies.
  13. Covid vaccine 'will be rolled out NEXT MONTH': Leaked NHS documents reveal plan for 'tens of thousands of Britons to get the jab every day by Christmas' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8816703/Covid-vaccine-rolled-MONTH-tens-thousands-getting-jab-day-Christmas.html
  14. The nightclub sector is waking up to the madness after hearing Rishi saying ''well get another job mate''. Very good news when the government pisses tons of people off, since it'll work against them overtime.
  15. Last big date will be 1st of November roughly, as that's when the furlough scheme will end and massive amount of sectors will probably go bust. I know the nightlife industry will and I don't think people will let that happen. I seriously do hope people have the guts to protest on that date. It makes the most sense, even though it would really be better if it was done earlier, as everyone will be in a similar circumstance on 1st of November. Later on in my post I talk about the vaccine and literally predicted this vaccine would be out by November because of the end of the furlough scheme. They're not silly to allow the public lose their minds and defy against everything, but who knows, may still happen. The MP who is speaking against this I do have respect for as it's leading way for the movement against this tyranny. Seriously, all MP's who voted for the lockdowns etc should just be hanged for treason against this country. Unless they some how didn't know this was a hoax, but I disagree on that front. They should know and I'm pretty sure they must've had a few people writing to them saying what a load of bollocks all of this is pretty much. People are steadily waking up from this madness, that's why they're preparing experiments on cities for vaccination. Reject it at all costs. Warn people at the very least, then say ''do whatever you like''. The two from what I believe are prepared covid vaccines are named Ambush (lol) and Triumph from a BBC article below. Polls about people defying lockdown rules https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1342922/coronavirus-uk-news-lockdown-rules-coronavirus-guidelines-boris-johnson-news Middlesbrough MP defies against lockdown rules https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/oct/01/ban-mixing-pubs-restaurants-merseyside-expected-coronavirus Covid vaccine experiment on Birmingham. Two vaccines for Covid named Ambush and Triumph https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-54375643 As you say Someone2630 people are waking up around the world and this lockdown will not last forever, regardless of some BS article saying ''Life won't return to normal by spring''
  16. I do think even they'll go back hiding and thinking of more revised ways of successfully implementing Agenda 2030. All you can really do is spread the message and get people to wake up by getting them to question the government that they think are looking out for them. The more educated everyone is against the tyranny then the easier the battle becomes.
  17. My point of view actually is no. A lot of articles regarding the curfews once it's 10 PM to have highly backfired on them. It's actually got people back to how they were normally, partying etc out in the streets. The government will keep trying everything it's got, but I do think we have a snowball effect here from now and it'll keep compounding and compounding and we'll win against the tyranny. So lots of a good news because of their own stupid decisions. Stupid enough where it's actually getting people to wake up lol. The government are complete cretins and fools. Tons of MP's are speaking against the curfews, hopefully not part of a planned project and them actually being genuine. But I'd say don't lose hope and keep smiling ahead and don't give a crap what the government says. People are gradually waking up and those stupid fucking curfews really fucked them big time. Which is great for all of us. Nightclubs may even re-open haha. I'm very hopeful at least now based on trafelger square lockdown protest, uni students hating their lives, the furlough scheme being really shit. People will speak more and more against this tyranny because they will have too.
  18. Just use your t shirt lol for the photo and carry on as usual
  19. Exactly on the point. I could just say I'm a bisexual trans muslim who has a disability and get a job in the public sector because HR would love me. This is wrong as it just encourages people to basically not be honest LOL. Is it time to use this as an approach like ''oh, I'm gay and have some minority religion'' to get a job??? Seems like it's the way forward lol. Also, regarding unconscious bias, shouldn't it subconscious bias???
  20. Hit bit too close to home with that and that's because it is. Feminism has destroyed most women of my age. What feminism has done was take away all power from working class men and give them nothing in return. Wonder why white birthrates has been falling too? The lack of religion and people giving a damn about men has lead to our race declining and will continue to do so until the problem is fixed. Feminism has turned men into women and women into men. If women won't speak up against this, then I expect them to fight any future wars on our behalf. Because what do we get out of this? Most women will do nothing about this. Regarding men who want to be women killing themselves, is probably because in the LGBT community people prefer younger rather then older people. Also probably going through many years on your own mostly and especially if you haven't improved yourself would naturally make anyone want to take their own life. They want to transition to get the attention they desperately crave and once they find out that no one wants them when their older then poof. Gone. There's more M2F's then there are F2M's for a reason. Who wants to be a man? Why not look like a women, have a power of a man and try to get the best of both worlds. I know from experience as I do crossdress successfully is that I'll get far more attention from people who are so much nicer when I'm a 'female' then as a guy. Feels great because it fills this void, but when you're a man this goes away. People naturally think you're creepy type thing or don't care. Oh yeah, also remember this. Working white class men have the least opportunities in the west to jobs at least I think. Universities and employers will favour those of minority backgrounds and further shafting the white working class man. This is by design to break him and well either make him kill himself, confused about his gender from the indoctrination by trans people. All types of things can happen.
  21. Check out todays news lads, NHS hospitals and CARE HOMES on priority for testing. As we all know, the care homes are important for testing because any cases will mean any future deaths will = a covid death. Regardless of any pre-existing condition, if they die after a test it will = covid. You can just see the manipulation lol https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54172210#
  22. Classic bloodthirsty7 Boris. Hunting should not be a game or sport. You hunt animals if you have to, not to brag about the bird you've killed or fox...
  23. I'm from Bristol and I don't get the 1st video. It does come across that the people with the documents at the start of the video are very confrontational and are actually over exaggerating. What is the treason documents for???
  24. They should've said ''There will never be''. That's making it quite ambiguous. We want certainty...
  25. They always give it ''positive vibes music'' lol. Even though it will just be used for nefarious purposes.
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